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Guest Trueblue22

Any advice on moving to Townsville :)

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Guest Trueblue22



I am moving to Townsville from UK in Oct (2012) with my 4 yr old boy.


I have a friend who is relocating to Townsville from Gold Coast next week and I will be staying with them when I arrive so we could both do with some advice on areas, schools etc.


Are there any particular areas I should avoid? Does anyone have any advice on good areas with good schools close by? My son will be starting Prep next January and I will also need before and after school care as I will have to work. I am looking for real family orientated areas as I am going to be 11,000 miles away from my family. :confused:


Any advise is much appreciated :biggrin:


Zoe x

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Hi Zoe,

Check out the previous posts on Townsville. There are lots of good/bad areas, but people have different views to these. Most schools are good but if you are here as a single parent I would suggest getting as close to the strand as you can. It's always full of young families around the rock pool. We don't have kids so can't comment on individual schools.

Been here 6 weeks now and everything is still strange!

It is very expensive here, so make sure you send out all your stuff.

Oh and bring loads of DCFC stuff if you are a fan. Come on the Rams!

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