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im from uk wife is austrian not (australian)

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hello and thanks in advance for reply's,

Im a carpenter joiner from the uk and in have been married to my wife for nearly 2 years she has a Austrian not Australian passport, although she is originally from Ghana, but has been a Austrian citizen since she was 16.

anyway we lived in uk for a bit together but economy is bad and work is hit and miss, so my wife suggested we move to Austria, where we are currently, as she said it is great country and there is plenty of work.

but they speak German which i cant speak, trying to learn!! and cant get work as need to speak it, so keep running back to uk to do little work then come back with money and its gone again.

i really like the country but work, the language, and the state of Europe economy is not keeping me very upbeat.

i have been thinking of going to Australia for years even when single and but never did, and now im pretty determined to do it now.


my dilemma is that i could get working holiday visa easy, but my wife cant as she Austrian!! i could get permanent visa as im a carpenter/joiner (which i like the sound of) but can i include my wife on it ? we only been married 2 years and her passport is different?

are there any other types of visa we could apply for together?


thanks again in advance





also i would like to add is, how long would each visa take to process and do you pay the fee up front or when visa is near completion?


thanks to everyone already reply to thread.

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Guest Toomers

Hi, If she is your wife and you have been married 2 years then I would have thought she will be allowed to go on your PR visa if you qualify for one - why not have a free assesment by a migration agent who will be able to advise you of your best route.

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Provided you are legally married (doesn't need to have been for 2 years, 5 minutes is enough) you can add her to your PR visa application as a dependant. The only time you need to demonstrate you've been together for a certain number of years is when she is a defacto (i.e. you're not legally married but live together). It's because a defacto relationship doesn't have a marriage certificate to submit as evidence the extra evidence is required.


A working holiday visa doesn't allow a dependant.


Your dependant doesn't have to have the same passport as you, but because it's not a British or other english speaking passport she won't be automatically assumed to have level 6 english. She'll either have to pass an IELTS test or you'll have to pay the secondary visa fee (which pays for english language lessons in Australia).

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