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Found 50 results

  1. I applied for my 417 in June 2020 and have still not been approved, yet my (now) ex who applied on the same day had hers approved 2 weeks ago. My waiting time went from 3-6 months, then to 84 Days - 4 months, now the waiting time has completely disappeared... Does anyone know what might be the hold up or anything I can do the check the status?
  2. jbeeaar

    Bridging visa confusion

    Hey there! I’m trying to help my friend with her visa situation and I have a quick question.. she has been waiting for her second working holiday visa and has been on bridging visa A since January last year.. does the time of your new visa start from the date it was applied for or from when it gets approved? Because she’s still on a bridging visa because of COVID, does she have to leave 12 months after the application was submitted & not have it approved yet? Or can she wait until it gets approved and stay on the bridging visa and then she has a full 12 months on the second working holiday visa? Please and Thankyou!!
  3. Hello, The situation: Met my partner in Canada and fell in love. She's an Australian citizen and wants to move home and bring me with her. We have lived together for more than a year. Have all the evidence to prove it too, however need to know which visa is best for getting into the country during Covid. At the moment it looks like I can be exempt from the entry ban due to de facto partnership, but need to apply for a visa first and not sure which one will be best and fastest. From our research, our options are either visitor visa- subclass 600 , working holiday visa- subclass 417 or De factor/Partner visa ( however this looked to take the longest to be processed). We are looking to stay permanently, and want to know if we got the visitor visa if we can then apply from inside AUS once there, for more permanent visa options. Any help would be greatly appreciated as covid is ramping up again in Canada and we want to be safe and at her family home in Perth. Thanks, Jack.
  4. Hi everyone, I am seeking some guidance in regards to the situation I am in, I have struggled to find any information on this topic so far. Basically I did my 1st year working holiday visa and applied for my second while still in Australia upon completing my farm work with the intention of leaving Australia before my 1st year visa was officially up. However, it was granted from the date I applied and so I chose to cancel it as I would have missed two months of the visa if I stayed from the date it was granted. I returned back to the UK and tried reapplying and was told since I cancelled it I could reapply again. My case has been escalated but I have no idea how long I will have to wait for a response and am desperate for any advice anyone can give me on this. I have very limited help from the department of home affairs. Thanks so much for reading.
  5. Hi Guys, I am currently on 417 Working Holiday Visa, I am just about to take the plunge and apply/pay for the 820/801 De Facto Visa. I am seeing some contradicting statements around the conditions of the BVA Bridging Visa. My questions are: 1. Once my Working Holiday has expired in September, and my BVA starts – will I have full unrestricted working rights such as the 820 would grant me or will the conditions of the 417 visa transfer i.e. only being able to work with one employer for 6 months at a time? 2. Once you have paid for the visa, do you receive your BVA instantly (even though it does not come into effect until my 417 expires) or is when my current visa ends that I receive this? Appreciate the thoughts or stories of anyone who has been through a similar situations Cheers :-)
  6. HarryLondon95

    Second year Visa

    Hi, I moved to Sydney last year on 417 visa, since arriving I’ve been working in Sydney trying to get sponsorship. As a back up I’ve been doing farm work incrementally over the last year. I’ve got an ABN, an employee verification form and reference from the farmer. My issue is that I had been getting paid in cash as it was casual work and don’t have bank records. I can get payslips but the date will range over 9 months and have my total hours worked and total pay, would this be an issue? My worried I may need more precise dates. Thanks Harry
  7. Hi there, I applied for my Working Holiday (417) visa with a UK passport in October 2017. They sent me an email requesting a health check in early November 2017 and that was finalised on the 15th of Nov 2017. Since then I've heard nothing from the dept of Home Affairs, and when I call the European Service centre to ask about my application they say they can see no issue with it and there's no explanation for the long wait. The advertised processing time is 8-29 days online - so I'm concerned something has gone wrong with my application as it's been 2 and a half months since I heard anything from them? My status on ImmiAccount has been 'assessment in progress' for ages now and I was just wondering if anyone had any tips or hints on how to get in touch with someone to find out what's happening? I was initially planning on going over to Aus early January and I'm getting more and more concerned as everyone I've spoken to has received their visa quite quickly. Any advice or ideas would be massively appreciated - I'm really not sure what the next course of action should be?
  8. jessicagrunner

    Travel Buddy UK

    Hi, ive been a member on here for a while now and I'm seriously considering travelling to Australia. I'm willing to go alone however it would of course be lovely to have a travel companion and gain a new friendship! if anybody is interested in going to Australia from the UK please message me so we can discuss! im from Cheshire, UK. thanks
  9. Lilyofthevalley17

    Need help with Bridging Visa after WHV

    Hi everyone. I am in my first year working holiday visa and it's due to run out on the 9th of February 2017. I don't currently have plans to apply for a second year but I do have an issue that requires me to stay longer than my visa will let me. My mum is planning on booking a flight to come see me in Australia, after my visa runs out, she would change her dates but due to work commitments and prices of flights this is the only option for her. I've heard that you can apply for a bridging visa hat allows you to stay 28days later than your visa end date. Would this reason be enough for that to be granted? If not what else would allow me to stay an extra 2 weeks? If I am able to apply for a bridging visa how do I do it and when should I do it? I don't want to leave it too late and then my mum have to come to Australia on her own. I obviously have no intention of staying in the country illegally that's why I'm trying to find how to do this lawfully. Any help would be much appreciated, thanks!
  10. Hello I am a 24 year old man from Norway. Im am currently on a Working holiday Visa and have been doing some window washing jobs for 10 months now. So my Working holiday runs out by the End of the year. I met my new zealand girlfriend here in sydney 6 months ago, and I would like to stay for another 6-7 months I am a Licensed Plumber but I don´t really wanna keep working as a plumber.. I have however gotten an offer for another window washing job. so Im wondering if anyone have any advice on what to do or what Visa to look for? someone told me I should get the skilled Visa, couse it puts you on a ¨bridge visa¨ and you can stay in Australia and work while you wait for your Visa to process. idk if this is true? but I know that the skilled visa is about $3500.
  11. Rbuk17

    Tourist visa after WHV

    Has anyone flow to New Zealand after their first year on a working holiday and come back to Oz on a tourist visa? If so how easy is it to do so/ are they strict on letting you back in? My WHV ends at the end of November but my mum and dad are coming for Christmas and new year to visit family so obviously want to be here with them for that. 1. Can I book return flights from SYD to NZ? Will I get pulled up for not having a valid visa for oz when I enter nz? Obviously I'm applying for that when I get there. 2. Do I need to get a visitor visa for nz or not? I'm a UK citizen so says online I qualify for visa waiver but other sources say I need a visa for nz if I'm going there to renew a visa for another country? Thanks in advance.
  12. Hello! Long time reader, first time poster. I have been researching visas for awhile and now it's getting closer to the time I need to make plans. Our situation: I am an Australian citizen who has been in the UK on a working holiday visa which is set to expire in Feb 2018. It’s looking like it would be difficult for me to get a work visa in the UK for a few reasons. The main issues being that the company I work for is small, isn’t on the registered list of sponsors and the fact that the business needs to prove they’ve advertised the job for 2 months and can’t fill it locally. This doesn’t bother me too much because I feel ready to move back to Australia. However, I can’t just think about myself as my boyfriend (UK citizen) is here. We are both in our 20s. We have only been together for a year but things are going well and we are planning a future together. He is open to the idea of moving to Aus (we’re going there later this year and I’m sure he’ll fall in love with it haha). FYI - We do not live together. It’s tricky timing as he’s just got a promotion at his job. He works for a large international company which may come in handy for us if they are willing to sponsor him. His qualifications/experience is in marketing, account management, sales and E-retail management. We have been looking at what Aus visa options there are for him and I’m wondering what would be best. Work visa – Does his experience qualify for a work visa after the changes to the skills list? Does a company need to sponsor him? Work sponsorship – Perhaps the Australian office of his company could sponsor his visa? Working Holiday visa – As he is under 30 it seems easiest to just get a working holiday visa to start with. However, it’s a real shame you can only work at a company for a maximum of 6 months. If he entered on a working holiday visa, started working at a company and they wanted to sponsor him after 5 months can he switch to another visa type? Partner – This doesn’t seem possible as we don’t live together yet I understand work visas don’t count towards eventual permanent residency, is that correct? There’s so much to think about with both our jobs, visas and moving that I have been getting a bit stressed by it but I’m trying to get the process started sooner rather than later. I appreciate any insight people have.
  13. Hello all My 1st year working holiday visa expires in June. I had already spent 6 months with an ad agency who said they'd sponsor me, but, after that 6 months, they said they weren't able to afford to put me in the role I'd been promised so I had little choice but to leave. After endless job searching, I'm currently in late stage interviews for mid to senior level advertising jobs with a couple of companies who said they're willing to sponsor me on a 457, but nothing is guaranteed—especially not now with the recent 457 bombshell. The reality of having to leave the life I've built here, as well as my long-term girlfriend, is starting to dawn on me. My question to you guys is, if for whatever reason I wasn't able to secure sponsorship by the time my 417 expires, do I have any options beyond just going home to the UK? Is there any possibility to request a few extra months on top of my 12 month working holiday visa in order to have time to secure a 457? Thanks TooEasy
  14. Hi, My name is Ken and I moved to Australia with a Working Holiday visa in 2014. It's been quite a ride, but a great experience too! I actually managed to get a 457 visa now, so I'm really happy. I learned a lot during my time in Oz and thought I could share my experience so that other working holiday makers get a job in Australia and manage to stay there too. I wrote a Working Holiday Jobs guide and thought I could share it here. I explain where to find a job, how to write an Australian cover letter, how to get a second year visa etc. I apologize in advance to the moderators if I'm not supposed to publish this link here, but it's a free resource to help fellow working holiday makers, so I thought why not Here it is: How To Find A Working Holiday Job In Australia Good luck with your new adventure!
  15. SamC123

    Visas after working holiday?

    hi my names Sam. I'm currently on my 2nd working holiday visa. Living up on the qld border with my girlfriend. My visa runs out in December but hers ends in September 2016, We are planning on driving around oz after we have saved up. I am looking into visas after December, but it's confusing. Is there anyone here who had a working holiday visa and got a tourist visa afterwards? Or any other visa I can get
  16. Hi everyone, hopefully you can help me! Me and my boyfriend are looking for somewhere to do our three month regional work for our second year visas, preferably staying in a working hostel that provides transport too or from the farm/work and that pays too, we can't afford to do voluntary work. If any one can recommend a place they know of or have worked at that would be great. Were looking to do it in Queensland but would relocate if needed. Hope to hear from you soon, Dani
  17. Hi, I hope someone could inform me of what my best options are - I'm currently in Sydney on a working holiday visa and enjoying it so much! Great to be back in the surf and the active lifestyle that Aus has to offer. Compared to London! What would my best options be if I wanted to stick around? I have 10 years experience in property marketing services (floor planning & some photography) which I'm thinking of looking into (at the moment I am planting shrubs and doing okay - may be getting promoted to team leader in the next week or so). And also on the lookout for regional work so I will be eligible for the 2nd yet holiday working visa. I also have some money saved from London which I could embark on 4 months of studies (maybe a trade of some kind) which will increase my chance of sticking around. Most of my family are up in Brisbane (aunts, uncles and cousins) who would also be will ing to sponsor me. And they live in a designated area (not sure of the difference between the areas). Many thanks to anyone who can point me in the right direction!! paulL
  18. DapperDirewolf

    Leaving it all behind

    Hi everyone! This is my first post I wanted to say hello and give a brief story of the plan my girlfriend and I have with moving temporarily (for now!) to Australia, and if anybody has any advice for us in any shape or form, it would be immensely appreciated! I'm a multimedia developer (video, 3D, web, animation, games) with 5 years experience working at a marketing agency, and my girlfriend is a primary school teacher with 2 years since qualifying. We're both leaving behind great, well paid, stable jobs to spend at least a year in Oz on a working holiday visa. Everything is being left behind, and we're selling and storing many of our things. We want to explore Oz in all it's glory, work almost anywhere that will have us - be it pulling pints at a pub or doing farm work with the WWOOFing registry. Ideally, either before, after, or in between seeing the sights, we would love to find work doing what we do right now, and luckily for me I can do a lot of my work online. We have a budget and savings plan in place preparing for September when we plan to leave, and it's all looking good. Of course, having any form of income while out there is going to help us out a lot; I'd prefer not to spend every penny of our savings! Frankly, the whole thing is terrifying. Exciting, yes, but also completely and utterly stomach-flipping scary as hell. Any advice for two people who are leaving it all behind for a year or two of excitement and adventure? That is, unless we stay indefinitely! Thanks guys
  19. stevyweaver

    Second WHV exceptions?

    Hey folks, I am just looking some advice really. In May 2010 I went to Australia with a WHV. I had booked through a group planned thing in Sydney. I only stayed in the country for 2 and a half months, and travelled the East Coast (best experience ever!!!). Looking back now, I know the WHV wasn't the appropriate visa for me. I would love to go back to experience working in Australia and living there for a year. Does anyone know of any exceptions to the WHV requirments? I have my flights in and out of the country back in 2010 and I have all my bank statements that prove that I didn't work during my time there. Is there any way I could be able to follow and exceptions process or even appeal the decision? Or is the reality just that I won't be able to have this experience because of my last visit? Any advice would be really welcome! Thanks, Stephen
  20. dannysarath1

    Whv to 457 help!!

    Hi Guys, So I came over to Perth on the 6th April 2013 on a 1 year WHV. I am currently working as a finance broker within the John Hughes group and have been told by John himself that they are prepared to sponsor me for the 457 however, I have only 3 weeks left to get it lodged. I guess what I really need to know is, do I have enough time to get it lodged and onto the A bridging visa, and does anyone have any advice for transitioning over to 457 from WHV? I have looked at going through an agency however it seems all they want is a s*** load of $$ ! If anyone has any good advice it would be highly appreciated and if anyone knows a decent agent please pass on the details! All responses are highly appreciated
  21. Hi, I am planning my year on my working holiday visa, and I was wondering where the best cities are to get jobs from people who've done it or know about it. I've heard melbourne and sydney are the best however I was wondering about cairns as my starting place? Any information on anything regarding this would be much much appreciated!!
  22. Hi There. My name's Lisa and I am going to be arriving in Brisbane in July 2014. I have family there so will be staying with them, also in Melbourne. I will be looking for fruit picking / farm work to extend my visa to the 2nd year. I will be looking for travelling buddies, and will be prepared to travel to where the work is. So if you are around the area in July onwards, please let me know it will be great to hear from you :cute:
  23. Hello everyone I'm a 22 year old from England moving to Sydney mid October this year and am looking to connect with a few people who may be doing a similar thing. Who knows, we could be sitting on some Australian beach chatting over a drink in 5 months time... Look forward to hearing from you!
  24. There are 3 of us basically sick to death of England and round about 3 month ago we decided it would be a good idea to try and move to Australia, we went about looking at different Internet sites and events visiting expos regarding moving to Australia. We eventually found some information telling us the best way to get into Australia would be getting a working/holiday visa, we are currently waiting to apply but first would like to know if this really is the best way to go about it. We would like to stay over in aus permanently (if possible) however we found out we would need sponsorship and we aren't even sure this would guarantee a permanent visa. Any advice would be greatly appreciated or even telling us where wasting our time it would be helpful. We are all 19 but are extremely dedicated and don't mind having to work hard to get this. we are also all unskilled (which we know doesn't help our situation) but willing to learn we also will have round about 7000/8000 British pounds if this helps once again any help or advice would be appreciated
  25. Hey, just wondering if anyone is flying from Newcastle UK to Dubai on the 21st of October or otherwise flying from Dubai to Melbourne in the early hours of the 22nd of October???