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Found 32 results

  1. n111kkx

    WOW - Passed my medical!!

    Just checked on line and my application now says medicals finalised and further processing!!! Great news I had a hole in the heart, split valve which was only discovered after I had a stroke. the stroke has left me with no side effects, the hole in heart has been repaired but the valve is not brilliant. I was able to send in copied of my latest echocardiogram along with a nice letter from the heart specialist. Fantastic - I will now send for the police checks. The case officer has been fantastic and allowed us to hold off on sending for these until the outcome of my medical!! :biggrin:
  2. keith056


    Hi Folks, Well what a week last Wednesday our visa was granted and today we have received an offer on our house. Cant tell anyone local yet as the inlaws are on holiday but just had to tell someone . Panic will set in later but a wee bit excieted at the moment
  3. janinewhiteley

    Tra ..wow that was quick!

    Hi Tra was acknowledged on 23rd may 2011 And accepted on the 7th June 2011. lets ge tthe visa submitted...woohoo.
  4. Phil & Vikki

    Wow she is in

    I have just heard today that my car has been allowed in. She has not needed to be steam cleaned and it was not as bad as I had heard at all. True she is a 30 year old classic car which I cleaned up before she left the UK, but she has got in. I had to explain why the diff looked new and say that there was no paperwork. As I had reconditioned it myself and that the few bits in the car were obtained without receipts, but that was it. All I have to do now is sort out the flat bed to bring her to her new home and then the work can start on shipping parts from the UK. So happy she is back with me.
  5. Guest

    First week in Oz - wow!

    We have come over on my man's e457 visa which took us 5 months from start to finish to sort out. We arrived via Singapore Airlines in Sydney last Tuesday evening and spent the night in an (OK-ish) hotel, embarking on a 4 hour train journey to Queanbeyan the next morning. We were very impressed with Singapore Airlines and can highly recommend flying with them. We arrived in Queanbeyan on Wednesday 30th March to a violent hailstorm but this quickly passed to reveal a clean, fresh and sunny town. We had a motel cabin and hire car booked by the company who sponsored us and were looking forward to a good rest. The cabin is very good, self-catering, clean and fresh with an on-site laundry and BBQ area for all residents. This country really is what you make it and we love it already. Within one week we have driven to and managed to find our way around Canberra, sorted our Medicare, Tax File Numbers, rented a really nice flat and bought a car. We have not done the driving licence thing yet as we have 3 months to sort it out, but have found that this is simply a matter of paying your dosh, getting your photo taken and hey presto! you have your Aussie driving licence. My man starts in his new job on Monday and I have job interviews lined up all over the place. If you are realistic about what you want over here, even if you haven't got a lot of cash but are prepared to work at getting yourself sorted out, it really can be that easy. My best advice to anyone coming over here is to research, research, research. Don't imagine 'living the dream' from day one - life is not like that. Be real, think positively, don't think like a Brit and above all, enjoy yourself. This wonderful country is all about living your life. Make it happen. I am more than happy to answer any questions I can if you want to post them.
  6. Hi everyone, My husband has just been offered a job in either Canberra (probably) or Manly Sydney (possibly), it's come out of the blue, although we'd started to consider emigrating possibly next year. My husbands 52 and I'm 47. I had a kidney transplant and have remained well for nearly 12 years. We have two primary school aged children and one who's due to go to University this Autumn Basically I really don't know where to start for information, ie which visa - does the company sort it out? do we employ an agent andif so, how do we choose one? Healthcare I think there's a reciprocal agreement plus medicare which I think is age based, but how much? Education - would my girls be pretty much on par, ones reception they others year 3 could our son go to Uni in Australia oh my so much my head's a whirl, the only thing that's straight is that if we get our visa (s) we will go as we thhink it's too good an oppertunity to miss. I really would appreciate any advice, even where to start looking at all the information on these forums thanks :confused:
  7. kevin jc

    Wow, moving fast now, CO assigned

    Hello All Just wanted to share the good news and help in the general picture of how things are moving since the VIC Smp's were announced. Today I was informed i have a CO :jiggy: All moving much faster than i ever expected, guess the Smp's have worked in my favour and I hope the same happen's for those of you still waiting. All the best Kev Ps @ VickyMel,,,let the race begin :wink:
  8. Guest

    Wow what a fab day

    Hi all, We have had such a great day today, had a picnic in the park with all the 3 boys friend and parents, 28 kids mostly boy, we have played rounders, cricket, and football, all drunk good beer and pims, (yes that was just the adults ahah) and just had a fab time, Its all getiing so close and we are now dealing with the things ive been reading about for so long on this site and wow how hard is it to have these farewell parties, ive been very good and only had a few near crying epesods, im sure they will come at the end of term, in the playground i will be a mess. Ok just needed to tell a few people who understand what we are doing and why. Cheers all Tracey (3 weeks and 2 days till lift off)
  9. had a couple of evenings with the hoodie on and most nights are needing an extra blanket now.
  10. Phil & Vikki

    Wow things are moving now

    Wow things are moving quite quick now and we will be out there before we know it! We have dragged our heels a little in moving out, as we wanted to get most things sorted and get some money behind us. But our 1 year old daughter has been called for her medical now and then it is all go. She was not born when the rest of us had our visa's granted, so we have just been going through the process of getting hers now. When she has her visa we will be booking flights, arranging shippers and such like, ready for our move in September. It is starting to get a bit more scary now, but still so very exciting.:wink: We can not wait, as we have had so much time to get used to the idea of moving
  11. My heart is racing right now, but this morning we got that all important Grant email. I still can't believe it, we are just buzzing from the news. :biglaugh: A big big thanks to Gill for all her help and advice, the Famous 5 who used people power and great resolve to get things moving and Mr Wilden. Oh and DIAC of course. :cute: OK, here's the important bit, the details.... Vic SS received 1st July 09 176 lodged 12th July 09 CO requested meds & PCCs 24th Aug 09 PCCs completed and uploaded 23rd Sept 09 Meds finalised 24th Sept 10 ------------------------------ 176 Vic SS VISA granted 5th Feb 2010 entry by 21st Sept 09 Team 7 (same team, different CO) Good luck to everyone on this rollercoaster of a visa journey!
  12. We were lucky enough to have been issued with our visa today. Its been a long time and a fair bit of stress but here we go.........WOW Thanks again to all on the POI web site, keeping us informed of changes , good and bad. Thanks to Alan Collet ,Gill and all the people who attended the December meeting. A bit of celebrating due we think. :biggrin::biggrin:
  13. Hi, my wife has just had a Text from Go Matilda to say her visa application has been granted and accepted. they only sent it off just over a week ago, the money came out beginning of last week and text through today. OMG! that was fast. We just have to sell the house now and were off, fingers crossed. anyway, bye for now. regards Glynn, Wendy and Fa:spinny:mily
  14. Guest

    wow we had our medicals today

    we had our medicals today, and wow what a doctor he was wonderful, great with the kids and us, it took about 2 hours but he and his male nurse where great, the kids where very well behaved and as always i put that down to the way they where treated, i didnt realise that i would have to have my clothes off apart from underware and he was very clear that it would be ok for my 3 boys to watch him check my breast, he was so good and that then made my 3 sons very well behaved and welling for him to do what he needed to do, my children where even othered to watch us have our blood test done which they did, but if they or we didnt want then to see any thing they didnt need too. i was very impressed, not so impressed with paying for it but that goes with out saying, we have just spent around £900 but ha we knew that anyway just to reasure any one that hasnt had these test yet, if you have a similar experiance to us dont worry they are fine and the doctor should hopefully be very nice now just worried that peter can get job offer before we come over, and we still need to sell the house, all looking good fingers crossed:wink:
  15. ChilliBeas

    Wow, we've got it!!

    Hi everyone, We have just been granted our 175 visas!! Having gone through the same ritual day in & day out over the past 8 months, I logged onto our online status page this evening after work and there it was...Applicant Approved! It's still sinking in... Pomsinoz has been an invaluable source of info and comfort over the past few months, thank you. May we all fulfill your dreams. ChilliBeas
  16. Guest

    wow, visa granted

    hi everyone, cant belive it visa granted yesterday, booked flights, veiwing for house and good possable offer from cash buyer!!! ALL IN THE ONE WEEK. OMG. off to melbourne on 457 visa 3rd aug. got to go so much to do. goodluck to all you who are still waiting.:jiggy:
  17. Guest

    wow new budget plans 09/10

    wow i herd that they had decreased the number of skilled visas but no one had told me they had increased the number of family and partner visas has any one felt th effect from this? in all cases
  18. Snowbabe311

    Wow we have our Visa's

    Wow cannot believe it - just got back off holiday and their was the email to say our Visa'a had been issued OH MY GOD - Our Medicals were sent on the 30th March and Visa's were issued on 8th April. Now just got to sell the house and we are off. Thanks to everyone who helped us through this process Going to open a bottle or two now Yepieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  19. Guest

    :( wow

    Well today has been a very emotional day we are leaving on 13th november and my dad (Davyone) has been taken into hospital He has been bleeding badly and has had to have 4 blood tranfusions whitch hasn't be very pleasant to say the least but hes getting better now So he should be fine for the flight which will be good i just wish things would stop going wrong
  20. TaniaColin

    Wow!!!!! Its snowing

    Wow its snowing here, its a sign that Christmas is around the corner, has anyone else had snow. My sons outside building a snowman:goofy: Tania XXX
  21. Wendy Robinson

    WOW what a morning

    Hi all, Well where do i start? Ok firstly checked emails as i do every morning and we now have a case officer woooohoooo. Secondly whilst on the phone to O/H to tell him we now have a C/O the phone rang. We have a lady wanting to view the house apparently she is a first time buyer. Can't believe it what a morning and to top it all the kids went back to school WOOOHOOO. So i better got off PIO and get the house tidy. Still can't believe it what a morning. I love mondays:biglaugh:. Wendy xxx
  22. Guest

    Wow its hot today !!

    Amazing I know.......... but as im layed here in my bikini in the garden (dont look shut ya eyes guys its not a pretty site) !!!!!!!!, as much as the weather is glorious me and my darling OH have both just said that even if the weather here was like this all the time we would still move to oz..........I know weather is not everything but i have noticed on here that some people are moving to oz mainly for the weather, I know every one entitled to there own opinion............but was just wondering wot other people thought...........Hope this dosent turn in to a slanging match........ Claire. XX
  23. Hello, Well just applied online yesterday for the 176 visa after receiving word that the WA government would sponser us. Wow I just can't believe how fast they want things down in Adelaide, they are requesting everything from us including Meds. Just got an email from them today, requesting everything. I have booked our meds for next wednesday and I am getting everything certified on Tuesday. Police clearance will aslo be done next week. I can't believe how quick they want things. We got full acknowledgment of our application today... it only took one day. I guess the real wait will come for a case officer. Hopefully it will take a little longer as I haven't even put the house on the market yet. Cheers Karen
  24. Can't believe it!! Been looking for admin work for about 6 weeks with no joy. Found out last week that my b-tec nursery nursing is valid over here, so decided to utilize it and look for a job in daycare. Redid my resume last night and just visted 5 local settings, one on the spot full time job offer (told them only want 2 days at moment so they offered me that instead) been put on the 'relief' register for 2 more, offered 3 days at another one and number 5 said they will definatly have something but will call me when the director comes in to confirm days etc!! Can't believe that now I get to choose! So pleased I can relieve the financial burdon from hubby a bit (we are struggling over here!!) Sad that my son has not settled in his daycare yet though, that will make it all harder Just wondering why everyone I saw was so desperate!! lol
  25. Guest

    Wow!! Visa Granted

    Hi everybody Ive not posted for along time but read PIO just about everyday. Just wanted to share with everybody ive just checked emails and WE GOT OUR VISAS I cant bevieve it. Just sorting passports out to send off to get visa evidenced. Yippee I only submitted online application 457 on 25 March 2008 and granted 23 April 2008, I can`t believe how quick that was. I can`t stop grinning, will be celebrating tonight. Then I suppose reality will set in and I`ll have to tell everybody we are really going. Queensland here we come!:biglaugh: Cheers Erma