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Found 24 results

  1. Guest

    Any tips on writing ACS RPL?!!

    Hi All My hubby and I are just about to pay the agency fee to start the migration process. I apparently need to complete an RPL for the ACS to assess my skills (computing professional). I'm finding this prospect a little scary and I know the agent will help. I really want to get a head start - so any tips?!! Our success is dependant on my skills assessment being passed so failure isn't an option for us. No pressure! LOL. My sister is already in Perth, our parents are starting the process too. We all want a betteer life - mainly for our son (2 on Sunday, bless). Suzie
  2. This is just a bit of whinge really... I need all 8's for the 175 visa application I want to make before July 1st 2012. The speaking, listening and reading tests were all fine and I'm pretty confident of scoring 8 or above on all of those. However writing was a bit of a nightmare. I did the essay (Task 2) first and ended up starting on page three of the booklet, turning over and finishing Task 2 on page 2! I then had to get a new booklet for Task 1. As a result of the kerfuffle, I didn't properly read task 1 (complain about an advertised product) and now feel like I'll be marked down for not fully addressing the task. Gahhh! :frown:
  3. Hi folks! I think about updating my CV to be better fit for OZ. I was curious maybe the way the CV look in OZ are different or maybe there are some things in the CV which should be emphasized.. Are there any links which have some info on this topic? I'm specifically interested in the following kinds of jobs: QA Engineer Linux Admin Linux Eng Thanks! Eugene
  4. Guest

    IELTS Writing

    Hey guys, I have applied for a 485 subclass visa. But the problem is that i have to get 8 in all components for IELTS. In my last sitting i got R : 8.5, L : 8, S :8.5, W : 7.5. Well my problem is that i cant seem to get 8 for the writing component. Do you guys have any tips that i might follow?? Please i need help desperately!! :cry:
  5. I've found out recently from an IELTS marker that going under the word limit, especially in Task 2 (Writing), may cost you a whole band score, because you will get not more than 5 for Task Achievement, after all calculations resulting in approximately one point less overall for those who aim at higher scores (it is obvious that for those who need 5, it is not a big issue). Does anyone know anything about this!? Is it true!? Seems pretty harsh, I should say!
  6. Hi, Could somebody confirm for me, when the schools go back in July, I think it's the 18th, just wondering if we could visit one or two on the Northern beach area when we're out for a reccie in July/August. Do the schools mind? Any recommendation? We're on a 457, so think we will be looking at Catholic schools, but we're not Catholics. I've also looked at what I think is the NSW writing style, it doesn't seem too different to ours, or have I missed something. Oh and we have 2 girls, 5 (6 in October) and 8 (9 in March) All advice appreciated thanks Cal:biggrin:
  7. Hello all! I know this probably makes me sound like an arse (I'm not, I promise!), but does anyone have experience of searching for jobs in writing/editing/publishing in Perth? I'm moving out soon and have a relevant BA and MA but no experience; in my hometown there are very few, if any opportunities in this field and my work experience is made up of retail jobs (mainly bookselling). I've looked on all of the usual job sites but most vacancies appear to be on the East coast, and the few jobs available in Perth are either open to internal applicants only or asking for a few years' experience. Obviously I know I'll need to start at the bottom rung of the ladder (and I have a nice telephone manner and make an excellent cup of tea so this shouldn't be a problem) but I can't see any openings even for entry-level jobs. Is there a jobsite I'm missing? My mum (and emigration guru) seems to think that many large companies in Australia have in-house teams that produce their literature - can anyone confirm this? Thanks!
  8. Guest

    IELTS - Speaking and Writing

    Ok, so as long as I don't manage to self-destruct on Saturday, I'm confident of getting 8's or 9's on the reading and listening tests - having done 6 practice papers in each, I am scoring between 37 & 40 every time. Which just leaves the writing and speaking. My only issue with these two, is that there's no real way to practice (or to put it another way, there's no real way to know how well you do when you practice). I'm assuming I'll be ok on them, being a native speaker, but I'd feel more confident if there was a way to get practice papers measured. How has everyone else done this?
  9. Is there anyone out there who knows of CV writing services aimed at the Australian Market. Specifically aiming to break into the electrical/electronic maintenance side of the mining industry or off shore hydrographic survey Cheers the Poet:jimlad:
  10. HI. I took academic ielts last week. i got 7 average. 8 reading 7 speaking listening 5 writing :mad: it's horribleeeee I just had to take at least 6 in each part. but 5 is too bad. have I got any chance to get a reassessment? should I ask it just for writing or in general for any piece? have I got some possibilities???????? pleeeeeease help me! :notworthy::hug:
  11. Hi people! Okay, I am just starting to write my CV and cover letter, and I am so confused. :confused: I left my CV in england and now it has been lost so I am starting all over again, I need to get some help quickly as to how to write my CV and cover letter to Australian standards I am 21 years old, and have not really had too much experience so far. I am not going for any particular job, just anything I can get employed in. I have some experience in waitressing, and in retail work although I believe that I have the grades and skills for other jobs such as as reception work etc.. What I am trying to do right now is find an outline of what I should be doing in my CV to get them to take notice of me, what kind of things should I say that aren't totally overused by every other 21 year old recently out of college in Australia? (Obviously I would only use the ones that were true to me) I have only got my GCSE and A Levels at the moment, and never went to university. I have looked online at all the different suggestions but they seem to contradict eachother. One place tells me I should bullet point skills such as: Exceptional phone manner Very good people skills Works well in a team but can work alone Shows initiative and excellent problem solving skills Extremely keen to learn new skills Where as another place tells me these are a definate no-no and would get my CV thrown away since they are the things that everyone says. :dull: The problem is I can't think of skills that AREN'T what everyone would say - I know I must have them but every time I think of one, it seems that it is a bad idea to put it down!! :arghh: Another thing is one place says NOT to mention what my personal interests are, and what achievements I have, and another says that it is important to make myself sound like a social, friendly individual with hobbies outside of work. I know that I should change my cover letter to appeal to the particular job that I am applying for, and I am sure that once I know how to appeal to an Australian employer this will be no problem at all, since I do have the skills - it is only working out how to convey them. Can someone put a link up to a guide CV and Cover Letter that I could work with please? I have no idea how to go about things in Australia! It seems like it is totally different to England! Also, is there somewhere that has suggestions for how to phrase skills without sounding like I am another person coming off a production line? Any help in ANY area of this at all will be extremely appreciated Thank you!!!
  12. Has anyone got any tips on how to write an australian CV. I need to write one for sponsership and also for jobs...my CV would be for nursing... sugestions would be helpfull. Also I have only two years expereince as a nurse, how can I make the most of that ? :jiggy: All sugestions will be gratefully received....
  13. Hi, Terry is in the process of applying for jobs and just wondered if anyone has any tips on how to re-write his CV so it complies with the Aussie resume? Terry is an Accountant if that makes any difference. Thanks. Melanie x
  14. Alan Collett

    Writing to the Minister

    Bernard Keane’s guide to writing to Ministers – Crikey Worth a read if you are planning to the Immigration Minister ... now why would anyone want to do that, I wonder ... Happy 2010 to all.
  15. My experience of creative writing in Australia expressed in a prose-poem.-Ron in Tasmania:wub: ------------------------------------------- THE HINTERLANDS Creative Writing courses at universities are relatively new: the sixties in the US, 1971 in the U.K. and at various times in other countries in the last three to four decades. Romantic theories of creativity have often been democratised in Creative Writing pedagogy whereby students are encouraged to develop their individual styles by the process of finding a voice. This is a result of the influence of Progressive Education on the Creative Writing movement in American schools in the 1920s, and in English and Australian schools in the 1960s and 1970s. Having been part of this movement, first as a teacher in primary and secondary schools myself in the ‘60S and ‘70S and, then, as a lecturer in post-secondary educational institutions from the ‘70s to the ‘90s, I came to it by the turn of the millennium as a writer myself. In her handbook on Creative Writing Dorothea Brande, writing in the year of the outbreak of WW2, warned against the danger of a contagious style, of writing after the fashion of admired authors. "The important matter," she asserts, "is to find your own style, your own subjects, your own rhythm, so that every element in your nature can contribute to the work of making a writer of you." Brande's advice for achieving this was to tap into one's own unique and individual unconscious via a series of writing exercises, thus drawing out original material. Brande wrote these words more than two decades before Creative Writing found a place in university curricula. If we accept that what underpins Creative Writing pedagogy should be a critical reading practice, then reconfiguring this reading practice in an application to Creative Writing may enable those who would be successful creative writers to more productively engage in the several disciplines that underpin Creative Writing and in Creative Writing itself. Yesterday on the ABC’s Radio National program “The Book Show”(20/2/06; 10:05-10:30 a.m.) Patricia Duncker, a professor of creative writing at the University of East Anglia where Creative Writing as a university subject began in England, and a writer herself, talked about being well-read as an essential foundation for writing. Duncker’s emphasis and Brande’s on finding your own style certainly fit into my own approach, my own understanding, of how to develop good writing.–Ron Price with thanks to Paul Dawson, “Towards a New Poetics in Creative Writing Pedagogy,” TEXT, Vol.7, No.1. I’ve lived, learned and taught through an era of new ways of looking at writing in its many forms, uses and styles. I’ve lived, learned and taught so many books that I now settle for them in small doses. Now I bring my buried life of reverie, memory, feeling and dreams into the foreground of my consciousness and mix it liberally with the flowing waters of sweet-scented streams which have been running to the sea of my life from rivers far into hinterlands where I rarely travel any more. Ron Price
  16. Guest

    Writing Statements for DEFACTO

    please help! I'm hoping to sponser my partner for defacto and we are about to write statements each of how we met etc, i really really dont know how to start it, i mean is it bridget jones type thing, we met when we were 15 and fell in love bla bla or do i write down facts and dates, im really not sure i dont wana start writing it like its my personal diary and they dont wana see that!!! im confused!can somebody start me off or give me an idea of how u started yours? thanks guys! also what details do they want to know? how and where we met... then what?
  17. I had an email this morning from WA Government with the official State Sponsorship Approval Form 1100 for my O/H to sign then they can lodge the 176 with DIAC!! Yes we are being state sponsored for definate! We are so excited! A bit of hope in this horrible visa wait time. I have already informed DIAC with the ref no WA gave us and Adam will be signing the form when he gets back from work later then I will scan it and email it back straightaway and then......more waiting for the C/O! Good luck to everyone else waiting to hear from SS. Samantha:woohoo:
  18. Macks in Brissy

    Aussie CV Writing

    I am currently applying for a 175 visa & am a Fabricator Welder looking to produce a Aussie friendly CV to forward to prospective employers. Any recommendations from anyone who has done this would be much appreciated. Thnx.
  19. Can anyone please give me some advice on how to word emails to employers? I have found a quite a few companies that might be interested in hubby's skills but have no idea how we should approach them. I'm sure we must be mad anyway, with no qualifications in his area (printing) I don't suppose we stand much chance, but what the heck, now or never! Thanks for reading! :notworthy: Nemo x
  20. Guest

    Advice on CV Writing

    Hi Everyone, Is there anyone out there that can give me some advice on preparing my CV for the Australian Markets? If anyone has an example that would be great ... Hope someone can help Thanks Sweetpea
  21. If anyone would like to send an email to Janette and Billy if you dont have their email address please would you send me the email and i will forward it to them for you. my email is markv13@btinternet.com Now come on you lot GET WRITING. Thanks marknhelen
  22. betterlife4us

    CV Writing Service - Any good ones?

    Hiya Never needed a CV before as been in same job for donkey's years, but worried that my recent attamept to do one is a loads of pooh!!!! :wacko: I was thinking of using one of those CV Writing Service places that you come across on the Net & wondered if any of you peeps had used a decent one that you could recommend. Liz
  23. Hello I know that other people have asked how to do the flashy big writing, but I cannot find the threads with the answers. Would someone please be kind enough to explain (like I am a child) how to do it? Writing CONGRATULATIONS, like that, seems so dull. Thanks Claire :wideeyed: