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Calling bikers! - shipping my Bike...

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Calling bikers!


I have a BMW R1200RT that I am looking to ship over to Oz with me. I have owned it from new (only 2300 Miles), its a UK 10 plate which if I remember rightly I bought it around June/July 2010.


First question is, is it worth shipping over? a few people have said that BMW bikes are expensive in Oz so its well worth bringing??. if so....


1) have I owned it long enough?

2) once over is it just a case of getting the clocks swapped to KM's? (and registration changed of course)


From an acutal shipping perspective, I have a 20ft container for all my stuff that I am bringing over and I am sure there will be space in there, can it shipped with all your normal household stuff?


Thanks in advance!


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Not sure on viability of shipping it over but something to help would be bikesales.com,au or bikepoint.com.au as a guide to values and what's available locally.



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you can combine your bike in with your personal effects into a 20 ft container with the bike in you will have around 900cubic foot of space left and depending on your location in the uk would cost between £3800 and £4000 plus insurance plus AQIS plus import taxes plus cost of swapping dials etc.

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