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Found 8 results

  1. Hi all, I used to apply the RSMS as a remedial massage therapist. Unfortunately, my nomination just be refused. Now, I want to apply the 482 working visa. The requirement is at least two years full-time working experience. The thing is I been working for my employer for nearly two years, but as a massage therapist, we get paid by appointment. Which is mean I work as a causal. I do work 6 days/week, the hour of work is vary(over 20hrs/week in average ). I wonder is this can be counted into the working experience?
  2. Hi everyone, I am intending to move to Melbourne (from London) in Jan 2014 to work as an OT for a year. I am finding it really difficult to find any information/guidance about working as an OT on a working holiday visa. Does anyone know if 1) It is actually possible, and if so 2) How hard it is to find a short-term contract/locum work? I would rather not go down the Skilled Migration route if I don't have to, as it is just for a year. On the other hand, I don't want to get out there with my OT registration to find it is impossible to actually get short-term work! ​And advice at all would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Hi forum members, this is an invaluable source for perspective whilst pursuing PR visa to Oz', so wondering if I can leverage site expertise with a 'migration agent challenge!' Me and my partner have a 189 in situ, (started in March this year) pending skills assessment outcome (skilled list Dentist route) that will allow us to move to next stage APHRA registration and then, fingers crossed Visa/EOI and approvals. Cognisant of time frames (November/December at the earliest, if extremely lucky), I'm looking to proactively seek employment via a working holiday visa (I'm 25) and utilising networking contacts and friends within the industry with a view to obtaining a dentist role (Melbourne ideally to start), and thus running this in parallel with the PR, rationale being I finish my UK dental post in August leaving me a finite window of time to get my dream role in Australia before things wind down, which I believe is normally Oct/Nov period. Here's the the quandary - our migration agent (we've had a lot of issues with these guys, glaciers have been known to move at a quicker rate), believes this tact will impact outcome of the PR visa on the basis that our defactor status (we have been in relationship 2yrs & living together for 1yr, with the documentation to validate) would prove an issue as I (the main applicant) will actually be in Oz seeking work (shocking conduct eh!) during the evaluation stage of PR application. I'm at odds with this 'intel', by the point of PR EOI, we will have all of the qualifying content in place to proceed with PR, surely the fact I'm going to seek work can't be viewed negatively? I'm looking to fly out in September, with my partner coming out a month later... Anyone encountered this issue at all, and if so, how did you deal with it? I believe it's stalling tact from the MA's, but would love any advice & counsel from fellow forum members - however trivial, it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! :err:
  4. Andrew Stevens

    Holiday Visa truns to Working?

    Hi fellow pomes! I am planning on hopefully coming over in the next few months. One question I have is; As I am 32 and ineligible for young person's working visa, as am unskilled; am I able to visit on a long holiday Visa (2 yrs), and then transfer to a working Visa once have work confirmed and arranged? I plan on moving to Perth and working in the mining industry. I am getting in touch with pro service but am eager for some positive feedback. Many thanks
  5. Hey there, I'm coming over to Oz at the end of 2013 for a Working Holiday Visa to live with my uncle! I'm currently waiting for my uncle to buy a new house before I can come over. (Hate the waiting!) Does anyone have any useful hints/tips or advice they could offer me? (Driving licenses/ working on farms or vineyards outside of Perth?) Any info would be much appreciated! Cheers
  6. Hi, I am guessing my chances are slim and none but I thought it was worth throwing the question out there. My career is based around sales and customer service jobs including motor and commercial insurance. I don't have any qualifications to brag about but I do I have over a decade worth of experience of working within a call centre as a successful broker hitting all of my sales targets. Would an insurance company be willing to sponsor me ? After speaking to Oz recruitment agents they have said they can not forward my CV on unless I have a working visa,but to get this I would need a job in the first place,so it's a ''catch 22'' I am 31 so I dont qualify for the year visa,I would want to bring my wife and 1 year old son. Is there any way round this or would I need to train up in a more desirable profession. Thanks.
  7. hello beautiful people! ok i am currently planning my working holiday visa trip to oz! I am such a bad planner though....im not gonna lie, i just normally wing these things but this is my first travelling trip alone so i need to plan to an extent.. can any one who has been already give me some advice. my basic plan is to fly to sydney at the beginning of may, I have a degree in Environmental conservation so eventually I want to gain experience it that field. Was thinking of heading north for the winter to get my second year visa either farm work or wwoofing work. But i need to know the practical stuff, things i actually need to plan or to sort out before i go! get in touch any advice would be helpful xxx:hug:
  8. Are BAE likely to employ someone on a 1 year working visa? If they were to employ me would they be likely to offer sponsorship for that job? Getting really confused about everything. Cheers Scott