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Guest czemura

21 Year Old Essex Girl Moving To Sydney!

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Guest czemura

Hi everyone


Im a 21 year old moving to sydney in August/September this year with my family and scared about not making friends! would like to create some contact before I get there if I can :D


I will be starting University The following year but I also work as a freelance makeup artist. I enjoy going out clubbing / dinner , shopping and just generally getting to know the place. I also listen to rnb , hip hop, dancehall and dance and a bit of african music:) (I am african)


Hopefully there are people with the same interests as me ! :)

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You could check out the website for whichever uni you are planning to study and see what clubs/activities they offer.


Look at 'Meet Ups Sydney for a list of various activities - http://www.meetup.com/cities/au/sydney


Google 'African culture Sydney' for info about activities - there are African community groups around.


There's plenty of dance schools around the city so that might be another way of meeting people.

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