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Visa 143 Contributory Parent Visa

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Hi all,


I am in a process of applyiing a contributory parent visa (subclass 143). I want to know the timelines. How much time is it taking these days as on the website they say 12 months.


Also any experiences realted to CPV would be helpful.


All your help is highly appreciated.




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Hi, there is a thread always at the top of the main home page dedicated to the Contributory Parents. There is lots to read through, but extremely helpful. Just about every question is answered, and its good to "talk" to people in the same "boat" as yourself.


For an idea of timeline you could register with www.chireckles.com/cpv/tracker.php to see how some of us are progressing.


Good luck!



Application for 173 acknowledged 10.06.2011; Medicals & PCC 20.04.12; CO assigned 24.07.12; Visa granted 24.08.12; Arrived Oz 25.09.12:cool: Application for 173 to 143 acknowledged 23.05.13; AOS 19.07.13; 143 Visa granted 15.11.13

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