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experience assessment re: recent work experience requirement

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Guest smithnigel18

Hello all,


Has anyone had to apply for their skilled employment assessment for the occupation of a General Accountant to satisfy their basic recent work experience requirement?


Is this assessment even required if you are not claiming any points for experience, but merely wish to satisfy the basic recent work experience requirement?


How harsh are CPA or DIAC when it comes to assessing one's actual duties vs. ANZSCO duties prescribed for the Accountant occupation?

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Hi Smithnigel, a very valid query and in fact I had this confusion sorted out as well. If you go through the General Skilled Migration Booklet 6 (1119) issued by DIAC, it talks about 2 sections - 1) basic requirements (if you dont meet these, you do not qualify as a GSM candidate - see page 9) and 2) Points for self assessment/Qualification. So, to answer your question, if you are not claiming points for experience, there is no need to do a employment assessment. For skill assessment for Accountant General and other ANZSCO codes, it is clearly given than "Work experience will not be accepted in lieu of formal qualifications. Work experience is assessed separately."

Hope this helps - have you already applied ? All the best ! Cheers

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