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Can you submit the police checks and medical later?

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Hi all, so happy I found this forum!


I am applying for my unmarried partner visa offshore and I have some questions about medicals and police checks.

1) can you submit these later than the rest of the application? I know that they normally expire after a year. I see some people mention front loading their application by sending these in first but can you submit them later?

2) does the Australian partner need a medical and police checks too? My partner and I both lived in Japan for two years so I know I need to submit a Japanese police check but I am not sure if he needs one (I didn't see it mentioned in the Aus gov helpbook but have heard that for a defacto visa for NZ both partners need it done so wanted to check if it's the same).


Good luck to everyone in the application process. The amount of work involved is somewhat daunting but it'll be worth it!

309 app received and CO assigned 14/11/12

8-9 month wait quoted. Medical sent 7/1/12

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Only the applicant needs a medical.

The sponsor only needs police checks if there's a minor dependent included on the application.


Sorry not sure what the latest is on frontloading for offshore. Look at the checklist, when I applied on the onshore checklist it stated something along the lines of "medicals if completed", that should give some clue.

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