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RSMS 857 - document needed - do I get excited

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Oh my! Do I get excited or do I rein myself back in. We have had an email form an actual person. My beloved forgot to sign a page. Does that mean we are actually being looked at or that we were just careless!!! Are we potentially nearly there or just getting our hopes up.....


Any ideas oh Poms in Oz Sages....

14/03/2012 App for RSMS Cert, 10/04/2012 Received ack letter from Immi for 857 app, 22/05/2012 Letter from Immi looking for further doc, 26/06/2012 Offer of RSMS Skilled Health Waiver from Immi due to failing medical, 13/07/2012 Sent Skilled Health Waiver documentation

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