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Found 32 results

  1. Alix Fisher

    Radiographer help!!!! :)

    Hi.. I am qualifying as a Radiographer in the Uk in June 2015 and I am coming on a WHV in September. I have been looking at doing locum radiography work within Australia. I have a few questions!!! I need AHPRA - first of all, Will i be classed as a 'graduate' and should I apply under this as I have no experience apart from the three years of my degree on clinical placement? When applying for a radiation license, is there one that covers all states or will I need a seperate one for each state - basically should I pick one place to work? I have been looking at locum jobs and most accept WHV, I am not looking to be a skilled worker as of yet either so no point in applying for that visa as for AIR registration and skilled worker you need 3+ years experience in the UK so not poss atm. Any help would be appreciated!!!! Alix x
  2. hi again. well despite planning to have the xray before i got pregant ( and having been trying for over a year and a half) i had to cancel the appt i made for my front loaded xray because i am finally pregnant :jiggy: i am thrilled but i am sure dh's prospective employer in OZ wont be. they have offered a 457 visa for him, and i am only just pregnant so it will literally be 7 months before i can have a chest xray. does anyone know of any other options we can use? i refuse point blank to have an xray when pregnant, even with a lead sheild, does this mean we have to postpone our move till i have the sprog or can dh and the kids get a 457 and i go out on another type like a holiday visa etc? im not planning on working when we get there but wondered, as i will either have the baby here or have one there ( entering a hospital in OZ requires you to have had an xray im pretty sure) :chatterbox:help!
  3. Hockayak

    Made it to Tassie!

    Hi all, Im just messaging to all to say that my wife and I made it to Tasmania, Australia a week ago. We came on a young person's Working Holiday Visa (WHV), so not as lengthy or as stringent as most of the other visas, but still, we're here. Its been a pretty easy process for us, except that one little hitch put down on my wife's visa. She's a teacher and she mentioned she might work with kindergarten kids. As a result she was ordered to go to the nearest VETTED doctors, for a private chest xray - to test for TB (which we are all vaccinated against at school anyway). There aren't many Oz approved doctors in the UK and the nearest to us in Durham, was in Manchester! It was a good 5 hour round trip, and more costly than we would have liked! But we have since found out, that if you 'forget to mention' the working with young kids thing on the visa form, then if you do need to work with young kids then you can have the xray done basically anywhere when you arrive. The other thing we noted, basically that on the WHV you can only be employed by a single employer for 6 months at a time then you have to move on to another palce of work, but it appears that some employers can refer you on to another place of work (sometimes its literally the same job but paid from a different 'employer'). There is a stipulation that you can extend a WHV employment period with prior consent from the visa agency but when we enquired it was only available for a month or two at best, so dont be expecting to just blag it an work a year somewhere as they will say no and you may well be busted. Finally, from previous experience and our recent arrival, Tasmania is an amazing place with landscapes like few other places in Australia. We are in Montrose, nr Hobart (Tasmania) and from there, everything seems pretty close. We used the buses for a whole week being out and about, to beaches, tourist destinations, car yards and supermarkets and bottle shops. A 'day rover' for $5 or 3.20 pounds will take you pretty much anywhere in Hobart for ans many jouneys as you need. They are on-time and pretty reliable. Anyway, I will keep you updated as to how we get on here in Hobart. (If anyone wants to meet up some place in Hobart for a beer then let us know, in need of some British mates)
  4. Cal2

    Uni Lecturer & chest xray

    I believe that if you work in school, hospitals etc, you need at least a chest xray, if not a full medical, does this apply to a university lecturer as well? thanks Cal
  5. Guest

    Medicals - Chest X-Ray results

    Hello all, Just wondering how common chest x-ray "abnormalities" are? We had our medicals a fortnight ago, all fine and "graded A" except for my chest x-ray. Apparently there is a small irregular calcified area showing on one of my lungs :eek:. I'm mid 30's, fit & healthy (or so I thought!), hardly ever ill and to my knowledge have never had TB or Pneumonia. Is a finding like this pretty common? I appreciate why it's being queried, but I've been stressing quite a bit over the last 2 days that it's something awful and i'm doomed! :wacko: Am off to see my GP later today, fingers crossed it's nothing serious. Has anyone else recently had this? Appreciate any comments/feedback/reassurance!:unsure:
  6. Smiler

    Medical x-ray

    Hi I had my medical in Melbourne for PR application. A couple of weeks later I received my results (of course I have not opened the envelope as will give it to immi). Do Medibank also post back the x-rays to the applicant too? Thanks in advance Smiler:biggrin:
  7. Guest

    X-RAY Results

    Hi, Does anyone know how long it takes immigration to receive the results of the chest x-ray once it's been done? Thank you
  8. Hi, im just wondering if there are any Radiographers on here that have made the move, in the process of visa application or thinking about the move over. Im just wanting some advice on how to go about getting the 175 visa? Any advice is welcomed thanks claire
  9. tonyman

    Poly Styrene R.I.P xray spex

    http://blogs.ocweekly.com/heardmentality/2011/04/poly_styrene_of_xray_spex_rumo.php This is such a shame ,sadly missed ,just released an new album in March 'generation indigo' suppose to be real good, even two of my daughters know the full lyrics to this classic .....R.I.P Poly
  10. Har00n

    Help with 457 Visa

    hi All, Firstly a big thank you to everyone on here, as i've been trolling through peoples posts and its helped me alot with my application. I've been accepted for a role in perth, and have just completed the application. I havea few questions though, that i'm hoping you guys can answer. 1) I've attached coloured scans of my birth certficate, marriage certificate, and copies of both my own and my wifes passport. Searching on various forums, i read that if it's a colour scan, you don't need to get teh docuemnts certfified, is this correct? 2) Ive been asked to get a chest x-ray for my wife, and to complete form 1221 for her also. Is there anyway to sumbit these online, or do i have to post them to perth? Any help anyone can give would be fantastic. I was hoping to get out there by July, and am itching to book my ticket, but just want to ensure i get all the relevant forms completed to have my wife join me at the same time. Regards Har00n.
  11. Hi, im just wondering if there are any Radiographers on here that have made the move, in the process of visa application or thinking about the move over. Im just wanting some advice on how to go about getting the 175 visa? Any advice is welcomed thanks claire
  12. Guest

    Chest X-ray for 11/12 year olds

    hi, when we started this process one of our son's was 10 therefore no chest x-ray needed. We finally did our medicals last week and were expecting to have to get a chest x-ray done for him as he is now 12. However, the doctor would not do it as he had had an email from DIAC from 14th Feb saying that if a child was under 11 at the initial application date then no chest x-ray is required even if they are now over 11 when asked for medicals. The doctor showed us the email from someone high up at DIAC which said they would be sending guidance to all CO's shortly. It seems our CO hasn't had this guidance because today we logged in to check our application and it says further medical requested for our son - aagh!:arghh: Has anyone else come across this?
  13. I'm in the process of doing my visa application forms. Absolute Immigration are doing the visa for me, and the contact there told me that I'd need to book a chest x-ray, which I have done so for later today. He attached forms 26 and 160 to the email he sent me, but from the content of the email I assume that I don't need to have a full medical. So do I need to fill out form 26 at all, and if so do I need to take it to the radiologist with me as well as form 160?
  14. It seems that the waiting is not the only heartache that comes with visa application. I got a call from the panel doctor today who told me that they found a scar in my lung (possibly old) and blunting of the lung...The DIAC asked him to send them the results in digital and non-digital formats so they can do their own analysis. What this mean? What to expect now? I'm so scared not only because of the visa that might not be granted on this basis and more medicals that I may need to do...but also it is the first time that I've ever cared about my health and worrying about what may happen! Anyone got a similar experience or working knowledge? Can you please help. Thanks
  15. Guest

    Medical/chest x-ray checklist

  16. Please can someone help me!! I have had a look on the Immi.gov.au website, and it seems that for a 457 visa, then no medical is required if we are from a low risk country (UK). Am I reading this correctly? When I have searched this site, it seems that just x-rays are required. Could someone enlighten me please. Husband is Diesel Mechanic by the way and has been offered the job. Oh, and we have two children (10 & 5) Thank you. Jaime.:wacko:
  17. Hi there, My partner and i are going applying for for a de facto visa and are wondering if anyone can give us more info about the process of obtaining a medical and chest x-ray. I see that you have to have the examination by a doctor recommended by the panel. Does this mean you have to get your medical in London close to the embassy. I will be in Cornwall whilst in the UK, so i am wondering if i will be able to get the medical there or will i have to travel somewhere?? Thank you for your help x
  18. Hi there Just a quick question and to confirm...when one is requested by the CO to do the medical tests, one would: 1. Print forms Form 160EH - Radiologist report on chest x-ray 2. Print forms 26EH - Medical Examination for an Australian visa 3. Do the appointments with the medical examiner and radiologist 4. Do the examination/x-rays and the medical examiner posts everything to Sydney QUESTION: Do you have/need to upload anything in the online application document check list??? Thanks!!! B1k3R
  19. Guest

    My xray - more to worry about.

    I just thought i would update my medical and xrays worries. I went for repeat xrays today, to be told that they still were worrying, and that the radiologist cannot rule out the big C, and so i have now been reffered for a CT scan, and i have to see a chest doc also. It doesn't rain but it pours! The most annoying thing is, i am healthy, no symptoms at all, i don't do chest infections, never had anything (well as long as i can remember) wrong with my chest. My GP, did say he didn't think it was cancer, but they still have to check it out, so i reckon which ever way i look at it i am going to have to wait longer to hand in all my documentation. I know that compared to my health going to Oz shouldn't be a priority but i am so gutted that i am now going to miss my deadline of the 14th of august. I will just have to wait and hope. Tracy x
  20. Guest

    xray form 160, question 8

    applying for prospective mariage visa, whichc is only 9 months, then u have t oapply for temp res, then perm res, quetion 8 asks if you are intending to stay permanently or temporary, which one do i tick, i intend to stay permantly but my visa is only 9 months, any help be great thanks :jiggy: Nadine
  21. Guest

    Worried about my chest xray!

    Hi there, i am wondering if anyone could help me, i am really worried about my chest xray. We (me, my husband, and two children) went for our medicals yesterday. I thought it would of been my husbnand who would of been the main cause for worry with regards to passing our medicals, but how wrong was i. I am healthy and have got no health concerns, or well so i thought. I went in to see the doctor after having my medical, who asked me if the radiologist had mentioned anything about my xray. I said no, and asked what was worng with it. He told me that it showed hazy opacification, on the left lung base, and asked me if i had recently had a chest infection, and was i coughing up green plegm. I amswered no to both, as i never ever have chest infections, or coughing. He listened to my chest and then told me it sounded clear and that there was probably nothing to worry about, but that i had to go to my gp and have a repeat xray done in 4 weeks time. The problem with all this is that all my evidence required for the visa has to be sent in by the 14th August. If i go for repeat xray on the 31st of july, and they will not hurry it up because i am am not symptomatic, and they told me it can take between 5 days and 14 days, so that would be past the 14th august. Please can anyone give me any advice on what to do?
  22. Dawny

    Child and x-ray question?

    Just a quick question regarding kids and their meds, When we booked our x-rays and meds all kids were under 11, So we down loaded all forms of the diac tracking page, X-rays for me and o/h were done the week of the 20th, however when we booked the meds they fell on the 27th may which was Ellie's 11 birthday, The Dr doing the meds questioned Ellie and the x-ray but said it should be ok as they were done before her birthday, Checked Diac like you do, on monday and it said all meds had been finalised with the exception of Ellie, which says further medical info required then underneath it says medical received, They havn't added the link to her for down loading the x-ray form!! We or our agent havn't received a email from diac requesting any thing, so do you think this is just an over sight by diac or do you think they will now ask Ellie to have an x-ray, ??
  23. Employment in Australia & New Zealand for Radiographers HealthStaff Recruitment are specialists in Medical Imaging recruitment, and we continue to experience huge demand for Radiographers throughout Australia and New Zealand. We have short term roles for those keen to explore the country, as well as many clients willing to sponsor experienced Radiographers for long term roles. HealthStaff Recruitment have roles in public hospitals and private clinics, and can help with ultrasound roles in our breathtaking outback or in any metropolitan city. HealthStaff Recruitment will assist you with: ASAR accreditation Visas/Sponsorship Meet & Greet Service when you arrive in Australia CVs and interveiw preparation Please visit www.healthstaffrecruitment.com.au or register at info@hsr.com.au Or call us, toll free: From the UK 0800 047 0924 From Ireland 1800 422 011 From Australia 1800 33 05 33 From New Zealand 0800 223 381
  24. We had our medicals just over a week ago and this morning got a voicemail from the doctor asking my other half to come in to see him. Ofcourse the worry box that I am I almost had a heart attack during the 15 minutes it took for my OH to call the doctor and find out what was going on. I was imagining the worst, HIV etc! The doctor said nothing to cause concern, but he would like a second xray as the first picture was not clear enough. Has anyone out there had this? Not sure if this is common or not. My OH is a semi-pro cyclist and fit as a fiddle, never had any probs with his lungs/heart... But now I am worried ofcourse, if it could really be something sinister :wideeyed: Surely the doctor would not have said 'nothing to worry about', if there was something to worry about?? I guess I should be pleased that I haven't been called back in as I am probably in the clear. Every cloud...
  25. Guest

    Medical x-ray

    Hi folks, van anybody help? i hope so.......me and my partner had our x-rays yesterday as requested by Sydney, we are applying for 457 visa and they have been processing through for about 3weeks now they should have our x-rays back on Monday next week. Does anybody know how long they will take to come back with an answer? This is sooooooo painfull we are just in limbo land at the moment as can't arrange anything without knowing 100% please please help if anybody knows. Thanks ever so much Rebecca in Leicestershire x:arghh: