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Found 319 results

  1. Hi PIO: I'm a new PIO member and do apologise if I'm in the wrong forum with my very first post. As you'll see, my story is a bit complicated, but I'll try to keep it as brief as possible. I would really appreciate any feedback you might be able to give after reading my story: -My husband and I (both English) were both 17 (although not known to each other at the time) when we first migrated to Oz in 1957. (My husband went to Sydney under the Big Brother Movement sponsorship scheme operating back then). -We met and married in Sydney in 1960, and our daughter was born there in 1961, soon after which we returned to England. -13 years later, with two young children (our son aged 11 was born in Manchester in 1963) we returned to Oz (South Australia) where we happily lived and worked full-time for most of the next 19 years. For personal family reasons (too sad to tell here) my husband and I returned to England in 1993. Still only having Permanent Residential status at the time (yes, we know it was a foolish oversight on our part not to have become Citizens after nearly 24 years living there by then, and we now regret it very much!), we were issued with 5-yr re-entry visas on leaving Australia. Just before these visas expired, 5 years later, for reasons that prevented us from returning to live there permanently at that time, we were granted a second 5-yr re-entry visa, for which we were very grateful. Another five years later, and still not being in a position to return to live in Oz, our second RRV expired about 8 years ago, and because we were told it wasn't possible to be granted a third, accepted that we'd lost our chance to return to live in the country we looked on as 'our second home', and regret to this day that we allowed it to happen. (Another story). Today, our (Australian) daughter (now 50!), and our two grown Australian grandchildren, still live in S. Australia (as well as our two sisters and their families, and all the many friends we made during the 24 (mostly) happy years of living there, and although we have all enjoyed occasional visits with each other over the years since our departure, we miss them so much and very much wish to return there to live, although, from research I've done lately about Aged Parent Sponsorship for migration to Australia, it seems unlikely, given the excessive costs and up-to-20-year wait for completion of application processes, we will ever be able to achieve that now, and feel very dispirited and extremely sad indeed about it. However, it has just come to my notice that it might just be possible for us to apply for permanent residency under a different category than the Aged Parent Sponsorship Scheme if we are able to provide evidence of compelling reasons for our long absence and of our close personal ties to Australia, which is my main reason for posting this thread to PomsInOz now, in the hope someone might just be able to advise us further and perhaps give us renewed hope that all is not lost. Any help and advice would be extremely welcome and we thank you in advance for taking the trouble to read my story. With grateful thanks. barbaitch
  2. Hi I have a job offer in Sydney and my new employer is going to be sponsoring me for 4 years. The VISA was lodged 3 weeks, but I aint heard anything yet... my employers told me it would take about 2-3 weeks to be processed. Im really worried cos I have handed in my notice and my last day at work is Friday. I had to hand in my notice as my new employer wants me to start working ASAP. Can anyone else tell me how long they have had to wait for sponsorship? Also who is the best airline to fly with (i aint even booked my flights as I dont have my VISA!)
  3. :cry: I'm just having a little rant.....but the thought of having to wait 5 years just kills me! I have to wait 5 years because I need to start and finish my nursing degree, then get a years experience....:-(.....think you'll all have to put up with me until then moaning about how much I wanna be in Australia!! Okay, rant over, feel a bit better now lol.
  4. Hi all, Im pretty much just starting out, im a 25 year old joiner looking at going down the state sponsorship route 176, to get a further up on the priority processing, rather than the 175. My ideal states aren't sponsoring my occupation, but WA is. After speaking to a reputable agent he informed me that if I fly to WA and then if I was to say id been offered a job in VIC, QLD, NSW I could move state, as it is not a condition of the visa? just an agreement with state???? I find this a bit hard to believe as everybody would be doing it. Any advice would be much appreciated. Dan
  5. I'm moving my family - English husband, two boys born here in London - to Melbourne, where I'm from originally. I've been in London for over 10 years, and I must admit, I'm more nervous about the move than my husband. I know hardly anyone apart from my small family, and while I may be able to pick up a few old school friends, I'm not sure really. Anyone else out there have an australian wife/husband who's brought you back to Oz? Just wondering how other couples have found it...
  6. Here is the confirmation: http://www.acs.org.au/migration-skills-assessment/news-and-updates I am still not sure if they are deducting those 2 years from the total years of highly relevant experience or from the years accumulated after the completion of the Bachelor/Master degree. For example: Bachelor degree completed July 2009 Highly relevant work experience: from July 2008 until November 2013 2 years of work experience will be used to satisfy the suitability criteria and your Skill Level Requirement Met Date will be July 2010 or July 2011? Any feedback will be appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  7. Greetings one and all...so glad I found this site as now realise I am not alone!!! I was born in the UK and moved to Australia with my family when I was 7. Always feeling unsettled and wanting to return to England, I moved back when I was 17 to live with my Grandparents, study and work. In those teenage years I was torn between loving my life in the UK but missing my family back home, so I ping ponged between the two before meeting my Aussie husband on one of my many trips back to Auz and have been here ever since apart from 5 trips back since we got married to visit my friends and Grandparents and to show my 4 kids that part of the world. However I have always longed to go back to live in the UK and now more than ever I am so homesick and wishing we could just pack up everything and spend some time living as a family in England. As they say 'Home is where the heart is' and although I have a home and family here England will always be home to me. Of course most people don't understand (apart from Mum) and think I am mad for wanting to live in cold old England where the cost of living and unemployement is so high...but when I go back I always feel HOME! I always get more homesick when I watch episodes of Location Location on Foxtel...like today! This brought up the 'Let's go live in England' topic again...and hubby said if he had a job to go to then he would consider it! I have my own home based travel business with a UK based global company Travel Counsellors so I am able to set up in the UK or just find work in a Travel agency if need be. My eldest daughter (9) is keen to make the move but obviously has no understanding as to what it would mean. I have to consider the kids otherwise I would be doing exactly what my parents did to me and tearing them between two countries. Also my parents are getting older and I would have the problem Mum has had with being so far away from elderly parents. Is it worth just going back for a few years with the intention of returning to AUZ...or do I just have to accept I am trapped here by circumstances...which is a horrible feeling. I hate the heat here in Auz...and miss the seasons and cold weather of the UK too! Anyway...just venting! :SLEEP:
  8. Hi i was just wondering what qualifications would be needed to teach preschool children in oz:biggrin:
  9. Hi all, I am so confused with the changes for applications for PR and wanted help.!!!!!! We have lived in Melbourne now for 18 months on a 457 visa and hubby just changing jobs. We were considering applying for a 175 visa next year as we had enough points, but see that things have now changed and we dont seem eligible any longer. As we are over 45, what are our options.!!! Thanks all Elaine.
  10. Hi, Bit of a dodgy question, my husband had alot of problems when he was younger, his mother threw him out at the age of 9 and inevitabley he got into the wrong crowd. They fed him and let him sleep in their cars etc, but in return it turned out that he had to do 'favours' for them. He hasn't got a record for violence or anything, just was made drive without a license (was made to take someone somewhere), he hasn't done anything since I've met him, married him and had kids (he didn't need to), the thing he was convicted of was back in 1997. Will this stop him from being allowed into the country? If so, how long would we need to wait? Thanks for any advice, this is my main concern and is stressing me out!
  11. Hello everyone Apologies for my naivety but this is my first post on this forum and I would really appreciate some advice. I am a recently qualified chartered accountant from N Ireland and my other half is a joiner with approximately 10 years experience. We are seriously fed up with life at home and are considering a move to Australia in February 2011 on a 12 month working holiday visa. Will we both be able to secure work without much hassle? I have a feeling Paul will be able to find something more easily than me? Would employers consider someone on a working holiday visa for temporary accountancy jobs? We are pretty sure that we will go to Perth but if jobs are more likely to be readily available elsewhere then we would of course go wherever we have most chance of getting work. Is there any way that we could secure work before we leave home? If not, where do we start looking for employment when we get there? Also, if we love life in Oz what are the chances of securing a 2nd year working holiday visa having worked in the construction and accountancy sectors? I'm sure these are probably pretty basic questions but we really do need some help, we have only just begun our research and it is an absolute minefield!! Thanks in advance
  12. Hi there, This is my first post here, and i am getting a lil bit confuse because of the eligibility test from the DIAC website. I had been searching this forum but couldnt find an answer yet. Hope somebody could help me out here. This is my situation: I intend to apply for visa 475. I have enough threshold point of 65 from the point test accumulated from(age-30,English-10,State sponsorship[regional]-10,academic qualification-15=65). However if I only have 2 years of overseas skill employment(rather than 3 which gives 5 points),no experience in Australian skilled employment,and am without any Australian study requirement, am i still eligible visa applicant or not? Am i required to at least gain 3 years of overseas experience(min) so that i am qualified to apply? Thanks and I hope you guys could help me to sort this matter as my State sponsorship will arrive soon and i am not sure to proceed with visa apps or not. Thousand thanks Regards
  13. Myself and my partner lodged our 176 family sponsored visa in Jan 2010, and have not heard anything, and does not look likely that we will in the near future. Starting to lose hope now...anyone got any suggestions?? I lodged as a Hotel Motel Manager which is my degree, but my experience is as a pastry cook/chef. Since Hotel Motel Manager is no longer on the SOL list, I believe that we are at the bottom of the pile and unlikely to ever get near the top. Is this correct? Our agent has advised that the best option is to try to find an employer willing to sponsor me, and go that way....however I am finding that impossible, as although I have qualifications in Hotel Management, I dont have much experience in that field, so employers are not interested. And where I am experienced ( as a pastry cook/ coffee shop manager) I cant apply for jobs as my skills assessment is not in that job. Does anyone have any advice or suggestions of what we can do? or are we destined to never get out to Australia.
  14. hey im chloe and well im moving next summer to bileola ,Queensland and i was wondering if anyone else moved or is moving .:biggrin: And if youve moved is it anygood
  15. Hi all, Just a quick general question. My OH and I have been granted 176 ss visa's for WA. My best friend is planning to come out next year after we have moved on a working holiday visa. Either by myself or with my OH, I plan to do a little bit of travelling around oz, is this possible on a 176 state sponsorship? I know I can't live and work in another state, but does travelling/long holidays count? Thanks all, any advice welcomed! Lucy :wubclub:
  16. musmanasghar

    VE 176 Approved after 2 years

    Dear All I am really glad to inform you that by the Grace of GOD Alhamdulillah received my VE 176 Today. After a long wait of 2 years at last my time has come. I am really thankful to all of my friends specially BILALN30, EZY_GOING, leptokurtic, User_name, SJSabir, Jimm and others (sorry if I forgot some 1, I m half asleep). My detailed Timelines are mentioned below. ACS applied = 31 March 2008 ACS rejected = 13 May 2008 Appeal Filed = June 2008 ACS Positive = 19 Nov 2008. ACS Result letter lost in post. Sent request for ACS Result copy 17 Nov 2008 ACS sent +ve eligibility Letter = 23 Dec. 2008 / 2231-79(Network Security) Another +ve Eligibility Letter with result review Sent 24 Nov. 2008 / 2231-11 (sys Man) ACT SS = May 2009 ACT SS granted = Sep 2009 Visa Applied = 3 Oct. 2009. Then ZZZZzzzzzzZZZZZzzzzzzZZZZzzzzzzzZZZzzzzz Slept for 13 Months ACT SMP announced = 8 Nov 2010 (profession listed in ACT SMP) wow CO Assigned = 17 Nov. 2010 Form 80 Sent = 30 Nov 2010 Again Slept for 12 Months ZZZZzzzzZZZzzzZZZZzzzzzzzz due to Security Checks Medical/PCc request 01 Nov 2011 Medicals done = 15 Nov. 2011 Medicals Referred = 17 Nov. 2011 (thanks to E-Health) Visa Approved = 22.Nov.2011 Initial Entry Date = 19-Oct-2012 Wish you all Best Of luck.
  17. Only joking, I am home !!! Whilst the past 5 years hasnt been all sweetness and roses, i guess we are proof that a pretty good life can be had for some. It takes alot of hard work to get settled here and im lucky to have a very supportive hubby who helped me on my wobbly days(which thankfully are few and far between now). Missing family, friends and every form of familiararity can really play with your mind during those first few years and not having a bestie to be able to turn too when you need a good moan can be tuff, but remember Rome wasnt built in a day and nor will your new lives be,, hang in there if your struggling,dont ut too much pressure on yourselves to make everything as it used to be,,try to focus on the future and not dwell on the past, get out there , chat and mix with the locals , ive found 99% to be a helpful friendly lot who will help you out if you ask. Queensland is a stunning state with so many places to see, i think it will take a lifetime to get around all the spectatcular sites ,lol, exploring is a great way to spend your weekends be it coastal or bush you will always see/find something new.. As for the weather, we climatised quicker than we thought , it took months rather than years, in simpleman terms,lol, - December and January get blooming hot, July is blooming freezing!!!For any potential migrants bring them winter jumpers you will need them of a morning and evening!lol My kids are now 13 and 8, so they were quite young when we came. I wish i hadnt worried as much about moving them across the world as they have slotted in well and have made many friends. Well not much more to add other than a massive Thank you to Australia for allowing myself and my family to call this beautiful country home! Cal x

    only relavent in 3 years time

    The year 2014 uk HOUSE PRICES surge upwards the fastest ever recorded. I told you all you did not listen.:jiggy::jiggy::jiggy:
  19. 'We docked at Fremantle (sic) at 7am. When I got off the boat I walked up to the station with 2 guys - 1 Pom & 1 Kiwi. My case weighed a ton & I regretted packing so much stuff. We took the train to Perth & then a taxi to the YMCA - cost us $14 for a nite - 3 in the room. My first impressions of Perth are really good. I like it and I want to stay. I went for a drink in the evening - the first pub I was really scared of being called a "Pommie Bastard" by some drunk but it never happened and I relaxed after a bit.' It's not exactly Samuel Pepys, I know but I suppose I can take a few moments to reflect on what has happened to me! It's pointless to speculate on what 'MIGHT' have happened but I was the last person in the UK to have gone off on his own to the other side of the world! I probably should have stayed in my village and carried on with my cushy little job with Hants County Council where I would have chalked up 36 years service now. Struggling for work at 57 it makes sense now! Still, I suppose if I had not 'blazed the trail', my brother would not have followed me, and now he's got two lovely grown up 'little Vegemites!' and I am no longer a 'Stranger in a Strange Land!
  20. Anyone any more info on this?
  21. Hi, my friend just finish diploma and he would like apply for Graduation skill visa. But he is already more then 5 years on student visa. Is it possible to apply for this visa. I heard something that you have to by maximum 5 years on student visa.
  22. Hi there, We are looking at chartering a boat with some friends for New Years Eve in Sydney Harbour. The people who have taken places already are made up of English and Swedish. Everyone is really good fun and it should be a really good night!!! We have filled 30 spaces out of 40, the cost will be $300 per head if we can fill the full 40 allocated spots on the boat. It is a BYO boat and it also has a BBQ onboard, so once the boat cost is paid for the other costs shouldn't be too high. If you are interested in joining us or would like anymore information? Please drop me a message and I'll forward on all the details. Cheers, Pete & Gill
  23. Hello, My parents moved out to Australia when I was just a babe in arms (14 months old). My wife and I have done several trips to visit family over the years and in 2010 we spent 3 months having a good look around, considering our options. Both our children are high functioning autistic indviduals and we have heard that resources, facilities, opportunities, etc are beter in the UK than here in Oz. :confused: Could anyone confirm this and also give us a run down on who to contact, how to get them into 16+ schooling. Our son is very much into computers and wants to be invovled in game making (xbox, DS, etc). Anyone able to suggest/help with options. Also, how do you get a National Insurance Number? Cheers:policeman:
  24. http://dreamsofalife.com/home/newspaper
  25. Two years ago I was climbing off a plane at Brisbane Airport to be greeted by a foggy morning, that soon turned into a sunny winters day, temperatures reached 20c and as I arrived on Bribie Island I thought I had landed in paradise. The first few days were spent exploring the local area and walking along the Beaches. I had locals looking at me as if I was mad because I was wearing a T shirt and all the locals were rugged up for the cold weather. We started to look for work we could do together and just to tide us over and give us a bit more cash my wife (Marge) worked in a call center while she looked for an office job. She never did find an office job but after 12 months we found a job advertised for a curator/caretaker of a local history museum in Goondiwindi. So having no experience in looking after museums and my gardening skills practically nonexistent we applied for the job. Well we are now another 12 months further down the line, we got the job at the museum and we live in a cottage dated around 1890 and I am explaining Australian history to the Australian visitors we get. I love my life here and I do not think I would have stood a chance in the UK of getting this sort of employment. So do I have any regrets, yes of course I do, I miss my kids they may be grown up, but we went through a lot together when their mother left us and we have a strong bond. I miss my grandson who I have never seen with the exception of SKYPE, and the chances are we will not be able to afford to go back and see him anytime soon, and as my daughter in law is afraid of flying I do not expect them to come here. My daughter will at some point come over for an extended visit, but at the moment she does not want to risk her job by asking for extended leave, it took her over a year to find a job. Would I do it all again ... Yes without hesitation, I miss my family, But the life here and the friends I have made make it all worthwhile, Where else could a retired Paramedic with a heart condition end up living in a 19th century cottage looking after a local history museum. In the UK I was washed up and past it, because I had to end my career of 33 years. Here it’s a case of if you can do it, we will give you a go...