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Found 31 results

  1. paisleylass

    Arrived in Brisbane! Yay!

    Now been in Brisbane just over 24 hours from landing. Here's a rough account of what's happened since we left LA after our stopover, and I'll probably add more later as things continue :biggrin: The 14 hour flight to Brisso was quite pleasant. I slept the first hour or so, woke up for dinner (mahi mahi fish - fancy!) and conked out for a few more hours. Cabin was brand newly updated with bigger screens, usb in the armrest (handy for phone charging) - nice. I'd been chatting to the Aussie bloke next to me - hubby was across the aisle as we had trouble getting seats together - and he recommended the movie Soul Surfer, so I watched that and loved it. It's set in Hawaii, a place I'm fascinated with, but it was a bit of a tearjerker so I was glad the lights were off and nobody could see me doing a little blub! Speaking of tears, the sentimental junk stopped on arrival in LA and hasn't reoccurred. Not really missing anything. Yet. OK, so we arrived at Brisbane airport about 7am. Stopped at duty free for a litre of rum, and got in the huge immigration queue. Considering we are completely new to Aus and on a 457 intending to stay a few years it was as easy as returning to the UK - the chap just scanned our passports and off we went. We had declared food and meds and neither were an issue - a woman just asked what meds we had, nobody wanted to know the food specifics and that was that - we were officially in Australia! Neither of us has a functioning phone and I needed to ring our accommodation lady to get access to the cottage we're staying in. This was a nightmare as the payphones don't take credit card, though I'd managed to collect two $2 coins. The first disappeared when I rang her landline, got answerphone and couldn't work out follow-on call. Then had just $2 to ring her mobile - at $1 a minute! Gah! I got through and got the info quickly, so we jumped in the next big taxi with our 4 suitcases and 4 bags and headed to Kedron. This was fairly quick, about 15 mins, and cost $27, though no change was given of $30 so he helped himself to a tip! Grumpy so and so dumped our bags on the pavement and sped off without a word. Welcome to Brisbane! Haha! So we dragged all our stuff into the cottage, hubs went to bed and I unpacked my stuff, grabbed a shower and chilled a bit. Went out to buy snacks and drinks and a SIM card (more of that in its own thread hoho), and again later to get phone credit and Go Cards for the bus, and a cheeky 6 pack of VB from the bottle shop. In the meantime I booked 2 house viewings, one in Chermside for this morning and one in Kedron on Tuesday. Both look fine and rents reasonable, so will be interesting to get going with the househunting lark! After window-shoppping houses for months, it's all very real now! Hubby finally woke up and got showered, we had a beer and then headed for Chermside. Translink on the iphone is really handy and told us what stop to go to and when the bus was due. After a short journey we arrived at the vast Westfield Chermside, which makes Glasgow Silverburn look like the corner shop! First stop was Coles, where we bough as many goodies as we could carry, plus detergent and fabric softener to get our mucky clothes sorted. Love the variety - I've always loved exploring supermarkets in the USA, and found Coles to sell lots of similar products (HUGE range of dips!). Prices were fine, though hubby thought it was expensive due to the exchange rate. He's since been reading Bob In Oz's blog and got over that :cute: Back to the cottage, we sat on the deck with more beer and a bit of food and chilled. Saw our first gecko climbing up the wall, and heard lots of beastie noises! I'm loving the tropical bird noises, such a change from Paisley. It's like living in Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room! Sort of. That's all for now, off to Aldi for brekkie stuff as we forgot in Coles.
  2. Guest

    Yay!! Got our PR!!

    Received an email from our case officer yesterday informing us about our RSMS 857 grant letter! We're over the moon now! :biggrin: Thanks to this forum and everybody who has helped us along the way! Appreciate all your help. Just to share our timeline for our RSMS 857 visa.... We didn't use any migration agents. Nomination Application: 15 Mar 2011 Nomination Approved: 15 April 2011 Application Lodged: 27 June 2011 Medicals done: 30 June 2011 CO Allotment: 14 July 2011 AFP Clearance, Overseas Police Clearance and Form 80 submitted: 4 August 2011 PR Granted: 11 August 2011 Cheers!
  3. For the last 6 years, apart from giving birth and bringing up my children, I have also been studying for an degree with honours in English language and literature with the Open University. The last few months have been really stressful because there has been so much happening in our everyday lives which really affected my studies. Yesterday I got my results..... I got a 2.1 and I'm really really pleased :biggrin: Sorry I had to share. Nicki
  4. Not only have all our meds been finalised today, but I received my AHPRA letter today. I have stressed about this for soooooo long, due to being non diploma/degree trained. But after a lengthy period it is all glowing in the world of AHPRA for me. So if there are any nurses worried about meeting the standards etc etc be patient. Good things come to those who wait ..... and wait. Thanks to all who shared my stress and listened to my massive rants on here Rachel x :jiggy:
  5. Guest

    YAY! got my visa!

    got my work VISA June 26 and am heading down under in a couple of weeks to return with my boyfriend!! Getting ready to ship some personal items...can hardly wait to start my new life!
  6. Thought I would share the news......................:biggrin: Just got my TRA assessment back all fine. OZ here we come.:laugh: Well here we come in about 18 months!!! I'm in childcare and hope to move to Perth. As my job is on the state list We are using an agent and they been a great help so far.... :jiggy::jiggy::jiggy::yes::yes::yes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
  7. Guest

    passed my TRA!!!! yay

    I just wanted to be someone with a happy thread lol, Ive just this minute received my outcome letter from TRA to say my application has been successful. I was paranoid with the documents i'd sent. Im a self employed hairdresser by the way lol. :-))))))))
  8. Hey guys, Just to let you know that Phil Filing from Aussie Currambine:notworthy: has just done me a deal where he has changed my mortgage over to another mortgage and it is going to save me $100s per month :biggrin: If any of you out there are thinking of doing the same give him a call, he sorted it out for me within 2 weeks. Tell him Lo Coburn has sent you and you would like a good deal too. Just wanted to share this with you. Good Luck to you all. Im going for lunch now cos I can afford to now, lol. :yes: Lo xxxx
  9. ozgooner

    yay we got a CO : )

    Sooooooooooooo excited we got a case officer today at last !!we are 175 May '09 LR Meds booked for 15th March woo hoo !!
  10. shazney64

    I'm having a boy!!!!! Yay

    well, been trying to get to Oz for four years. Hubby at that point wanted to wait for kids until we got there. I didn't! After about two years of nagging him to try, a year and half of trying we have just found out that we are expecting a boy and are thrilled!!! What visa?who cares this is so much better. Thought i would share my joy whilst waiting for this visa thing xx
  11. jimanG

    Yay!! Visa granted!!!

    Just got the email from our case officer to say we have our 176 CSL Visa Grant!!!!! Cant describe how good it feels! So thats the easy part out of the way :eek:! Now for the hard part of moving to and living in Oz!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Just got mail today to say DH has passed his TRA. So this is the start of it all now. :wacko:
  13. Guest

    We've got jobs, yay!

    We have finally got proper work after having bits and pieces since we returned to the UK in February. There have been lots to apply for too, so it hasn't been a question of taking anything. Our children love their schools. It has been a bit of a rollercoaster but we are now moving forward. Life is indeed good :biggrin: valleylass
  14. Guest

    Yay! We got it!!!!!!!! finally!

    Morning, Got the lovely email this morning telling us that our 175 has been granted!!! Bit of a hold up with the paperwork but finally all come good. We have to be there by 30th September. Jane:jiggy:
  15. At long last, my visa has been approved!! Didnt take very long to process at all - was the setbacks along the way before I even got to lodge the damn thing thats held us up - but nevermind, its here now and next week I'll be in Perth:biggrin: YAYYYYYYYYYYY
  16. Guest

    Yay A Job Offer!

    But not in Australia - My OH has had some job offers from around Europe and within the UK since we pulled our finger out and started actually researching the possibilities of living within Europe after the September changes. He is heading off to Sweden for 8 weeks on a reccie of sorts and for job introduction and training. Failing that, we have a firm job offer in Jersey and Germany, he quite fancies travelling to Sweden to experience that lifestyle and I could quite imagine enjoying it; they are at the forefront of everything there. I'm now feeling quite relived that Australia will only be a validating holiday for the time being.
  17. rockola57

    Uk tv set in oz ,yay or nay.

    Aloha, So anyway some bloke i hardly know is givin his old 8 yr old telly away for nowt, brought over from the UK THEN,with a british plug still on it (CRT)GOOD QUALITY ONE LIKE NEW.He has offered it to me,Should i take it,what probs lie ahead?Will a set top box give me perfect sound and picture? Thanks.
  18. Guest


    :shocked:i've arrived in brisbane and its sooooo cool anyone else moved to brisbane around samford or ferny grove?:jiggy:
  19. PommyPaul

    Yay here comes summer to se qld

    33 degrees by monday, seriously though its been a long cold winter, will be nice to get out of the jeans and jumpers :cool:
  20. erm, yeh. just finished a night shift when I got the news my 457 (NSW) has been approved today.:jiggy: Have been on the immigration website (just to see it for myself) and have come over all shaky! :goofy:Heaven knows how you guys who get the permanent residency visas feel cos I'm over the moon! So, when I get up later, I gotta type up my resignation letter so I can give it to my boss tomorrow. OMG!!!!! Many many thanks to everyone on the PIO forum for all the useful information and encouragement. Night night xx
  21. loulou1205

    Yay got visa today!!!

    Hi All, Got an email at 6.15pm saying I have got my defacto visa!! Woop woop!!! Sent the app at start of Feb, had medicals 3rd March and got email today so not bad timing!! Especially as we can now enjoy the easter break with a little less weight on our sholders!! Thanks to everyone on this site for keeping me sane while I was waiting. Now the hard work starts!!! I no longer obsessively have to read every thread that starts "defacto" and "timeline"!!! Melbourne here we come!!! xLoux
  22. Guest

    Yay - Medicals!

    My dad has just told me we have passed our Medicals - YAY!!!:jiggy: Forms are now safely on their way to Australia - Fingers crossed they get there ok as I organised it due to dad being on a business trip eeeek !:unsure: Good luck to those that have their Meds this week!!
  23. kellyjamie

    yay got a new job!

    at last good news, i got a job offer today. im going back to work in a private nursery, i done an hnc a few yrs ago but then left my work, i have recently found that a few states are looking for child care workers so im going to go back and get recent exp as it maybe a way to get in if other routes fail, also been out work for a bit so thankgod ive got a job!:yes:
  24. Guest

    Yay finally back!!

    Well seems as tho' we have been away forever but really only been about 4 weeks!! Not that I have really been any where just moving house!! We are finally, nicely, settled into a lovely new home with have been planning and building down here in Mt Martha. We had lots of help from our forum friends on moving day, thanx Sal for the egg & bacon rolls, they went down a treat and celebrated with a house warming on saturday nite/sunday morning. Its been a long and sometimes frustrating road....and almost as stressful as applying for a visa....but as with that situation , the end result has been worth the wait as we have got the house we wanted. Welcome to all newbies & congrats to any visa getters while I have been away. Will have a quick skim thro' the forum for all the news & goss' Lesley x
  25. Feeling a bit low and pissed off si i thought i'd change the mood a bit and do some bragging!! My eldest son,Blake (9) has just stunned his teachers by achieving Level 4 in all his SATS mind you i'm a little pissed off they were so stunned...shouldn't they know his abilities?? and Ethan (5) has won the school cup for always working well independantly, and for great achievement in reading (he is at keystage 2 level..now gets his books from yr2/yr3 class and he is only reception :swoon:) Ah smile on my face now!!!!!! Thanks for listening. Lxx