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Can I extend UK stay on emergency passport

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My wife and daughter have gone back to the UK to visit ill family. We had to get an emergency passport for my daughter which contains an observation stating the planned flight dates including return on or before 16th June. The valid until date was put at 30 Dec 2012 to allow us a little leeway (i.e. return up to 30th June - 6 months vailidity left) - that was my understanding at the time anyway.


The question is can my daughter return to Australia after 16th June (the observation) but before 30th June (validity) without any changes to her passport?


i.e. does the validity take presidence over the observation in this case?


As it is a long weekend here in Australia, I cannot contact anyone (immigration, British Consul) to confirm and time to change the flight is running out. If anyone can give me an out of hours number to ring this weekend to confirm with officials, it would be greatly appreciated.



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And the answer is.....


The FCO in London got back to me and said that the observation definitely overrules the valid date. The FCO response was that an emergency passport is issued for a specific journey only and that my daughter must return by the date stated or the passport will not be accepted by the Australian Immigration. frown.gif


Two options - return by the 16th or get a new full passport from the UK before departure. frown.gif


It is unfortunate that the red tape has to be there, but I suppose it helps protect us in the long run.


If by any chance anyone thinks that the FCO are wrong and can find me evidence to the contrary, please, please let me know.

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Sadly they are right. I had an emergency passport last week for a trip after mine was stolen. I was told both by FCO and the immigration officials at the airport that I HAD to land by midnight on the night I was due back as noted on the observations.


Can she get to London to do a one day passport app or pay for the express application?

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Thanks for sharing your experience and confirming that the observation is the important date to abide by.


My wife will take my daughter to Newport (marginally the closer passport office) and they can have a day out shopping - ouch! $$$$$$ :err:

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