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Hi all,


So after the positive previous conversations I have had with fellow bloggers, I still am in this situation on attaining band 7 or maybe even 8 now the pass mark has lowered in my Ielts. I am having to retake it again... can anyone give me some great websites to practice, tips etc.. I know from reading it's all the same same.. but I really really need this... (driving me craazy!) so I can apply at last!! gutted as missed the damn deadline due to not attaining the bands I needed....


Help would be awesome!!! Hoping there is light at the end of the tunnel!!:biggrin:

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Guest scrumpy

Im in same boat as you, so hopfully we will get some good advice, SOON!!!!

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Practice, practice, practice. It may seem obvious to say this, but it makes a difference on the day if you know how the questions will be set out and you will answer know whether you can do the sections in the allotted time.


Good Luck.

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