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Found 55 results

  1. No email confirmation, but checked DIAC website and there is was.... Whoppppppppeeeeee :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:. Will book flights today for early Oct, then off to Brisbane for what will be a NEW LIFE :yes: :smile: :jiggy: :jiggy:...... Booked flights with Singapore Airlines £600 all in, got extra 5kg which i hope will help out :biggrin:, fly 12th Oct 11 London - Singapore - Arrive Brisbane 14th Oct 11, Wife to following in mid to late Nov :smile:
  2. WE GOT OUR EMAIL THIS MORNING SAYING '' VISA GRANTED'' gog its not sunk in yet, I cant believe it. waited nearly 3 years jumped through so many hoops for DIAC, got there in the end I just want to say thank you to everyone on PIO you are all fantastic and have really helped us do this all by ourselves just want to say to everyone else out there dont give up you will get there in the end A BIG THANK YOU timeline - 175 app 0ct 2008, wa SS 176 granted may 20010, not on wa smp dec 2010 (gutted ), applied sa SS march 2010, granted sa ss may 2010, CO april 2011, pcc 28/06/2011, meds 29/06/2011,176 visa granted 7th july 2011 yippee!!!!!!!!!!! :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  3. Their is one big BUT, Will I get my visa this time or not. I think I have waited long enough now, and all me and the family want is up sticks and go. It is just over 12months since we returned from what we booked as our validation trip. LOL. So fingers are crossed, hopes are up, prayers are being said. plz give me a visa :eek: on the other side cos our visa was not going to be processed till after all cat 1,2 and 3's we started to live again so all the savings have started to dwindle and not capital funds are low, uggh so:- Do we put the house on the market just incase we get the visa, Do we stop spending and start saving again incase the house wont sell, Do we aaarrrrgggghhhhh:arghh: My Head is Spinning
  4. april.will

    Got sa ss - yippee!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yippee got the email saying we got ss from SA this morning, so excited now, have waited along time and just want to get out there SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Timeline- 175 app OCT 08, WA ss app APRIL 10, WA ss approved MAY 10 not on list DEC ( gutted ) SA ss app FEB 11 SA ss approved APRIL 11 OCCUPATION HAIRDRESSER:jiggy::jiggy::jiggy::jiggy:
  5. I've just been on the online app status checker and it states 15/02/2011 application being processed further and then under my name is states the same date and email sent to you. I've got a CO havent I???? The thing is i've not recieved an email yet, I've got an agent, do you think he's got the email?? Cant believe it, nearly six months from lodgement of 176, was beginning to give up hope, getting really frustrated and more and more peed off with the whole thing as I sat my IELTS exam in sept 09. Sooooooo excited, was jumping up and down, rang hubby who was super calm. Anyway just wanted to let you lot on here know. YIPPPEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:jiggy::jiggy::jiggy::yes::yes::yes:
  6. Guest

    Got the keys - yippee!!!

    Just wanted to let all everyone know that Geoffrey (aka tracy123) and I are now the proud key holders to our new rental property!!!! :biggrin: Even though I am not there to see it in the flesh (not too long to wait - 3 weeks today and we will be up in the air on our way out there!!) I know that Geoff has done me and the children proud. I am so so proud of what he has achieved in the short space of time he has been there - I have been getting daily updates of what he has bought or sorted out and he has been very busy indeed!! I am sure once he gets the internet sorted (think it won't be too long until it all gets switched on!!) he will be back posting all his news, updates etc. Thanks for all your good wishes and am hoping to be able to arrange to meet up with a few of you over the course of the next few months - just can't wait!!! :laugh: Best wishes Tracy x
  7. Guest

    I've got one - Yippee!

    I think DIAC must have had my file in the coffee room for the last few days laughing at all the evidence I sent to prove we were De facto. Maybe that's why we did not hear earlier about a CO - I was getting a bit worried they had forgotten me. :eek: But we have heard now that we have a CO :jiggy: So excited I can't tell you all. The only thing that would make me happier is that all of the people I know on PIO and have stories I have followed were on Connies thread listed with a CO as well. Of course I still need something to worry about :wubclub: Now I have been comfort eating this last year - am I going to be OK for the BMI at the health test? All Wolla Bolla's fault with those fig rolls. Connie - I am coming onto the Cat 2 thread now to multiple post on two thread (I know its not allowed - but heck today I don't care :wink:). The rest of you SMP'ers to be who are still waiting for yuor states to announce :arghh: I will warm up the CO for you so that when you get him he speeds your application through very quickly. A very, very happy VickyMel :jiggy: Connies thread for Cat 2 come and join when you know you are on SMP. http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/migration-issues/98525-category-2s-where-you-now.html#post897069
  8. Guest

    Yippee were on our way

    Yes we are are finaly on our way, Booked shipping, Booked flights, Got tenant Got Job, Come on Christmas on the beach !!!!!! Any one else heading to perth for Christmas ?? Its All very stressfull at the mo but iam sure it will be worth it :arghh::arghh::arghh::arghh::arghh:
  9. Hi all :biggrin:we are sooo excuited, having a few problems with some family members that dont want us to leave but im sure it will be easier. I teach PE and was a little disappointed to read that there are not many positions available unless you live in the middle of nowhere. Any PE teachers out there who can fill me in? However looking at seek.com there seems to be lots of jobs for recruitment consultants, does anyone work in this industry and how do you find it? We are over in April and hope to seek out jobs and maybe a few interviews, however we are moving over in sep, not sure if positions will be held for that long??? thanks in advance XXXX:hug:
  10. Daffod1lly

    Sold the house - Yippee

    After so many ups and downs with our house sale - we finally completed yesterday! I have seen so many people bogged down by the process during my time on PIO and wanted to urge all of them on .... we never thought we'd get there!! We originally went on the market in February but our buyers pulled out a week before exchange.... Then our next buyers had to withdraw due to their buyers pulling out .... Finally - 3rd time lucky - these buyers pushed for a move within 5 weeks and it actually happened! Can't quite believe it :wacko: Now off for a beer or three .... to celebrate :jiggy:Good luck to all those in a similar situation !! Thanks to everyone who has offered us encouraging words over the past few months!
  11. I have been on this site everyday since back in March, my OH and I went to a Live Down Under Show in March. We planned to sell our house, move to OZ permanently no looking back............But OH has changed his mind :arghh: His occupation is on the new SOL Yippee, we also have a family sponsor in Melbourne..yippee But now he,s changed his mind I am down and confused. We have 2 little girls who think they are leaving their friends, family and school to live in Sunny OZ, but now looks like it isnt going to happen, and to boot we have already paid hundreds in agents fees............. I don,t know why I am writing this but this site has been so full of wonderful advice over the last 3 months. A friend of mine said "sometimes too much information can be a bad thing". OH has read all the stories of the people who want to come back to UK and it has scared him. Now he has decided he also does not want to give up his job as it is very well paid and life is comfortable. He thinks life wont be comfortable in OZ as we will have a big mortgage and the cost of living is more expensive so they say? Head is spinning...............what to do:err:
  12. Hi Everyone in Cat 5 land. I havn't posted on here much but I just wanted to give you all hope that your visa will come. Our time line is: WA ss granted 8th Aug 2009 Visa apllied 13th Aug 2009 CO 10th Sept 2009 23rd Sept 2009 OMG 29th Jan 2010 OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG XXXXXX
  13. Big glass of wine tonight on its way....OH has had skills assesment back from Engineers Australia after having to do a lengthy CDR and has passed. Very very happy! Just hope now they dont take Civil Engineering off the CSL. Thanks to those who have given support via POI during the last few months., it looks like we might now be in it for the long haul!!!!!!! Hurrah!!!! BRING IT ON!!:smile:
  14. sorry not been on for a while but it is hell not having any phone or internet connection. things with the house have finally sorted themselves out and we were able to book our flights yesterday!! Cannot wait to land in melbourne and think we will not have to get on a plane to return!!!! boys really excited now and as the last of our belongings are packed into suitcases we think back to the last 3 months and the stress of selling the house. considering they wanted a quick sale it has taken 3 months!!!! I will write an arrival report when i get internet access the other end. good luck to all of you still going through the process and selling houses. It willhappen one day, we applied for our visa 15months ago and now we are finally there but it has taken 22months in total. all the best Bonnie and family x
  15. Hi just booked our flights for two weeks time. We are flying with emirates. Can't believe that we will be living there in two weeks time, i finish work 2 days before we leave, nothing really left to do know furniture gone, just selling off bits and bobs in the garage and stuff. I look forward to meeting some of the people i have spoken to on PIO. Saw my nan yesterday it was quite emotional. I am dreading going to airport and saying goodbye to mum dad and brother cheers joe
  17. Guest

    yippee pmv granted finally : )

    hey guys finally got me visa yipeee!!!! it was actually granted last wednesday but they sent it to the wrong email address !!!! so rang today and she told me whoop whhoopp. so i sent application for prospective marriage visa on 13th August , they took payment on 17th August and visa was granted on 2nd september!! whoop whoop right oh dear i better get packing!! :jiggy:
  18. teejaygb

    Yippee Our 176 Visa Granted

    We got it !!!! So happy to say after just over 2 years since we started the application we finally been granted our visa.:jiggy: We fly out to WA next Saturday so haven't time to post off our passports for the labels - planning to go in person on Monday. Does anyone know if you have to make an appointment or just turn up ?? Does anyone know the telephone number ?? I had quick look on internet but only find a £1 minute information line - 1st day back at work today and on my lunch so don't think I dare risk ringing that one LOL.
  19. OMG, we cant believe we finally have our visa, after a very very very very long application (long story) which I wont bore you with we finally received that Magical email this morning. TRA approved - Dec 07 175 Application sent - May 08 C/O assigned - Nov 08 Meds + PCs - Dec 08 Off CSL SS for SA approved May 09 Visa Granted (175) - August 19th 09 (hoorah) Even though we have been given a 175 visa we have set our hearts on Adelaide and that is where we still heading. House already sold and we will be flying out early Oct 09. I know everyone says this but to all of you still waiting hang on in there, it will happen, we thought it never would and it has. :jiggy: Simon, Lynne, Charlie and George xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  20. :laugh:been watching other people on here get visas granted and now our turn does not seem real !!!! 2 years later never thought we would get there but yipppppeeee but where now !!!! who knows!!!! anyone out there to give some info !!!!! !!!! looking at melbourne or perth spent a month in perth which was fab but house prices are quite expensive but fab place 2 live from here seems more work in melbourne and better house prices xxxxx which is better especially for kids HELP and weather !!! dont forget british have not seen sun :wub:
  21. OzDreamSeekers

    VISA granted - yippee!

    Hi everyone Well my normal routine of checking email left me both excited and tearful (it does seem that most of my posts on this site involve water being emitted from my eyes - lol). We have received confirmation of our visas from the good old DIAC! We applied online (175 skilled - accountant) on 11/1/2009 Assigned case officer and request for more information 16/6/2009 Medicals and chest xrays - 24/6/2009 Form 80 and penal clearance attached to application 14/7/2009 Visa granted 16/7/2009! All is looking good.....now preparing for our reccie trip in November.....Brisbane here we come. All the best to everyone else out there who are still in the earlier stages of the process. Adam. Michelle, Jordan and Emily xx :yes:
  22. Can't believe our house has only been on the market for 2 weeks and we've had an offer today for the full asking price - so pleased!!!! Thought we'd be waiting months so we've put it on now. . . I just hope we haven't been too presumptuous as we are still waiting for ss to sa. . . . hopefully should be hearing soon. Good luck to anyone selling their house - i think the market seems to be picking up. . .. And good luck to anyone waiting to hear for ss. . . Does anyone know if it's slowed up because of the financial year starting in July??? Will we be waiting til then or has anyone received ss for sa recently??? Many thanks Helen xxx
  23. Guest

    Sold the house - yippee

    As it says we have sold our house so off to rent a tiny house to save money before going to Oz. Good luck to all
  24. Hi all, OH and me are over the moon :biggrin:. Just received confirmation that our visa has been approved. I'm not generally at a loss for words, but on this occasion I don't think I can put into words just how happy we are. Aiming to be in Canberra by Feb 2010. I guess now the real hard work begins what with planning our move, getting jobs, finding accommodation, etc. all the while saving every penny. Any advice that will help with settling in is greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone for all the support so far :hug:- PIO is a brilliant forum. Good luck everyone, and here's to the future.... Cheers
  25. Guest

    Our 457 Granted, YIPPEE!!

    Checked our application online this morning and there it was, VISA GRANTED. 3 years, 3 agents and many more thousands of pounds later:jiggy: I have lots of PIO to thank, especially member "angiebabe" as without her we would be no further along than 3 years ago, big hugs and kisses to you:wub: "cartertucker" kelly thanks mate for being there at the dark days of pathway D, xxxx and "gollywobbler" for your encouragement with our whole experience. How about that for an oscar speech, would give Kate winslet a run for her money, lol so to all of you thinking that it's never gonna happen, stick with it, the feeling of getting that visa is worth it's wait in gold. Sam xx