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Found 22 results

  1. stacybird123

    wot do aussies think of us brits?

    Hi, Do australians like us poms??? Be honest those of you who are living there. Do they resent us for coming over and taking there jobs etc? stacy
  2. Guest

    What bank to go with?

    Hi looking for some advice on banking. What banks would you say are best bank to bank with? I'm thinking ANZ or NAB, all help and advice will be gratefully received .:smile:
  3. peggsgreen

    wot a promising email

    Wow this is what a migration agent sent us ...... sounds promising ! "Australian Immigration Law Update " If you are interested in moving to Australia then NOW is the time to make your immigration application. This is because Australia has changed laws to make immigration easier for skilled workers, students and family members. Work in Australia Most importantly, the number of visas on offer to skilled workers will soon increase to 185,000 places per year. This is the first time Australia has increased migration levels since 2008. Australia will also introduce the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS) to make it faster and easier for workers to move to Australia. The scheme will create 16,000 places for workers to target specific skills shortages in regional areas. Global Visas can help you determine if your skills and experience make you eligible for the scheme. Family Visas Visas for people with family members in Australia will also increase to 58,000 places per year. In announcing the changes, Australian Immigration Minister Chris Bowen said it was "socially important" that migrant families can stay together. Student Visas In April, the Australian Government changes the rules to make it simpler for students to move to Australia. Successfully applying for an Australian student visa has never been easier thanks to simpler eligibility criteria relating to English language, evidence of funds and previous education. More changes ahead With a booming economy and low unemployment, Australia has plenty of opportunities for workers and families to immigrate. Migrants make important contributions to the Australian economy, and the government is doing everything they can to make immigration easier. More changes are ahead - including simpler and faster work permits - so contact Global Visas to find out your best opportunity to immigrate. Take advantage of this opportunity to move to Australia by starting your application TODAY with Global Visas.
  4. Lavalamplulie

    Wot no Eastenders?

    Sorry to be such a moron but having decided as a family for hubbie to accept Melbourne job offer, eldest daughter and I are worried that we might not find Eastenders on satellite - any clue. Yeah i know we should be planning to jump on our bikes not watch tellyy....
  5. Finally got visa's but cruelly had been hoping to go to Queensland have family there and friends of family so had done all our research for there but due to my job as fitter coming off the csl found we had no choice but to swap our 175 for a 176 state sponsored visa.However we were determined to get to Australia so when we finally made up our minds to sack our crappy agent and go it alone,which we did and have now found ourselves looking at Perth which looks great but can anyone help us to find the right suburb? We have 3 boys aged 8,10 & 14 as i said i'm a fitter and my wife is a teaching assistant.Any help greatly received. Many thanx Rob & Penny Smith
  6. hi every one this is my first post i currently stay in Scotland and work as a fireplace builder, heating engineer, plumber me and my fiancé are planning to move to Australia in about five years time to settle and start the rest of our lives we backpacked for a month two years ago and loved the country and the people, the thing is we don't want to know how we go about immigrating, we are 23 and 27 1 if we plan to be there in five years time then when should we start the process ie, how long does it take to get in 2 what do i need financially to get in 3 what do i need as far as employment history to get in i work self employed for my parents company we are just a small outfit so records are dis organized at the best of times 4 where is the best place to settle from a financial and employment point of view if anyone could help point us in the right direction that would be great cheers grunter:goofy:
  7. Hi folks, I have a UK sourcing business and will find you anything you need from the UK / Europe and post it to you, Spare parts for anything or just your favourite UK sweets / cigarettes Also a forwarding postal address to OZ is available (subject to legal conditions) For more valuable items I can arrange a personal fly out service courier, totally confidential and secure. Person to person. High value items, fragile valuables etc. All couriers police checked and secure. Happy to help. Mail me for more info JC
  8. aussietool

    Police Checks,not sure wot 2 do.

    Hi all Do we have to use the 1101 Police records check form and send it to our local police station?,or do we send it to the Aussie address given at the bottom of the form? Cheers people...
  9. nurse sue

    OMG Wot have I done Bad few days

    Having a bit of a downer if someone had given me the air fare back to uk this week sure would got on plane have been here 6 weeks (honey moon period i keep getting told) :sad: Been at work for 4 weeks hubby still looking for work so much for promise " ring us when you arrive wont be a problem" He has been great, a great house husband only so much cleaning though . Think his fuse is running short I am working short days 8 hr shifts am full time so have been rostered 6 or 7 i days in a row not sure if coming or going :wacko:Where i have gone to work nearly died on first day no support term i think hit the floor running (Oh the promises )difficult enough starting new job in your native land I ask questions but just get told well thats how we do it. one young nurse asked me today if I was newly qualified on asking why she said "oh you were offering patients relatives a cup of tea, you will soon learn" I replied its part of good care and dont plan changing a habit of a lifetime. she was not amused. We are still looking for car sent hire car back monday as went to pay and collect new (2nd hand car) and they had sold it said we didnt leave a deposit was not asked was just told would hold till monday. not happy am now having to cycle to staion to get to work extra 2 hrs on my day so now cream crackered and grumpy Then yesterday looked at a car was told what we would get inc in price then saw it advertised on ebay for 5,000 less and was also staing make an offer spoke to garage and made a offer he said no then today rings hubby and said spoke to his boss and we could have car then 2 hrs later called to say needed 500 dollar deposit advised i was at work and asked OH could pay with credit card over phone sure he thought came off the bannana boat hubby refused and he said there are other people interested and we will loose the car told him cant do anything till mon he was then quite rude good job he didnt speak to me I would have killed him. I just am struggling with all these hurdles I appreciate it wasnt going to be easy but not sure how much longer can fight perhaps sleep might help am trying to keep a brave face up for the family children in school and seem to be settling and cannot keep up rooting them sorry to go on just needed to get it of my chest any advice would be much appreciated
  10. Guest

    wot should i do?

    hi everyone, i'm after some good ol advice from anyone who'll give it. i'm single, live on my own and am pretty much fed up with my life and fed up with it going nowhere. for a while now i've been thinking of upping sticks to oz but i've never been there, and cant afford to just go there on a holiday and see if i like it there. all the money i would have would be to get myself out there to stay and thats it. i have a proberty here thats made a little money in equity so i could use that to get myself set when i got there but i havent the foggiest where to look. i've been on a site to see if i could get a visa and as i'm a hairdresser it said i qualify, which is one good thing. are there web companys that help with all this or are they expensive? i know theres alot to answer but i dont no where to start so any info would be much appriciated.
  11. :arghh::arghh: Hi We are moving to Gold Coast next year and I am terrified of spiders and snakes. We ae moving to a suburb so hopefully wont see to many of them!!!!!! (I HOPE!!) Looked at Pacific Pines does anyone know if this is a nice place to live? Please tell me there are not many poisonous ones around the suburds especially snakes. Cant wait to get there , Its not put me off!!!!!!! Jan:jiggy:
  12. OMG!! thought i would check E-mails before i went off to bed, and what pulls up i think an offer of sponsorship, i will put a few lines up from the E-mail Thank you for your Resume. I was very interested and feel that you would be suitable in our fire alarm service department. I am wondering what your plans are? When do intend on coming to Australia. Please advise of any assistance we can be to assist you in making this happen what do you think , i have butterflies now as we havent done anything yet not even got an agent omg i know i sent hubbies resume off but , i just didnt expect a positive respose for some reason , does hubby have to do a TRA or anything as we have done absolutely nothing. what do we do i did on the resume tell them we were looking for a company to sponsor hubby so i think this is an offer, hubby doesnt know if he should call them now as they asked colin (hubby ) to contact them ahhhhhhh what do we do now panicking michell:arghh::arghh::arghh:
  13. Hi can anyone help with what are good affordable places to live for young family of 6 in Melbourne. Coming over on student visa whilst hubby does air-con course so have to be self-sufficient. Money big issue so needs to be reasonable rental prices also good schools for 10 & 9 year olds? Have liked the look of Geelong and Frankston do you think this are commutable to CBD by train? Thanks everyone this is such a brilliant site!:unsure::spinny:
  14. Guest

    Wot Would U Do?

  15. Hi guys I hav'nt had a proper good old PIO session for a few weeks (although I managed to sneak the odd post on here and there, as you do !!! ) but found I have 12 plus pages to read and catch up on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There's not enough hours in the day so thought it would be easier to ask wot all the PIO gang has been up too and what have I missed ??????????????????? :chatterbox: Been really busy lately, we've been away for the last two weekends (a lovely family wedding which was realy emotional :cry: and we stayed with friends aswell) We are still trying to get the house finished after starting an extension some 2yrs ago (great idea Mr Jonseywife... not !!!) , and have been up to our eyes in bliming decorating, painting, gardening, scraping boggies off the wall in the boys bedroom etc., etc., etc., !!!!!!!!! It should be ready to put on the market soon, so fingers crossed !!!! :wacko: So, WELCOME and good luck to any newies......... Well done & congratulations to any TRA passes, visa grants, house sales etc., etc., Hope to hear from you sooon.................................... Sally-ann x p.s. Eddie, Dan & Mr KP are still as rotten & smelly as ever it take it !!!!!!!!!!!!! :biglaugh:
  16. Hi Guys!:shocked: What happens when your trade is removed from the MODL??? Our independent 136 Visa App was acknowledged back in June when they said a CO should be appointed in 6 weeks (any day now??) but in spite of that delay our application would be verified, etc., & would proceed as if CO had been appointed then! Whatever that means!! However, OH's trade has JUST been REMOVED from Most in Demand List! How can they not give at least a head's up, or month's notice - imagine you've submitted your TRA yesterday, you're gonna waste $$ getting assessed for a job no longer in demand, which could mean one not having enuf points for Visa App! :huh: That's not fair?! Any advice? Herbster - Felling a bit grumpy! :unsure:
  17. Guest

    taking ashes wot needed

    hi asked this question a while ago bit so much happened since then forgot wot to do!! I want to take some of my nans ashes with me in my hand luggage in a pot! i have death certificate too will this be enough to show that is is ashes and not something illegal!! ohh any anyone know how much bricklayers are getting at mo Thanks every one think this site is FAB so good to talk to others going through it no one else would understand or be bothered think it gets on the nerves talking about it all never mind they will miss us when we are gone..... hopefully 6 weeks AARRGHH
  18. Guest

    wot neeed to rent

    hi gonna start looking to rent through poms in perth hopefully but wondering if any one else has done it and wot paper work money etc needed to secure the rent before you go . Has anyone recomemdations for rent in perth mindarie clarkson area would be helpful thanks gonna go de clutter kids rooms now ....
  19. Just thought of yet another problem ....... I wondered if any of you clever peeps knew what you have to do, if your passport runs out when your actually out in Oz????? Me and hubby's are still valid for another 7 years, but just noticed all the kids run out in 2 years time!!!!!! Will that mean I have to send them back ........ the kids I mean, not the passports! :biglaugh:
  20. hi we have just had visa granted to go to perth AArrrgghh how xciting any way wot now wot order do we do things sell house book flights sort shipping or bow things to send health insurance !! as you can tell my head is spinning and i havent had a vodka yet so if any one out there can advise please let me know your thioughts or experieneces thanks alot love the thoburn family
  21. Guest

    Wot Bank ???????

    Hi all This ones for all you Poms already in Oz really........... :notworthy: I know you can apply to open an Australian bank account over here in the UK on line, but can any one recommend or suggest the best bank for charges, services, etc., etc.,??????? Ta very much Sally-Ann :GEEK:
  22. Guest

    Wot a shame ......

    Just gotta say..... its such a shame that there has been some uncomfortable undercurrents on here lately! After finding this site a few months back, I was hooked straight away and impressed with genuine helpfullness of people on this forum, and spent far too much time on here (just ask my husband and kids). But im so suprised how quickly it can all change..... we all have a different sense of humour, and people can take the wrong way, so easily. Obviously many posts have got out hand lately and it aint nice. People on here need to lighten up a little ... well quite a bit really !!!!! Take things with a pinch of salt I say!!! And as for the people that just reply with sarcastic, unhelpful, negative replies... you should also not bother to reply or join another site. Obviously, its good to get different points of veiw BUT surely people can put there points across without personal insults, were all grown ups!!!!!!!! I love this site and my FNCC with everyone...... but wonder if someday I might say something one person dont like (I probably already have !!) and then get hung drawn & quartered by everyone else............... ????????????? So i'll quote the wise words of Ali "LETS ALL PLAY NICE, PLEEEEEEASE" :wubclub: