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Tourism Australia have some new videos online

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Tourism Australia have some videos on You Tube (published June 3 2012). Thought some people might like to take a peek at the highlights of Aus so to speak. My hubby sent me the link to the national one and simply said 'Shall we?'. Some of the places shown are on our bucket list of places for us to to visit together/as a family in Aus.



Tourism Australia's Latest Ad






There's nothing like Australia: Victoria






There's nothing like Australia: South Australia.





There's nothing like Australia: Northern Territory






There's nothing like Australia: Queensland





There's nothing like Australia: New South Wales






There's nothing like Australia: Western Australia





There's nothing like Australia: Tasmania





More in post below..............

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And a few cities and other possible places of interest :biggrin:



If you check You Tube you can find loads of others. Click THIS LINKIE HERE and then click on the VIDEO button above the clip (says 407 videos at this point in time) you get a whole host of clips appear to choose from.










Kangaroo Island (South Australia)
















Blue Mountains



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Thanks very much. Just made me shed a little tear watching them as they brought back some beautiful memories.


It makes all the paper shuffling worthwhile:biglaugh:

IELTS 02/12 = 9's, AQF III 31/05/12, TRA Ass 14/11/12, EOI Submitted 14/11/12, Invite Received 15/11/12, 489 FS Lodged 29/11/12, CO Assigned 01/01/13, Meds 17/01/13 Grant 02/04/2013 189 Independent Visa Invitation 22/04/13, VISA GRANT 01/05/13

Arrived in Perth 09/10/13

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Guest Guest69235

Dear God,


Thank you for the visa I have received and the chance you have given me to be a part of all this.

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