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Tips for recipe trip?

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I am heading over to Melbourne on Thursday night for a two week recipe trip in advance of taking the family over in September and would really appreciate any tips people might have.


Curent plan for the trip includes:


  1. Meet with recruitment consultants - meetings already set up
  2. Buy a car so have ready to go when arrive with family (will leave on friends drive for now
  3. Check out neighbourhoods - have been looking at Eastern suburbs online
  4. Buy pay as you go phones so have numbers to give people at home
  5. Register with Medicare and get Tax number

Am guessing that will keep me pretty busy for the time that I am there but am keen to hear if anyone feels that i have missed anything obvious off the list?


Many thanks



Submitted 4 Feb 2011 (176 Fam)/CO allocated 26 September 2011/Medicals on 18th October/all documents uploaded by 27th Oct and medicals showing as complete........Visa granted 7November! Wahoo!

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My number 1 on the list would be have a cold beer on arrival!

Buy or borrow a sat nav so you can find your way around in a new city, my understanding is that Melbourne can be tricky to drive in.


have a great trip

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pay as you go numbers will almost certain expire in the meantime so probably not worth the bother. Provided you get your phones unlocked before you come out in sept, you can just buy PAYG sim cards from the supermarket when you get here, rather than paying for new phones.

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