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IT Project Manager NSW - Market Outlook

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IT Project Manager NSW - Market Outlook

Hi All ..


We have recently got a 176 for NSW thumbsup.gif and my husband is planning to move in July 12.


My husband is IT Project manger, PMP certified with 12+ yrs exp in Indian IT orgs. He has worked for international clients in US, Japan, S Africa and also having 7-8 months of earlier Sydney Project Management experience for Indian IT company.


Currently how is the IT project manager outlook in NSW, what is the average time to get a job.. Pls share your experiences..


What should be the strategy to job search - recruitment agents /direct /linkin / networking. If any of you have recent experiences in IT job search pls do share.


I am planning to move with kids once my husband gets a job ... not sure what timeframe that might be :em4600:


Looking forward to your replies... fingerscrossed.gif

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