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Found 30 results

  1. I have always been a thinker, brain never shuts down, constantly on the go. This inevitably, in my case, brings me to think about my problems quite a bit and when things are not so good (like now) I find myself dwelling on my situation more and more, lying awake at night, feeling uneasy. It is not healthy and it drives me crazy. :wacko: I would like to know if anyone has any good tips for relaxing the mind? I am not taking the Michael, this is a serious question!!! I have tried relaxation classes in the past, breathing exercises, that type of thing and found it to work fine when I was in the class, but hopeless once I tried at home. Would love to hear from people and find out any good tips or suggestions. Am not too keen on taking any type of relaxation drug and no, I don't know how to grow my own :unsure:(the cat would have a go at it anyway...) but I know there are also other herbal remedies, Valerian springs to mind, Bach Flowers. Has anyone used these and found them to be effective? Please share with me! Thanks
  2. Hi Guys , we have just had the best news Visa granted for western Aus yey !!!! It seems to have been a real slog with one thing or another , At first we applied for Canberra only to have the rug pulled from under our feet by them wanting evidence of funds up front, Like most people we have money tied up in property but not in cash . However Emigrating Solutions quickly sorted us a application for W/A and within 4 days we had the sponsorship approved . My main concern now is selling the family home it has been up for sale for 3months and no-one has even been over the threshold Agghhh . I no there must be many worrying about the same thing but does anyone have any advice or tips . We have come so far and wont be scuppered at the last hurdle . Thanks Bitzy
  3. Hi Everyone, Just a quick question..... we have submitted our 176 PR visa on the 05/10 and are waiting to be allocated a CO and to be instructed to get our medicals done. I've just started to worry about whether having psoriasis will have an effect on passing the medicals?? If anyone has any experience of this please let us know..... Many thanks, Amanda & Arthur
  4. We are lucky to have recently gone under offer. The shock tofay is that our buyer wants to complete by end of month :err: So we move out later this month :shocked: Our plan was to move to Australia early in 2012 (anticipated the sale of the house would take 6 months - not 6 weeks or less!). October is possibly the earliest we could go. Id prefer when I move from my house my furniture go straight into the container and sent to Oz. If we arrive in mid October, hows is that for timing? How long does stuff take to ship and should I be getting the quotes from shipping companies in now? Silly question I guess And the time from August to October - homeless and no furniture...did you move into a serviced apartment or stay with family? All of a sudden this is all moving a million miles per hr. This time last month my house was sat and noone wanted to buy it...sheesh (not complaining!)
  5. Hi All We have our medicals booked for early July and I am starting to worry about them! We are a family of four and are all healthy(i hope). My husband is a painter and decorator and 14 years ago fell while working and badly broke his left arm which resulted in him having a bar and pins inserted. He now has no wrist bone so can't bend his wrist. Since he recovered from operation etc he has been perfectly fine and has been working away ever since. I am worried they will look for further information about this as i have read other people bringing letters from consultants/GP, but as it is not a current medical condition he is not under the care of any doctor and he has not been to our own GP as it doesn't cause him any bother. I am hoping that this won't be an issue at our medicals. Has anyone else had any experience of this kind of thing!!! Thanks a million N:goofy:
  6. nicandjay

    Jobs no worry !!

    Just a note to inform the doom and gloomers on here that BOTH hubby and myself have secured excellent jobs for our return back to the UK !! We cant wait and already feel so much happier knowing we will be around friends and family !!:biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  7. Guest

    Defacto medical worry

    Hi, Just received an email from our c/o, stating a health concern was identified by the panel of doctors. So the medical reports have been sent to the HOC for review. Has this happened to anyone before? and if so what were the consequences. I am on perscription for mild anxiety, which i have been on since a young age. Is this likely to be the reasoning behind the referrel? This is worrying as they have not told me the concern. Thanks, Ollie
  8. Guest

    Should I worry?!

    Finally I have sent my spouse visa application to DIAC in London. It was delivered on Monday the 17-05 but no payment has been taken yet and no contact yet. I have filled the payment part of the form using a credit card. Is this normal or should I start worrying?!:confused: Thanks
  9. Since falling in love with my wonderful aussie husband, we have been on a roller coaster that has lasted almost 6 years. The last eight months have been spent stressing about a spouse visa which I am finally just about ready to put my papers in for( in London)! I have a CXR and medical this Thursday which has caused no end of worrying because I have smoked since I was 17 and stressing about this visa has only caused me to smoke more. Today I have given up, gone running and eaten the entire contents of the fridge in a bid not to smoke! So if my visa is granted I will be one very porky English wife arriving in Melbourne but at least I will be smoke free! Then it hit me after reading so many other people's posts and just how stressed out we all are about these visa's, is it worth worrying so much it causes me to feel ill? Yes I want to be with my husband but I am not going to stress anymore, if they don't grant me a visa.... it's not the end of the world as I used to think it would be. Yes it would be terrible but now we are out of the dark winter months, England is not that bad a place to live. It could be worse! I love my job, I look after older people with dementia and I love to chew the fat about the good old days when England was great! And if my husband (who qualifies for an Irish passport) really couldn't stand living here, well that's life. NO WORRIES, that's what I say!!!! (maybe being smoke free has really got to me!). Oh and I failed the IELTS and I don't care either, I know I speak English proper good rite! So to all of you from my heart ... Don't worry, be happy. Maybe our destiny is pre determined though the thought of another winter in England does chill me to the bone! Love to all wherever you are xxx :biggrin:
  10. mrsindecision

    feeling sick with worry about it all

    Hi all, have spent the best part of the last 4 years feeling sick with worry about firstly moving to Australia and secondly since getting here not really settling and wanting to stay and thirdly now deciding to move back. (after 2.5 years and a trip home in between). Our reasons for heading home are many - but mainly - real disappointment with the life, poor work opportunities, poor educational opportunities for the kids, our ages (no time to sit it out for a few more years will be "on the shelf" professionally), missing family and friends, the humour, the wit and the ability to talk meaningfuly about something important to you. We have to get the timing right with 3 kids, one in uni, one starting uni and one in school. The elder two are on board ( they miss humour, music, gigs, pubs and sharp wit, the youngest is so sad to be leaving (15) and will be at the trickiest point educationally (joining GCSEs mid flow) - if we dont go now we will have to wait 4 years by which time we will have had it. But its tearing me up seeing her so sad when she was so brave to come and now has to face starting all over again when her life is pretty damn perfect, I am just starting to bottle it - thinking it would be easier to stay than start again but knowing thats not true. Both OH and I have been feeling properly depressed and exhausted with worry about doing the right thing. I also realise how hard it was for our loved ones best friends when we left - we left a big hole for one or two very important people. We will now be doing the same to our good friends here. I just hate messing everyone about - but also recognise this could very well be a crucial now or neve moment in our lives. Any words of advice or support?
  11. Guest

    An arachnophobic's worry

    Any Poms will remember spiders in amongst your washing when brought in off the washing line, is that something you have to look for in Oz? :wideeyed: Love, Raych x
  12. but my hubby is in a right flap......we were asked for further reports/assessments to be done on our eldest son which we did and sent off, and they were acknowledged on our online 'thingy' on 1st December. In the meantime we put the house on the market and it sold in 13 days which took us by surprise, the packers are here next Tuesday (22nd), we have a leaving party booked for next Monday night (21st) and we hand over the keys to the house next Wednesday (23rd) assuming it all completes OK, then last week hubby was told he is to be made redundant and leaves tomorrow! BUT we haven't had our visa through yet, and as of middle of next week, we will be homeless, jobless and possibly visaless:arghh:! Its now been 2 weeks since they had the extra medical stuff, myself, hubby and younger son are all finalised, we are just waiting for my elder son to be sorted. I'm trying to stay positive, telling hubby it will all be OK, but as the breadwinner etc he is getting anxious about looking after his family. Lets hope it isn't much longer, all this getting up at unearthly hours to check status is taking its toll. Thanks for listening, feel a bit better now i've written it down. Jane
  13. Yesterday it kicked off again in Birmingham city centre ., between the so called " English defence league " and anti fascists, with 90 arrests . Police struggled to keep the two groups apart, bricks and bottles were thrown . The english defence league ,are basically white football supporters demonstrating against Islamic extremism. This is the 2nd time in a month , that there have been clashes. I fear this open hostility will eventually spread to the major cities of Australia, as it did in Cronulla last year - www.sundaymercury.net ps The media are trying to keep the lid on this by saying this is a fascist v anti fascist argument ......we all know its more straightforward than that. These are the first open demonstrations against Islam.....any opinions
  14. Guest

    My xray - more to worry about.

    I just thought i would update my medical and xrays worries. I went for repeat xrays today, to be told that they still were worrying, and that the radiologist cannot rule out the big C, and so i have now been reffered for a CT scan, and i have to see a chest doc also. It doesn't rain but it pours! The most annoying thing is, i am healthy, no symptoms at all, i don't do chest infections, never had anything (well as long as i can remember) wrong with my chest. My GP, did say he didn't think it was cancer, but they still have to check it out, so i reckon which ever way i look at it i am going to have to wait longer to hand in all my documentation. I know that compared to my health going to Oz shouldn't be a priority but i am so gutted that i am now going to miss my deadline of the 14th of august. I will just have to wait and hope. Tracy x
  15. Guest

    Spouse Visa - Medicals worry

    This is my 1st post but after reading some of the threads you all sound so helpful, I am hoping for some input. An expat myself but now an Aussie citizen, I want to go home (Queensland) and take hubby too, so plan to sponsor my dh. luckily I dont have to undergo a medical this time (the stress is taking its toll) but hubby does and he has a pacemaker, is this likely to cause problems at the medical?
  16. Guest

    worry about the dog export

    :unsure: we found out last week that the dog failed one of his blood tests for him being exported, he came back positive for leptospirs canicola @ 1/100. he has now got to have another test on tuesday to see if it has got any lower. if not he will have to have a course of antibiotics to clear the problem, which will delay everything i was just wondering if anyone else has had the same problem with exporting their dog :chatterbox:
  17. briggs

    online status worry

    Hi, I have been assigned a CO since 20th may 09, but nothing on my status page has changed, although all my documents have been uploaded. I have not even received an email requesting for medicals. Nothing. I am worried, is this normal?
  18. Hi, Ive posted on here quite a bit about our decision to stick with the 175 visa instead of switching to 176 visa but I am so worried. Reason we sticking is we cant afford to go till next year anyway and not selling our house so no pressure there. However Im worrying that they might remove my husbands trade of carpentry from MODL or something !! If they did maybe we could apply for state sponsership later, but then carpenty may not be available by then. We only want to live in WA as we have several friends living there, carpentry on the list in WA but I cant find any date if there is a cut off point like SA are doing. Also I have read on threads they ask about money you will take out with you, we have some savings so far but probably not enough. Has anyone applied to WA and do you need to prove savings ? Im assuming 176 visas will take a while to process now anyway with so many people switching and then we have a year to validate so that would suit us. Everything may change in July anyway- I dont mind waiting for the 175 as long as its not years !! ha ha, but just worried they might stop accepting carpenters !! Never been so stressed in my life ....:arghh:
  19. Guest

    TRA Worry

    Hi all Has anyone ever had a worry with the TRA. I thought ours was excellent and it has took us 2 weeks with emails back and forth. We have included a 7 page reference on a fitter, 3 pages of tasks and photos of what my OH does, and also a stat dec. It has been received today in Oz. After speaking with my agent today she said not get my hopes up, just pray which i thought was quite dis heartning. Has anyone felt like this and past. I feel gutted if this fails my partner said we are staying here, at the moment we are in limbo. :confused::confused: Dont know what to think
  20. I am being serious here... Had two offers from other Oz forums that want the Earl & Aldo show to join their forums....but do not worry happy campers we are staying :jiggy:
  21. Sorry to appear to be a worry wort... I sent off my Prospective Spouse Visa App 23rd Sept, payment was taken almost straight away so they have defo got it, front loaded police check and meds. Immi pre sending said they would wait for court order re my daughter and to send anyway. I haven't had any kind of acknowlegment other than the money being taken...should I be expecting anything else at this stage or wil they just be waiting for me to send in the last piece of the puzzle? Thanks for any advice/info in advance. Cheers Kxx:wacko:
  22. Dawny

    Skin Cancer worry!!

    Just a quick question, if you had a couple of moles that are ok but on the neck , Before going to oz as it has a high skin cancer risk would you consider asking to have them removed as a precaution here in the uk !:wacko: And would the doctors here ok it!!
  23. Guest

    Should we worry?

    Just read this article and it surprised me (and worried me slightly); Click here to read it!
  24. Guest

    spider worry

    My family and i r considering mirgrating 2 oz but r worried about the spiders r they a real problem how often do u c them?