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Found 16 results

  1. My apologies if you have seen this before.... Sit in front of the computer and decide who the image is a photo of. Then stand up and move around 15 feet away from the computer and look again, who is it now. So would you make a good eye witness.
  2. My dog has a tick collar, Advantix once a month (alternating with another drop-on brand every six months as my vet advised that fleas get used to a brand if used continually) and has a hydrobath with a tick rinse every now and again. I've pulled ten ticks off him in the past week, four today alone. We live in suburbia and he walks on the beach, not in bushland, and I can't find any product that keeps them off. Luckily we don't have paralysis ticks this side of town. What have people found that works, aside from a daily feel-over?
  3. Anybody any info on student loans from Uk unis.. How this works when moving permently to Oz?!
  4. Robarts Family

    Works Expo London Is it worth it?

    Hi, There is an exhibition in London this weekend. It says there will be employers there looking for sponsors. Is it worth going? As we were invited to Austalia House where you needed an invite, which you do not need on this one and that was a bit of a waste of time so not sure if this would be as well. Any thoughts would be appreicated. Thanks Jo
  5. Hi All Wondered if anyone else has had this happen or how does it work? I applied for 2 x child visas on 21/5/10. I have received an email saying that I have submitted all the paperwork and the visas will be issued on 21/9/10 In my original application I said I wanted to travel in August and despite speaking on the phone to the agent handling my application, this was not mentioned as an issue - I asked the direct question "do you see any problem with me travelling on 14.8.10" and was advised "no I do not see any problem with that" So.... I was a bit surprised to find that I have been told I can have the visas for my girls but that they will not be issued until 21.9.10. I am desparate to go and have emailed the agent to this effect (Australia House in London) but have been told that only in exceptional circumstances will the visas be granted earlier than 4 months I accept that I am probably silly and naive but does anyone know why this is? Is there anything I can do or do I just have to wait? Will they be issued exactly on 21.9 or might they be a day late or a week early or something else? Any ideas or knowledge greatly welcomed thank you
  6. Hi, New to this site and hoping that you knowledgeable regulars will have some good advice for me! My spouse and I have been hoping to move to Oz for a while. We are tired of the UK, the people here, the inability to even buy a home, the weather, etc. We want to live somewhere where our daily grind gives us more time outside, nicer people to interact with, more sun, more space, and a life near the sea. Everything we've heard and read gives us confidence that we'll be happier in Oz. But we won't know until we go whether we're going to love it, and we have to try to choose where to live on pretty thin information. We think Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney could all offer what we want. However, despite focussing my job search on Melbourne, I now have an interview for a job in central Sydney. I think I have a good shot of getting it and I'm all flustered trying to figure out if a life in Sydney could be for us. Ideally our home would give us: * A commute of max 1/2 hour for me (to the Sydney skyscrapers) * NOT city centre (we don't want the feel of "city" living) * NOT sprawling suburbs, by which I mean endless miles of houses * A local community feel - shops and businesses nearby, local stuff happening. We would not want the CBD to be where we primarily go shopping. * Fairly quiet, and a good place to bring up kids (location of schools not critical - the kids are not born yet...!) * Close to the sea or even in sight of it if we can afford that For anyone who knows London, parts of Kent were the closest, as there were local facilities in some quieter areas and you didn't feel choked by the London centre. Just add the sea, sun, and access to the rest of Oz... From what I've read, suburbs around the Melbourne centre are ideal for the above list. The big question is, can we find the balance of quiet family community close enough to Sydney CBD? From what we think we know already, I'm worried that the Western areas will be the sprawling suburbs, anywhere near Bondi is a jam-packed tourist haven, and we might be better going up the coast a bit north of Manly. Not sure what the public transport would be like from there or what type of feel those places have. Further inland is OK if it gives what we need. I'm aware that these areas are very expensive, and that cost of living in Sydney is actually just as bad as London, but potentially we could afford it if I got the job. Any comments would be greatly appreciated! Cheers D+K
  7. So my partner has just told me he doesn’t have any paper statements from his bank as he does it all online. How can we get these statements – can we get the bank to print them off and stamp. Or can we print off a years worth and get them authorised at the solicitors?? Were getting there, just little things like this are cropping up before we put everything in! Thanks J
  8. YES iv'e found it:notworthy:. Problem is it's dutch. But it's only $30 a slab and it works. Only had 15 and i'm wobbling. AMSTERDAM premium lager. Small word of warning...... no twist top:mad:. DO NOT TRY TWISTING. You lose the skin on your palm.
  9. ok ... I've been asking questions galore. I am waiting in the que for W.A. sponsership so then I could apply for a (non CSL) 176 visa......I asked....'Should I make an application for a 175 visa given the present climate with visa's'......... problem here is I only have 115 points and it seems I need 120 points. So my thinking was take an IELTS english test get the extra points and apply for the visa then. Extra cost is involved (£105.00) but the hardest part is trying to get booked onto a course. Now then, during reading up on the immi.gov.au website regarding elegability there is a paragraph that states....'If you score less than 120 points but more than 100 points your application will be placed in reserve (the 'pool') and will remain in the pool for two (2) years after assessment. If the pass mark is lowered at any time during the two (2) year period, and your score is equal to or higher than the new pass mark, your application will then be processed further.' My thinking is ....apply for a 175 now with 115 points and get 'pooled'. Hopefully in the process of time receive my sponsership from W.A. which enables a score of 100 and ask under these circumstances to change my application to a 176 visa. Is my thinking sound???.......(Q1) Would I be able to bring my application out of the 'pool' state with S.S. and continue with a 176 visa ????. (Q2)..If this is possible how easy is it to change visa's if say you applied online ????.... Suppose a sub-question here would be .....(Q3)..If I didnt get my S.S. would I be able to take an IELTS test and submit it towards my previously applied for 175 visa to bring it out of 'pooled' state given then I would have more than enough points ???????........ Has anyone reading had experience of this, can anyone offer their advise ? Carlos
  10. Bod

    Fire works and bangers

    I want to share a story with you all. I hear so much how Pom's come back home and don't get the attention they crave, feel disapointed that the UK did not stop when they left these shores for Australia. That people have got on with thier lives and as much as they want to hear about your Swimming pool , big house the beutiful beaches just down the road, most just don't want ity rammed down their throat. Hears my happy story: I suppose I had a diffrent experiance when I went home for the first time. I loved every thing Australian but needed a UK injection, then toddle back to gods own land happy From Heathrow the M25 was full of banners and streamers saying: "Well come home stranger" " I think your my father" "G'Day mate" By the time we got to the M11 we had a convoy, wellwishers lined the M11 on both sides clapping and showering us with confetty from the bridges. (It was 3am on a cold wet tuesday morning) We arrived at the Town Hall for breakfast and was greeted by a French man I'd never met before who said "It's been along time" Bill Ramell our local MP embraced me in a very continental style. By this time I knew things had changed in the year I'd been away. I never sleeped till the following Monday "the partying was mad" Friends, family, stranges all wanted a piece of us. " how big was your house?" "How deep was the Pool in the back Yard" " I bet you had BBq's every night. After all the Partying had finnished. I fancied a pint down the local. Only to find it empty. My Gord I said in a astonished manner, " the pub is empty" The land lord responded with. " yes all thanks to you John" " Why me I asked the land lord" "Well" said the land lord "when you left for Australia every one had a wake up call and realised they had to sort their lifes out." "So were are They I asked" Well said the land lord Tonight they'll be down the gym, tomorrow they'l be making Love. wednesday they'll be studieing for the Uni. The rest of the week they'll be making Love." " so basically it's your fault for going to Australia" But we stiil love you. I could not believe that I had changed so may's out look on life by my desicion to leave these shores By now I could not wait to get back to Australia the land I love best untill My mum made me a Sausage sandwich for the return journey. Thats when I realised I could not go back to Aus as the Sausages were Sh!t
  11. Can anyone please tell how this visa ceiling for a particular year works...i mean the new ceiling for 208-09 has been revised to 115000 places...what does it means. If i apply for 175 today would my application be rejected once 115000 visas have been granted till 31.03.2009. Please help..
  12. woohoo! our boxes arrived 2 days ago and our philips TV with built in freeview tuner works. we get the sound without any problem, and the analogue channels, but not the digital channels. hope this info is useful to others.
  13. Troy&Kim

    hope it works out

    Hi to you all, Were in the process of applying for permanent residency, 176 visa was received by immigration on the 7th of June 2008, still waiting for a case officer. Today I as looking at house prices throughout Australia, I just can’t believe the house prices. My wife is a nurse and we are hoping to move this year, but with the house prices here dropping and the house prices in Aus, also the Pound against the dollar getting worse, I’m beginning to think that if it continues, I feel that it will be one hell of a struggle when we do move and one that I don’t relish. Don’t get me wrong, I know you will have to work when you get there, but my wife will be 44 next year, and me 41, it's not old, but it's been a struggle here and to go through it all again and having another big mortgage puts a bit of a damper on things. But with most jobs, you will have to be near the city or its surrounding suburbs. But after looking at the house prices today, I feel that the dream we had could turn in to a nightmare. My wife did get a job in Melbourne for 2007, we were going on a 457 visa, my wife (Kim) went for an interview in London, got the Job, we were so excited, we’ve been wanting to move to Aus for a long time, we 1st went to the emigration show at Sandown park in 2000, we were 5 points short, gutted. Then we went to Aus for 5 weeks 2002, love every minute and we knew it was the place for us. Since then my wife quilified as a nurse 2006 and has gota great job here. I have been to Aus 3 more time and each time I knew it was the place for us. Well getting back to Melbourne, everything was going great, we sold the house, I went to Melbourne to check out the suburbs around were the wife would be working, went to the schools for my daughter, college for my son. Went to the bank to find out about mortgages etc, was a bit of a shock to say the least, but manageable. Then the recruitment lady who was working for the hospital messed us around with our visa, we emailed her, phoned her, no reply, then we had a exchange date for the house, but still no visa, myself and my wife were stressed to say the least. We phoned the office in Melbourne to find out what was happening, but they wouldn’t give us any info, to cut it short we had to pull out, it turns out she did a runner and she messed a lot of people around, some had sold there houses etc, but in the end no one got a visa. Sorry for rambling, but we really don’t know what to do at the moment, my wife is unsure, we still don’t know if my son has got on the visa, he will be 19, and has a good job at the Royal bank of Scotland. My daughter wants to go so does my son, well at the moment he does. But trying to find a place to live that will be good for the teenagers as well as ourselves, it is possible but I feel that it will come at a cost, which at the moment we feel we couldn’t achieve when we get there due to house prices over there. Sorry for going on, but after so many years of wanting to emigrate to Aus, I feel that maybe were 5 years to late, or maybe not, we will just have to wait and see. I wish all those who are in the process of emigrating good luck for the future. Cheers Troy
  14. Once upon a time, in a village, a man appeared and announced to the villagers that he would buy monkeys for £10 each. The villagers, seeing that there were many monkeys around, went out to the forest and started catching them. The man bought thousands at £10 and, as supply started to diminish, the villagers stopped their effort. He further announced that he would now buy at £20 for a monkey. This renewed the efforts of the villagers and they started catching monkeys again. Soon the supply diminished even further and people started going back to their farms. The offer increased to £25 each, and the supply of monkeys became so small that it was an effort to even find a monkey, let alone catch it! The man now announced that he would buy monkeys at £50! However, since he had to go to the city on some business, his assistant would now buy on behalf of him. In the absence of the man, the assistant told the villagers. "Look at all these monkeys in the big cage that the man has collected. I will sell them to you at £35, and when the man returns from the city you can sell them to him for £50 each." The villagers rounded up all their savings and bought all the monkeys. They never saw the man nor his assistant again, only monkeys everywhere! Now you have a better understanding of how the stock market works!! Chris Mac
  15. Hi all Here I was getting all sorted for our move to melbourne at the end of march, sorting out all the stuff that I have been keeping for 'just in case' chucking out all those Mcdonald toys (gosh there was a lot!) arranging quotes from the shipping companies, looking at the flights. Then OH goes in to work today after handing in his notice yeaterday and told THEY want a word with him! in he goes wondering what the hell this is about when they tell him this........ We would like to offer you a propersition we would like to send you and your family to Brisbane for 3-4 months on a contract with a client, following that we would then relocate you to melbourne and also give you a job there!!!! (a bloody good job to boot!) we would like you to go in febuary and we would cover all costs, go home and have a chat to your wife and let us know tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:arghh:
  16. mandy1963

    This really works (mosquitoes)

    Hey everyone.Thought i would share this with ya. I had been told that vitamin b stops the mozzies bighting you as it makes your blood taste funny,not knowing wether to believe this i went into a chemist and asked the pharmasist who was an australian so she would know right. Asked if what i had been told was right and she said YES.So i bought the extra strengh so i would only need to take 1 a day,as it takes about 3 weeks to get into your system. And i have to say the mozzies no longer like the taste of my blood,i have had 1 small bite since taking them,compared to the oh who has not taken any and keeps getting bitten. For those of you coming to oz in the new year start taking them now so it will be making your blood taste funny by the time you get here,you will be fine and wont get covered in big red bites. Please give this ago if you are suffering from being bitten by these pesky little mozzies,you have to be patient and keep taking 1 a day but the results are well worth it. Good Luck everyone in the battle of the mozzies,but i now think we can beat them:jiggy: