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which visa? Is it a dream or can it become reality?

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having meandered through the wealth of information on here, and pored over DIAC and skill select, looked at possible nominated skills and assessment bodies, I have got myself hopelessly lost...


My partner and I wish we had made the move years ago, as we now find ourselves at aged 46 and 47, with two children, wondering if we have missed the boat. My partner has an Aunt and cousins in Oz, but unfortunately they are in Wollongong, so that looks like a non starter.


Partner was across last month on a visit to them, and he was 'offered a job', the guy said he would do the paperwork next day and he would start the following week, work for two years in the outback then qualify for citizenship, meaning we could go to Oz that way. I had my doubts, as it would have meant a life changing decision within hours, so said no. He came home with tail between his legs...


My partner has a wealth of work experience, including HM Armed Force, but no formal qualifications. I have formal management qualifications, but looking at the skills assessment and the job titles available, the three job categories that I could fall under are assessed by three different assessing bodies. Looking at the new SOL, two of them are still there, but waiting on the ENSOL list may throw up the third. Should I just aim at getting one assessment with AIM?


Talking through the possible move, our dream would be to be situated close to our relatives, but would really consider anywhere in Australia short term. Not sure though, that it is all just a dream that should really be put to bed once and for all, or whether this is worth pursuing.


A question I have about visas - if we were fortunate enough to be successful in finding the right route - if it all hinged on, say, regional sponsorship on my abilities, would I have a set period in Oz to prove that I have managed to get a job, or would my partner be able to get a job without me having one?


Any help, suggestions would be great.

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Guest GoldCoastMag

it sounds to me as if a consult with a good immigration lawyer would answer your questions. I hope you find what you are looking for.


best wishes

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It would be best to get your case fully reviewed by a registered migration agent.


Due to your age - going down the GSM route may be difficult as it is difficult for people over 45 to be able to get enough points to pass the points test.


After 2 years working for the company he would be able to apply for PR (not citizenship) through Employer Sponsored - or if employer was willing he could get PR straight away through RSMS - but would need to work for 2 years in Regional Australia.


Getting a positive Skills Assessment by AIM is apparently v. hard - a registered migration agent who posts on the forum once said that Bills Gates would struggle to get a positive assessment from them. If you are able to get a positive skills assessment, 8's in all sections in IELTS, you have a degree qulaification, 8 years relevent work experience, and regional SS, you maybe able to qulaify for 489 Regional SS visa - but you will need to live and work in the Sponsoring state for 2 years and working for 1 year to be able to qualify for PR.


From what you have posted Employer Sponsored may be your best way.


When looking for a agent make sure they are MARA registered. Go Matilda, and Visa Buerau have been reccommended by other PIO members.

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