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Found 45 results

  1. Doing a straw poll on the pros and cons of life down under here: Please visit and add your comments, so far I've got: The Best Things About Living in Australia Great weather Interesting birds and wildlife Good schools Friendly, funny people Safe and politically stable Great and diverse scenery Swimming in warm ocean and excellent public pools Outdoor Lifestyle, lots of bike and walking tracks Sporting opportunities Camping galore Beaut beaches Surfing all year round $4 clean skin wines from Dan Murphy The Worst Things About Living in Australia Very suburban Skin cancer rates, highest in the world Complicated tax system and high taxes Dangerous wildlife like snakes and spiders Droughts, water shortages and forest fires Cockroaches, in every Queensland rental house apparently Surf Rage incidents and crowded surf breaks Hideous crows cawing at all hours and raiding bins Cheers and good luck everyone:)
  2. For me it was: (in no particular order) Having to listen to aussies constantly telling you have fkn fantastic their country is. Dark evenings I didn't like the drinking round other people houses social thing, I much prefer going down the pub Workplace. I found the building industry to be unfriendly with too much brown nosing and snitching. Houses. The QLDers are very attractive to look at but the modern aussie homes are mostly timber framed with thing glass windows and tin roofs. Looked a bit like legoland to me. Driving Standards Rain Swooping Birds Commercial areas all looking like modern industrial estates Isolation from Europe fill ya boots:cute:
  3. Hello everybody, sorry for the "catchy" title, but since there is lot of competition you go to sell the thing :biglaugh: Visiting this forum and others I have read a lot of things about people being scared of being bitten by a snake, some giant spider or even serve as a snack for a giant shark or a saltie when in Australia. Nevertheless, whereas these kind of events are highly advertized in the media, we know that the probability of being the victim of these type of accident is very low. In the meantime, we tend to ignore other types of dangers, although they represent a higher risk. I think we are all subject to the same "field of distorstion" in our perceptions: we tend to ignore or underestimate the dangers represented by things we are familiar and to exaggerate the risks of whatever is unknown, or unfamiliar to us. Australia is known to be by far (along with New Zealand) the country most affected by skin cancer. This particularity is the product of a particular combination of factors: a fair-skinned population of british ascendance, a lower distance from the sun in the southern hemisphere vs northern hemisphere, the proximity with Antartica and its depleted ozone layer and the relatively low air pollution vs similar countries in the northern hemisphere. In fact, UV index reaches "extremes" values during most part of spring and summer in almost every part in Australia (see: ARPANSA - UV Index Data ) According to a recent report (http://www.aihw.gov.au/publications/can/56/12138.pdf ), the incidence of melanoma and other types of skin cancer has augmented since 1998, although this fact can be partly attributed to better screening and life expectancy. I personally am fair-skinned, with lots of moles and I get screened each year for skin cancer (in switzerland, for some unexplained reasons, we have the highest rate of skin cancer incidence in Europe, along with Norway). So for me, this is one major concern about coming to live in Australia. So I would be interested to know how people like me do cope with this potential danger ? Do you take particular precautions to minimize the risks ? As for myself for instance, whereas I love to swim, I could not imagine to come to the beach between 10 am and 5 pm during the summer months when in Australia. Cheers, Cedric
  4. blobby1000

    5 best and 5 worst

    In your opinion what are the 5 best and 5 worst things about Victoria? Mine: 5 best: The beaches on the Great Ocean Road The better salary The nicer house to live in The weather The schools 5 worst: Real estate agents The standard of driving The outdated (by UK standards) sexism, racism and homophobia Lazy colleagues at work/'sickness' The fact they dont sell marmite
  5. Guest

    your worst xmas present ever

    mine wuz a imperial socket set of her indoors--all the stuff in the UK is metric--put it in the van,and never used them for years--didnt have the heart to tell her:wubclub:
  6. Guest51810

    worst admin assistant ever

    Started a new job this week with the royal mail, was meant to just be mail sorting but i was asked to go into the office to work. Everybody that knows me finds it hilarious cos they all know how crap i am with computers! It's just temp so not sure how long it's for but its good to be working again :cute:
  7. One thing I love about Aus is the long flight over. I love travelling and part of the fun is the flight; I realise that others hate it but my flight to and fro Aus was absoloute bliss. I thought we could all add our besties and worsts! Here's mine, pretty long-winded though, so er...you might go for a wee before starting. My best was definately Aus. I got onto the plane (BA) at about 9pm and it was literally the day before all the airports closed in the UK due to the snow last year. Well, you have no idea how relieved I was to get there at all; I'm a very very cautious person about timings and missing buses, etc., so I was pleased as punch that I'd not only gotten the 6 hour coach there without a problem, but I'd also gotten to the right gate, on time, without any trouble! Amazing! So there I am, content as pie, and the pilot says that because of the ice on the plane's wings, we'd have to wait twenty minutes to be de-iced and then we could go. I was pretty chuffed because so many people had missed connection flights that I had three seats to myself way behind the wing so I could take pictures without the wing getting in the way. After travelling since 7am that morning, I was pretty pooped, so despite my extreme excitement I was fairly drowsy and nodded off. Well, after about three hours, the pilot announced that now we were being de-iced and we'd be leaving soon. Sure enough, half an hour later, we were revving up the run way and were off. The air steward was so gay and adorable, and was careful to attend to everyone kindly. I fell asleep pretty quickly until the food trolley came round. I'm not sure about anyone else but I love is airplane food. There's something very attention-deprived about me on a plane that makes a tiny meal in cute organised pots very exciting. We stopped over at Bangkok and were given a little gate ticket to go to. Well, let's just say, read your friggin' ticket or you end up twenty minutes jog away from the actual gate, smugly smug thinking that you're first there. Then you end up running as fast as your chubby little legs can take you to the correct gate and make it just in time. Back on the plane and we were off, with more food and snacks, and great inflight entertainment. One thing that really distressed me was that we were three hours late for our arrival time and I'd miss my connecting flight to Brisbane. I asked the new gay steward about it and he assured me that Qantas had rebooked me, so not to worry. He was really very kind and really reassured me, and even brought me two cans of little Cokes to keep me happy. Overall the flight was so perfect, it was easy with three seats to myself where I could pee whenever I liked, and had lots of space to spread out (although I really only had studio headphones, a jumper, and three packs of those ear plugs, cushions, and blankies). The flight home was even better, with loads of snacks and even better inflight entertainment, and a short stopover too. I was so over the moon with Qantas, their plane was much nicer and cleaner too. I'm also fairly chubby, but I had heaps of room so the seats were fabulous. Worst...the connecting flight to Brisbane from Sydney. Tiny seats, run down plane, and overall really cruddy but fast to fly over, so hey ho.
  8. Pure Boredom here (waiting for dinner to cook and Kung Fu Panda to come on :cute:) and thought it would be interesting to hear of your christmas horrors and christmas goodies. What's your best and worst present you've received? Mine was probably some perfume that I got off my nan which was about 5 years old and for the OAP's lol. My best...probably some GOOD perfume and jewellery (i'll edit if i can think of something better!) Paul's best was when he was a teen he received a nintendo from his parents which hadn't been released in the UK yet (they got it off the back of a dodgy van, only joking lol they got it from Japan). His worst...gift vouchers! What about you :biggrin:
  9. I know that in order to get to Australia we 'normally' have to go by air. I love air travel, can't get enough, it helps that I sleep on the journey but all the same still enjoy the airport, aircraft and just 'flying over' so many different countries and trying to imagine what they are all doing down there,:yes: BUT. I have had many, many good flights, but one or two that scared the B Jesus out me too. I love turbulence and a little 'risk' but at times I must admit I was on more than one occasion prepared to say goodbye to me head, through my backside.:shocked: The two most memorable are as follow. Arriving into Johannesburg airport and by god was it turbulent on the way down, real scary. Anyway, we got stacked for about 30 minutes and then the pilot announced that we were going to 'attempt' to land. I don't know how far from the tarmac we were but all of a sudden the old engines RIPPED into life again and all of a sudden we started to ascend again, our hearts were in our stomachs as the plane got higher. Even the flight crew looked shocked. With that the captain comes across the tannoy and says: (nearly word for word as I recall) 'Ladies and Gentleman, unfortunately because of severe cross winds we are at present having to circle for a while until we are cleared to land. Of the two planes before us one just made it, and the other, well, that was the lowest high speed approach I have ever seen'.:no: No doubt this was his attempt at humour to put us at ease, and to a degree it worked, but by god did it shake us all up. The second incident was when I went to Bali with Merpati airlines. Only a short hop really, but oh what an adventure.:no: Can't remember the make of the aircraft, but 'biggish'. There were only 15 of us on the flight ad we were allowed to sit anywhere and SMOKE anywhere,:notworthy:. But the pilot, h the pilot. To this day I swear his granddad was a failed 'Kamikaze' pilot. The way he through the plane around was unbelievable, NEVER a straight lie, zig zagging, up and down, not once did it seem as if we would get there in one piece. As time went by even the non smokers on the flight started to spark up,:biglaugh:, and when we finally arrived he 'dumped' the plane from some height as one of the landing wheels broke and we ended up sliding onto a grass bank with one wing up in the air. I have little doubt they have now changed, I bloody hope so anyway. They are just two of my 'adventurous' flights, there are some others, the 'Focker' I flew to Cuba, the captain must have been one of 'Che's' closets allies as he was determined to kill the capitalist scum on board. Or the flight to an Island in Belize, :realmad::no:, case of take your pick for your burial point, because that is where we are landing. So any horror stories of your own peeps. Cheers Tony.
  10. Guest

    Worst Nightmare coming true

    Got blood tests back for our dog today and he has tested positive for canine ehrlichiosis (erlich). It is known as Tick Fever in this coutry and is spread by sheep and is nothing to worry about however in Australlia they do not differentiate between UK sheep ticks and Brown Dog Ticks which are found in other coutries which are very harmful and can cause anemia and in the worse case death. It is usually found in dogs who travel through different countries. I believe it is in Europe and America. Our dog has never left the country but if he does not respond to antibiotics he will not be allowed into Australia as they will belive he has the Brown Dog Tick virus. It is only a 50% chance that he will respond to the antibiotics as he is not actually carrying the virus. The thing is he has never had a tick and he always has his flea and tick treatment on. Our agent tells us it is something they are seeing more of and it is starting to cause a bit of a problem as the Australian authorities will not differentiate between the two ticks. Luca is supposed to leave on the 31st October but now we don't know what will happen. I can't even contemplate going without him. My mum and dad will have him if he cant go but it breaks my heart to think about leaving him. He is 9 and he is my wee boy. Just have to hope and pray that the next blood test is ok.
  11. Guest

    Democracy At Its Worst.

    Several weeks ago I applied for tickets to a debate that is taking place at Portcullis House concerning the role of government at present with a special debate concerning the 'Openess' of those in power, and exactly what does 'Democracy' mean in this day and age. I applied via email and was successful. However they asked that any questions that wanted to be asked had to be submitted firstly via email, which in a way surely defeats what a 'Democracy' means. :goofy: As this debate was going to be 'interactive' I understood slightly, after all no loonies allowed. So I duly submitted my questions, nothing drastic, just questions concerning the BIG society and the roll of governent concerning several issues. This morning I received an email stating that there had been a mistake and my allocation of a ticket had been revoked. :mad: We are truly blessed that when compared to several countries we do indeed live in an open and fair society, but when all is said and done a democracy it ain't. Call me skeptical if you want, but this stinks of gagging in my opinion. I thought a democracy was all about free speech (within reason) and I shouldn't really be surprised but a democracy is great, just a shame it doesn't flow in two directions is all. Even the 'security' questions they asked were somewhat surprising, I even promised not to wear my Che t-shirt. :biglaugh: Whinge over. Cheers Tony. :cool:
  12. Gillard is right on this one and I just cannot understand the opposition to her bill. :eek: http://digitaljournal.com/article/312579 Australia is the world's leading polluter and the Country who will suffer the most is Australia if global warming is not strangled.
  13. I don't mind it now but the first few years it was the one day of the week that I HATED! Monday to Friday I was at work, Saturdays was OK despite all the shops closing at noon (in Sydney.) Sunday everything was closed, no shops, no pubs. The main street of every suburb looked like a still from '28 Days Later'. The cinemas were open though, and McDonalds so that's what I used to do, Movie, Macca, ring my Mum and Dad from Martin Place GPO. Now, everything is open on Sundays in Sydney. I stopped in Punchbowl the other Sunday and a barber was open at 9 pm - probably a Moslem so it was a working day for him but even so it surprised me. Come to think of it, although there were plenty of shops open there, I couldn't see a pub. Is there one in Punchbowl? Is there anyone from PIO who calls Punchbowl home?
  14. The Pom Queen

    Worst Toilets

    Public service website betterfacilities.org asked users to send in a snap of the worst lavvies they’ve seen. And the entries included: ●A URINAL under a high-voltage cable; ● SIT down poo loos with doors too short to shield users; ● Toilets divided by a piece of cardboard. Public toilet consultant and betterfacilities.org founder Perry Arnett said last night: “Anything that raises the issue of sub-standard public toilet facility has to be welcomed.
  15. TBH with you, and don't tell my DH , but my worst dilemma for moving to Oz is my MIL coming to stay with us. We have zero in common and I just dont' feel comfy having her around me , my DH always does a disapearing act when she visits and leaves me to entertain her. Or should I say he used to until I clocked on to what he was up to, the cheeky begger lol. And then theres my nutty parents, at least I can be frank with them. What to do? :arghh:
  16. Come on, give me yours! I want to hear the BEST thing about moving to Aus and the very worst!
  17. ...that is what the Bunnings shop assistant told me. :shocked: So now in my mind, I have every Australian of Asian descent running around spending $50 notes that the ATM has dispensed to buy $2 items at Bunnings so that they can fill their wallet up with change. He told me that he had to bar some old lady 'cos she tried it on 3 times in one day! I don't know why he told me this. I had given him a $50 note (granted, recently dispensed from the ATM) but I had spent $8.50 of a pack of three 230mm paint roller covers. This would be a lot of money to spend on a ruse to get change. And Bunnings charge $50 for a tin of paint. What a cheek! :shocked: But other than that, I find most staff at Bunnings quite helpful, though next time I need assistance, I may probe a little deeper to check I'm not asking help from a closet racist. Any other interesting Bunnings tales out there that folk want to share?
  18. Hi there all, well does the stress ever end? When we started this process in January, we had to lodge our main application to DIAC by end June, so time and stress was always an issue, but we got our TRA done (took forever but got there!!) then applied to SA for sponsorship, got that and ticked another box, we then lodged to DIAC with our complete application on 18th May, so we thought....ah...sit back and relax now as we have lodged in time so we can chill abit...but now the Medicals have overtook our lives and we stressing more than ever....there are 8 of us, my, O/H and the 6 children and we all obviously have to pass to get the Visa Grant....so now we sit here every night thinking "what if something wrong with one of us??" I have a hole in my heart, have since birth (its called a VSD) I have no probs with it (Have given birth to 7 children so my heart is as good as anyone's!!) I have been to hosp in the last month to get all tests done so that I can take the reports to the medical, have had ECG and echocardigram and they all ok, so I am not concerned about that bit as I know it not an issue, however, me and O/H do smoke, we have cut down loads though, we were 20 a day, now only 5 a day and we only smoke those cos of the stress of the whole Visa journey! I know I have scarring on my lungs from previous chest x rays, but we are both fit and healthy, we run every day 5 or 6 miles, we bike also 5 to 6 miles every other day and O/H has stopped all alcohol, we eat healthy and have an active lifestyle.....but I still STRESS and WORRY about these bloody medicals!!!! I am sure I am not alone in this, many of you have been there and done it.... so I am just ranting and worrying today...PIO is great for getting things off your chest!!!!! Cheers all for listening!! :arghh:
  19. Typical of us poms .....there is no middle ground . Visited wembley for the carling cup final yesterday ,and as the headline says saw the best and the worst of my country . BEST .....the wembley interior is truly world class , yes i have been to the MCG . The train service from Birmingham to london was fantastic .....at midday 2500 people were waiting in Birmingham and nearby stations to get to Wembley ....i was worried . Chiltern railways were fantastic and sorted it .......extra trains , and great organisation My daughter and me ended up travelling on a half empty train . On the way home ,they moved double the amount very quickly ......well done The cost of a return ticket for 2 0f us with tube ticket .....£25 .....my daughters ticket .....3 quid ......and we won WORST ....the weather was ****e ......and the exterior of wembley is awful .....just awful .......it cost something ridiculous to build ......and the outside is pants....they need to knock the surrounding area to the ground .....depressing
  20. This IS not an Aussie versus UK thread, it is meant to give us a laugh, a giggle if at all possible. We all know that very often we have experiences with Aussies (especially when we first arrive) that can seem confusing and funny. Whether it is the language, products or maybe the wildlife. My worst experience was around ten years ago, I was travelling around Australia relocating camper vans for a large outfit, it was cheap, and gave myself and then good lady :wubclub: the opportunity to see Australia on a limited budget, great way of doing things. Anyhow, it was approaching the early morning hours and I had been driving for around 12 hours, by the time I had dodged the Roo's etc, I was knackered, we were about 30 K's north of Newcastle, our next planned stop, but all in all we were both kanackerd so decided to call it a day and park up in a drivers rest area, (even though it didn't allow over night camping,:shocked::policeman:). Anyhow, we had by this time got totally peed of with using the o board shower, it was way too small and rarely did it feel as though it really freshened us up. So in our foolhardiness we decided to use the on site shower facilities, :idea::no::no::biglaugh:. The 'shower' block looked as if it had seen better days, falling to pieces in actual fact, but nonetheless we decided to give it a go. No lights in the block, but at least it had water. As we entered the block we realised soon enough that it was less than luxurious, but we bit the bullet and went for it. My other half at this time had gone very quiet, I thought best to leave it as I didn't want to make the situation even worse. So there I am, stark bullock naked, shivering, but looking forward to the shower. As I reached for the tap it was covered in slime, but still turned. However, it was COLD water, really cold. It was pitch black in there, but for the occasional glint of moonlight it was very dark. As the cold water began to cover me, well, dribble over me, I could see the occasional glistening black shadow of several roaches, after a while the walls looked like christmas lights, all flashing intermittently with the glistening backs of roaches. As I scrubbed more and more ferociously, the other 'inhabitants' of the shower began to KICK OFF,:biglaugh:. At one point I remember looking down at my feet and just being able to make out the outline of several large roaches intent on investigating every part of my anatomy. This was followed by the unmistakable hiss of some kind of snake coming from a corner of the shower, by this time I was trying to get out of the shower quicker than a guest in the Bates Motel in Hitchcocks Psycho. As 'things' started to fall on my head I had enough, I was out of there sharpish. As I made my way out of the block I made my way toe=ward the camper van. My better half had been very quiet indeed, so I was a little perplexed as to how she was coping. As I opened the door I shouldn't have worried, their she was sitting on the bed, several beer bottles around her feet, one in hand, as white as a sheet, and all she said to me was 'Leave me alone',:embarrassed::biglaugh::wubclub:. I thought this was the best path to take, so ever so quietly I made myself a cuppa and retired to the OPPOSITE bed,:biglaugh:. We woke I the morning, looked at each other, and said, 'What the hell went on there'. We decided at this time to go and investigate the Block in daylight. What lay before us was an arachnid, roaches, snake worst nightmare. There were literally hundreds of roaches, spiders of different sizes and colours and indeed a rather large python curled around the overhead pipe work. It was an experience, that is all I can say, but know I can look back at it with fond memories, well nearly anyway. I could go on, and tell you about the time I was with the ex good lady at Mission Beach. We had way too much to drink, and the 'romance' of the place overtook us. We were in the middle of a romantic 'interlude' on the BEACH, when up rocks a security guard asking us to move on as they were filming a local movie there. No matter what we said, and the realisation that we were drunk he insisted that we move the camper van NOW, how he kept a straight face whilst I and the good lady tried our best to cover up our 'insecurities' I don't know. I refused as I didn't want to take the van on the main roads, so we came to a compromise, I moved it about one hundred yards down the beach out of sight of the cameras,:biglaugh:. There must be others out there, so come on. Cheers Tony.:wink:
  21. Guest

    Your Worst Holiday, Ever.

    I think we have all had one or two, you know the holidays that we wish we had never taken, all things go to make up a good/bad holiday but this thread is aimed at those really AWFUL times when you just wanted to hop on the next plane HOME. Mine was many, many years ago, it was in Spain, and was suggested by my better half that my MIL would come with us to build bridges between us, (The only bridge that came to mind was the bridge on the River Kwai, :biglaugh:) Anyway, the atmosphere was somewhat tense from the very first day. I spent as much time with Ruth in the vain hope that MIL would do her own thing. First day we were messing about in the pool and Ruth tried to flip me off the floating sun lounger, as I fell off my foot swung around and hit Ruth fair and square in the face, resulting in a broken nose and two black eyes. MIL then accused me of battering Ruth (Again) and insisted the police were called, after calming her down (see suffocation) she came to her senses again and got drunk as per normal. Myself and Ruth then decided to go to a BBQ that evening put on by the hotel. Ruth has NEVER been a big drinker and the somewhat strong punch they were serving soon had a bad affect on her. As we entered the air conditioned hotel room she decides to throw up, only problem is that she threw up in the sink. It was one of those sinks with the plunge type plugs and it just had to be plugged in when she said hello to God. I eventually got some water down her and settled her into bed. However, there was the problem of the now FULL sink. There was no way on Gods green earth that I was going to let a maid deal with it, so there I am, 3.30 in the morning with my hand in a sink of vomit trying to get the plunger up and sort out the 'lumps':shocked:, never again. I spent the rest of the night sitting next to Ruth to make sure she didn't choke, and God was it a long night. Following morning we went sight seeing with MIL, AGAIN drunk. She insisted on telling EVERYONE who would listen that I was a wife beater and 'LO, LOO, LOOK, what, what h, he, di, did to my daughter, hiccup. Rather embarrassing all in all. Anyway the week soon passed and the return home was imminent, only problem was MIL had somehow 'obtained' my passport and hidden it. After several strong words I lost the will to live and told Ruth to get on her flight and I would arrange another means of transport. Three days later I finally arrived home by ferry having 'financially induced' a customs official, oh deep joy. Anyway, what are your stories if any. Cheers Tony.:wink:
  22. Guest

    Worst Jobs In The World.

    Been watching a series recently about the worst jobs in history. It concentrated on the 16/17/18/19 centuries, and bloody interesting it was to. But thought I would update it a bit, how about the worst jobs in modern day society. I'll start the ball rolling: Cleaner In A Sperm Donor Clinic.:confused::biglaugh::err: Cheers Tony:wink:
  23. Hello fellow Poms, Right, I need help. I'm really struggling to find a cheddar cheese that grabs you by the balls, rips out your mouth and is actually worth eating. Is the Australian pallete so completely different that they cant stomach a decent mature cheddar? Or, do they just have a different idea on the definition of the work mature? Either way, Australian Mature, extra tasty or dare I say it mature extra tasty borders on tastes more like milk than cheese. I've found the Cracker Barrel in the black wrapper gets 50% of the way to my definition of 'Mature' but its still not a patch on your run of the mill davidstow, canadian or quality UK cheddars. Please enlighten me. I miss my cheese <sob> Melodic, PS... what goes around at a cheese and wine party in oz? Isn't the whole point of wine to quell the fire raging in your mouth from the good bit of cheese you just had on a cracker? Why be so good at wine if your so bad at cheese!!?
  24. kellyjamie

    Having the worst day ever

    :cry:Hey everyone, God im having the worst day ever, and i dont even know why. Im so bloody frustrated and pissed off with this flippin migration crap i just want to jack it all in and stick my fingers up at Mr Evans amidst the tears that are at present streaming down my face. My poor migration agent has just bore the brunt in my email but his reply shows he understands we are so frustrated by the whole thing, he took it on the chin! Im just crying and crying and crying i feel like a 12 yr old!:cry: I am honestly an emotionally very strong person but this whole situation has got me like a jibbering crying moron! I thnk there should be migration counselling! xx
  25. :realmad: I got a pre-grant letter oct.1. Then got a letter oct.6 regarding stop processing of my visa. My plans are spoiled. I fell in confusion.:wacko: What is my option?