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Where the boxes arrive? How long to pick em up?

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Hi folks!Me and my wife are planning a short trip on our way to OZ (about 3 months) so we think to send our stuff ahead before we leave (or ask someone to send it after we leave).I have few questions here:

  1. Since we have nothing in OZ at the moment, we also don't have an address to send the packages to.. So is it possible to send the packages without giving a destination address, but only the City? Melbourne or Perth for example?
  2. I guess that it will be impossible to guess the packages arrival exactly, so there are high chances that I will not be able to collect them the moment they arrive. Is it possible that the boxes will stay there for some time? If yes, could anyone give some approximate costs for leaving the boxes there?
  3. Where the boxes actually stay before being collected by the owner? Is it directly in a port where they arrive to? Or maybe there's some kind of sorting and storage facilities?



  • There are few boxes not heavier than 20kg
  • We are probably will use a naval delivery which is the cheapest since it is the slowest
  • It's not from UK

I'll be grateful if someone could spill some light on these issues and share his own experience!

Partial answers are also very welcome!


Thanks a lot!


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Hi all,


I have posted this thread a long time ago but it seems that no one could help me with it.. So I thought maybe my topic isn't clear enough however I couldn't find a way to change it..

So I thought maybe I add some details to my question here and "pop-up" this thread to give it one more chance. If it won't work too, I'll consider deleting it and posting a new one with clearer title...


So again, my question in 2 words...

I want to send few boxes of baggage with some essential stuff to wait for me in OZ when I arrive. I have no family\friends in OZ so I have no one to send the boxes to. Hence I don't even have an address to send the boxes to..


Is there any way to send the boxes with no address? For example, maybe I can send it to a post office to wait for me there? Maybe there are other options I'm not aware of?



Thanks again!

Eugene S

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I think your best bet is to ask shipping companies. They will all have their own prices for storage - I have not used storage so have no clue as to what it may cost.


My shipping left my home (UK) on 29th March and, although it docked in Sydney on June 3rd, I have not received it yet. That will be three months in four days time. I sent 16 boxes.


I gave the company the address of accommodation I had booked to stay in for two weeks when I arrived 5 weeks after I left UK. Then, when I had a permanent address, I told them via email. They did not need this address until 10 days before the ship arrived to send some documents that I needed to fill out.


I am sure that all the companies will be able to store belongings at either end for you but it will cost....

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