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Found 15 results

  1. Hi, I have to write a statement, as part of my application for sponsorship for Canberra and im finding it really difficult, has anyone done this, got any tips? Thanks Steph
  2. We've just started the painstaking process of completing the RPL for Business Analyst. The first section my hubby has been asked to complete is the Core - Hardware fundamentals. He is an Analyst and doesn't have a computer science degree but 10+ yrs of work experience. We're not sure what information they are looking for. Does anyone know what kind of stuff to put down? It's a bit of a minefield and impossible to know if he's barking up the wrong tree. Any help would be just so much appreciated. We need to get this right first time. Thank you
  3. Hi, i've put together a cv for my husband and have a list of companies that i want to send his cv to, to see if they will sponsor him on 457. The thing is i'm really stuck on what to put as a cover letter, and dont want them to delete it without looking at it first. He is main agent trained and has 20 years experiance! If anyone has any advice x x
  4. I would love to write to the Minister of Immigration, but don´t know if that´s the sort of thing we "normal" people can do. I also don´t want to put my real name or address, as I don´t want our future chance of Residency get a red cross over it. So how could I do it ??
  5. I am fairly adamant that ANYONE can write a book. It has nothing to do with intelligence, qualifications etc, it is in my opinion within everybody to do such a thing. Many people also say what can I write about, and 'normally' I would say write about what you know, experienced etc, but I lack the imagination to write any other way,:embarrassed:. My imagination is just not 'sparky' enough, so I tend to write what I have experienced or know about. It is bloody hard work, probably one of the hardest things I have ever done, time constraints, everyday life, monetary concerns etc, all take their toll, and of course there is always the thought, 'Is This Truly Worth It? Well, yes it is in my opinion, even if it is never published you have the ENORMOUS satisfaction of doing something that few do. I have written a few, my 'relationship' with Australia, which is still being 'touched up', and the political aims of RAW UK. I dare say they will never be best sellers, but the satisfaction and 'cathartic' feeling they have given me are immeasurable. So come on, if you chose to write a book what would it be? True to your life, Fantasy, Adventure, Action, Children's, there are so many subjects that the list is endless, come on let your imagination fly and get that draft going asap. And if possible (though not important) what title would you give it. I know Jimbo wants to write one, I think his working title was/is 'A Screw For All Seasons':wubclub::wink:. And I know a lot of people would like to see Pablo have a crack, but I daren't suggest a title as the content would be impossible to classify under one title.:eek::wink:. Edited to add. Forget how well you spell, punctuate etc, they can all be rectified with a lot of computer programmes and letting others read the draft. Cheers Tony.:wink:
  6. What do I do now? I have asked my boss to write me a reference so that I can register with the australian nursing board she is refusing saying that the trust policy is to give a reference when an employer asks for it. She is unhappy that I am leaving and has made things pretty difficult for me since I advised her I would be leaving. I am so fed up, if I can't complete my application what am I supposed to do. I hate the bloody NHS and all its policies. Has anyone else had the same problems and how did you get around it?:cry:
  7. kellyjamie

    SS - is it ok to write this??

    were getting ready to apply to TAS for sponsorship and in our application of why we want to go there we wondered if its ok to say i would hope to work part time as we,d hope to have another child eventually? or should we not tell them that? thanks K
  8. I have been asked by the education authority, via school, to write a letter with evidence of our move. Has anyone else had to do this? Whilst I do not have a problem with this, it just seems like a never ending task of pleasing other people before you can even begin to get yourself sorted out! Don't even get me started on Council tax office (thick sods). Leila x :wideeyed:
  9. Can anyone give me a draft or some tips on what to write? I've never had to write one before so don't have a clue. I'm working in retail and want to leave it to go into care working. Anny help would be appreciated :cute:
  10. Hi, My partner and I are currently writing our stat decs which are being witnessed on Thursday. How much did you write, Ive done mine and its about 3 typed A4 pages long. Is this about right? Unsurprisingly my partner is struggling a little bit and I think he might get to 2 pages at a stretch - will this be okay? Thanks : ) D
  11. received an email from pomsinoz saying that i aint posted in a while, just been busy doing my studying and working at the same time lol. well chat to everyone soon :wink:
  12. Dont know where to start, what do i need to research or write for SS? I had done loads of research for NSW but they will not sponser us so Perth is our only option. Dont mind where i live so Perth to me looks great, what do i do next? Anyone done their application???
  13. i was wondering when on the forms and it asks what visa you are applying for if you just put spouse visa (defacto) or if you write the subclass? If so do you write both subclasses - the initial temporary one for two years as well as the perm one which is 100 i think? Or do you just put subclass 176?
  14. For our visa, we need to answer some questions on why we are choosing to live in South Australia, and what research etc we have done. We have done a fair amount, needless to say, but I was wondering whether anyone else is going throuigh, or has done this kind of thing, as a lot of emphasis is put on these questions and we want to make sure we've included everything so our application isnt' rejected... Any works of wisdom? Lisa.:swoon: