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Found 38 results

  1. There is an Irish thread and i thought it would be good to start a Yorkshire thread seeing how we are the biggest and best county in the uk. We are Jim, Helen, Daniel and Samantha. We have validated our 175 PR visas already and we live in the uppermarket area of Yorkshire, which is Dewsbury by the sea. Well its actually got a canal and i thought i would try to big it up. LOL We are looking for a new life, an adventure, life is to be lived and on a personal note, i want to live in sunnier climes. Any other Yorkies out there?
  2. graemerose707

    Permanent House Swap UK Australia

    Hi everyone. I am currently living in Australia but have not been able to sell my house in West Yorkshire (Todmorden) as yet. I am wondering if there is anyone with a house in Australia looking to move back to England that would be interested in a permanent house swap. I realise my chances are slim but you never know! I am ideally looking for a house around South East Queensland as I have a business in Brisbane. Here is a link to my house in England. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-...?premiumA=true Please contact me if you are interested.
  3. TheOptimist

    Yorkshire Tea, anyone???

    I love it. I would like to know if anyone knows if its available to buy down under. My OH is also keen to know this and he is on standby in Melbourne, so any Melbournites who have seen it, please let me know where! As it says on the tin: 'makes a lovely cup of tea'. What more can you want from t'good brew? Mmm. :laugh: Cheers!
  4. G'day, this is my first ever post. My husband has just been granted his spouse visa 2.12.11, and we are now seriously considering the Big move. Dilemma is we have a great life in Yorkshire, live in a very picturesque rural market town with 3 kids and really want to waste as little time as possible trudging round Oz waiting for somewhere to grab us. We have visited Gold coast a few times and love it but not sure that's where we want to be based long term, I'm thinking is anyone out there between Brisbane and Byron living the dream? Any advice is warmly welcomed....x
  5. Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god......... May need to buy new freezer.
  6. Just noticed that when checking my online banking with yorkshire bank that the address bar show it as being part of the National Australia Banking Group (Europe). Would this make it easier / cheaper to transfer money once in australia or even move the account across to NAB?
  7. Hi I wondered if anyone could help here. It would seem to me from reading various posts that some people would recommend a company that other people maybe would not. I am considering that this would be due to the local office, and the local team that would be working on a move. As such, has anyone moved from South Yorks? (we are just outside Sheffield) I would be really grateful for any feedback from this area please. If its a good recommendation post, if its bad, perhaps best to PM me, as we don't want to openly bad mouth any specific companies. Also, how do I find out who will ship from here and the list of the best companies? Many thanks Sarah :laugh:
  8. After 6 years in Australia and a numerous amount of failed yorkshire pudds:embarrassed: I've finally found frozen yorkshires in Aldi, only instead of them being aunt Bessies, they're aunt Bettys! Also! I dont know how long its been there but salad cream is now in Woolies!!! I nearly cried when I tasted that for the first time:spinny: Oh the little things! Does anyone else have bad cravings for any other foods??
  9. We live in East Yorkshire and have seen various people on here from areas close to us. We have just started with the visa, having applied for a subclass 163 business visa. We have been told this should take 10 - 12 months. We would love to move to the suburbs around Joondalup, but are unsure as to where we will be heading exactly as yet. Schools are important to us as we have 4 children, so we are still doing our homework on this. (No pun intended!) Anyone else living near to us in Yorkshire/Lincolnshire that are heading off to Perth within the next 12 - 18 months that fancies a local meet-up before taking that life-changing flight? Thought it would be good to see if we can get a few of us to meet up over here and possibly meet up again on the other side! :idea: Tracey & Jon!!
  10. The government are trialing a system in West Yorkshire, where they name criminals, showing where they live and with their pictures and the crime they have committed, where it was committed and their punishment. Is it a good idea? Will it lead to Vigilantism? Will it help victims? Is it a pointless exercise?
  11. christopher

    A little update from Yorkshire

    Well, we've been back two weeks tomorrow and it's great to be back! we've bought a beautiful 1850's Victorian House, bought a car and Ive had loads of offers of Freelance work, I've done a few days work already. Its really great to feel like 'me' again and I hadn't realised just how much I missed and loved the landscape of Yorkshire, it really is quite stunning. Ive noticed some of the effects of the recession, pubs and shops now closed etc but overall everyone seems really happy and its great to be surrounded by British humour again. Also apart from petrol, everything seems really cheep, I'm not one for pre packed meals but the dine in for 2 things for a tenner at M&S are just fantastic and just walking around Tescos is great to see all the choice and at decent prices. Having my first decent curry for a long while was just superb and a nice pint of real ale in a decent pub surrounded by friends is just heaven! The weather has been a bit iffi but if I'm honest Ive been loving the cooler climate and drizzle rather than tropical rain of Sydney. All in all its great to finally feel at home as for two years Ive woken up thinking something is not quite right, but that feeling went as soon as we drove from the airport over the pennines into Yorkshire :-)
  12. Has anyone had to get their dog from somewhere along way from heathrow? I live in Richmond nyorks and I am figuring out the best option to get my dogs to heathrow from here. The company i am going with to fly them to aus said they could collect them and have them board in their kennels for 1 night at a cost of £564. This is a lot more than I expected! Or I could drive with them myself, this would be petrol money and probably an over night stay but might be a cheaper option but might be worse for them if they pick up on me been upset! Or is there such thing as a company who would drive dogs from a to b ...like a pet currier????
  13. We've been here ten years now and have made quite a few Aussie friends, but I miss hearing Yorkshire accents. Any other Yorkshire folk in this part of the world?
  14. Guest

    yorkshire puddings

    i just went to safe way and found "aunt betty's" yorkshire puddings. not bad! had 3 with dinner. lol
  15. Guest

    Yorkshire Day!!

    Im informed its yorkshire day today by my oh! Is this true or is it his way of gettin me to cook roast beef with all the wotsits to go with it? :confused:
  16. Guest

    yorkshire pom missing

    Gave him permission to go to the local pub for a bevvie! Not heard from him for an hour and a half!!!! Wont answer his phone! Maybe hes on a park bench fast asleep! He sleeps anywhere when hes had a few!!! Im gonna kill him when he gets home!! If anyones in Butler near the Cornerstone just let me know hes alive at least!!!! :mad:
  17. When the snows melted anyone fancy a meet up? Andrea
  18. Guest

    hello from yorkshire uk

    hello peeps im paul aka yorkster (known as yorkie but someone got that name:swoon:) im still in the uk just found these forums god its a big community but love the site well done admins and i have added the site to my favs and hopfully admin will let me link the site to my site:notworthy: yorkshirefloorlayers.com see ya all soon
  19. Anyone fancy meeting up, we are paul 37 kerry 29 and son dan 11. we live on mawson lakes and wondered if anyone wants to meet up for a drink and a chat sometime. paulmiller2@hotmail.com take care :biggrin:
  20. Anyone interested in a meet in the not too distant future, any suggestions let me know. Jen
  21. Hi All My partner comes from Yorkshire and is keen to find a specific Yorkshire social/expat/friendship club in Perth or suburbs. Does anyone know of any ? - could also be like a regular darts night for Yorkies at a pub etc. Would appreciate any help/tips/advice Many thanks from a kiwi gal in Perth.
  22. Guest

    Yorkshire puddings!!!

    Hello! This is an odd question, but can anyone tell me why I can't make yorkshire puddings in Oz?!:arghh: In the UK I make a fabulous puffed-up golden Yorkshire pud and the same recipe here comes out like a fairy cake. Does anyone else have this problem, or know a good recipe that works with aussie flour! I'm intrigued....! R x
  23. Hi, Just wondered if anyone was interested in a get together before Christmas? Andrea
  24. The recent postings by "ten pound poms" have prompted me to consider how different the migrant experience is nowadays. They had to give up all the small familiar comforts of home. In contrast, contemporary settlers from the UK can easily connect with our favourite British things. Here's my own personal, Melbourne-centric list - - Yorkshire Puddings: bought some "Aunt Betty's" frozen ones yesterday from Aldi's. - Paxo stuffing, Chip Shop Curry Sauce, Bisto Gravy, Pease Pudding, Walkers Crisps. It costs an arm and a leg, but I regularly buy them from "Treats from Home" in Collins Street. - Proper "Weetabix" (not that nasty "Weetbix"), Coleman's Mustard, Robinson's Barley Water, mint sauce, Sarson's Vinegar. No problem: try the "English" section in Coles at North Balwyn. The prices there are far cheaper than at specialist English shops. - No need to forgo Marks and Spencer undies (or other clothes): You can order from their UK web site and get them to deliver to Australia from less than £20. The January sale may still be on - my first delivery arrived on Friday! - A proper "English Curry"? Well, I haven't tried the curry house in Lygon Street where the English Cricket team eats, but when I lived in Brisbane, there was one in Birkdale shopping centre run by a family from Wolverhampton. I'll be looking them up again on our next trip to the Sunshine State. - Steve Wright's show on BBC Radio 2, the "News Quiz" from Radio 4,and Clive Thomas and Pat Edison's shows on Radio Caroline: no problem - I can catch them streaming live on the internet, or - in the case of the BBC - also listen to them as podcasts on my phone while I walk the dog. - A UK phone number, so the relatives think that you still live around the corner? I've still got my Sheffield number. Funnily enough, its from a German company called Sipgate (see sipgate.co.uk - free phone service over your broadband link - voice over ip provider.). There's no monthly rental, and landline calls cost just over a penny a minute. Calls to UK mobiles are just under 10p a minute. To get a location specific no. (eg: 02, 0114, 01268 etc), you have to sign up in the UK (or get someone there to do this for you). From Australia only 0845 numbers are available. Sipgate's service over the past 3 years has been very reliable. - Coronation Street, Emmerdale, and East Enders: my wife watches them back to back on UKTV when she comes home from work. Now that we've been here a few years she doesn't mind that they are some months behind the UK (or over a year behind in the case of Corrie). - In depth news analysis of the world outside Australia: ABC's extensive relays of the BBC World Service on "ABC News Radio" are invaluable, as is my regular purchase of "The Guardian Weekly" (I know I can always rely on the "The Age" for decent coverage of Australian politics.) If I want a good laugh, I can always buy the "International Express" - it is as rabidly right wing as its UK counterpart - although I must admit that I have a secret passion for Ann Widdicombe's column! Each morning, I catch the lastest UK news from Sky News UK on Foxtel Channel 601. It's in one of those little Sky News Active boxes you get when you press the red button. Being a vegetarian, the only things I really miss are products from "Quorn". Now, if somebody could crack that one and import them into Australia then I'd have to say there would be very little I'd miss from my old life in England. I hope I don't sound like a little Englander. I still embrace all the best things that Australia has to offer. But I do think that nowadays we are blessed with the opportunity of having the best of both worlds. So how does my list compare with that of other "Poms in Oz"?
  25. Lady Tottington

    Yorkshire Meetings??

    Hi everyone just was wondering if there is any meets up in Yorkshire/ Manchester. We are all going through the slow process and would love to meet other people going through this frustrating visa system. It would be fantastic if there were any local meetings. We hope to be eventually in Queensland, Love to here from anyone. :rolleyes: Sam x