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Found 84 results

  1. cuzin james

    welding immigration

    hello i want to know if i could start a new career in welding so i can immigrate does taking a course in welding can make me pass the technical test for welding
  2. Hi All Disability Care Workers I work for an agency that has the NSW government contract to provide disability care staff to community group homes and residential centres. They also provide agency staff to most of the NGO disability charities. So I get as much work as I want. It is great to have a variety of work locations - and being an agency you set your own availability for work to fit around other activities. They pay a bit more than other agencies also. They say they need many more experienced disability care workers and they welcome people on Working Holiday Visas. You need to have a First Aid Certificate, Drivers License and three years previous experience. They have a web site at www.GlobalAdvantage.org Their free phone number is 1800 009 292 If a working holiday staff member works out OK and has worked exclusively for them - they can offer 457 visa sponsorship as they are approved by the commonwealth government. They also help with employer nomination residency applications for disability care workers who have been sponsored by them for a few years. The owner is an Irish nurse and the General Manager is an English nurse and they have offices in Sydney (at Strathfield near the station), Newcastle (for the Central Coast and Newcastle) and Melbourne. Cheers Rosco
  3. Hi All I am 36 and my husband is 39. I am a qualified social worker with almost 10 years experience and my husband is a teacher and head of a successful business studies department. We are at the very early stages of exploring a move to Oz and have thousands of questions but obviously life is difficult anywhere without a job, can anyone offer tips as to the easiest ways to find out what jobs are available etc and any tips for applying.....and any other useful info that people want to share with us will be gratefully received (we also have two young children ages 3 months and the eldest is three years so obviously once we have sorted jobs we wil then get into the difficult arena of schools). The areas we are intersted in moving to are South Australia (Adelaide), Melbourne or Brisbane. Look forward to replies! Lesley and Paul
  4. can anyone tell me is there a need for support workers to adults with learning disabilities/ challenging behavior and how much could you expect to earn per hour? i have searched the site but not found what i have been looking for plus we are goin to gold coast in 2weeks for a recci an it would be good if i knew where to go lookin for this type of work .. here at home i work for the trust which is quite well paid plus you get good enhancements in your pay , the trust is the other name for the nhs ( i think) i would be grateful to anyone who could help me here an also thanks to gollywobbler for all help :yes: cheers caza
  5. Hello there, Just wanted to know if anybody can help me, i do not seem to be having much luck in finding any sponsership social work jobs in Darwin NT. I have recently returned form Darwin on a working Holiday Visa ( Dec 2009) I had the best time and fell in love with Darwin- Wet season also:biggrin: Can anybody help point me in the right direction with what i need to do and if i can get any sort of visa to support me?? I have heard of a programme that has been offering 1 yr Job opportunities in Social work but can not seem to locate it on the internet! Any information at all will really help me out..... thank you:hug:
  6. Guest

    Social worker

    Hi guys my wife and I have just moved to the northern beaches Sydney and I have a job however my wife is looking for a job close to northern beaches/city center.She is a qualified social worker so will be looking for something within this role.
  7. I live in the United States and we have a show called House Hunters International. One show was about a North Sea oil worker who moved to Australia with his wife and kids. With this description I wonder if anyone knows which type of Visa he used or if Australia makes a special exception for high paid workers. A) He was a North Sea oil worker based in Scotland. I believe he was an engineer. B) He worked 6 months out of the year in Scotland and had 6 months off. C) He moved his family to a vacation town north of Brisbane. D) After the move his family lived in Australia year round. E) The engineer kept his job in Scotland. He worked 6 months in the North Sea and spent the other six months with his family in Australia. I don't think he came in as a skilled migrant because he never intended to get a job in Australia. It got me wondering if Australia allows high paid workers to immigrate to it's shores. Is there a special visa for that? Thanks for any input!
  8. Hi all , Any fabricators , welders , sheet metal workers or boiler makers out there ??? Sent my VETASSESS off 3 ish weeks ago , Time scales to hear back , trade test , test locations and format etc any info at all would be greatly appreciated . Ive got visions of complex bend sequesnces , formula and mathematics , triangulation and pattern development . Please tell me all you havto do is a basic 3 inch T fillet in mild steel and identify a 3 1/2 lb hammer to pass the test , lol . Oh and cost of trade test , ive got $2100 written down somewhere , that cant be right surley ?????????????????? regards lee
  9. Guest

    Visa Options for Bank worker???

    Hi everyone, I currently work for a UK Bank & would love the opportunity to move to oz. I've spoken to the MD of an OZ company that do the same role as I currently do (asset finance) and he did advise me I have a "skill" that would add value to a company. However my actual job title doesnt appear on the skilled job list so im confused if I would be able to make the move. Ideally I would like to be able to get a visa based on having a skill as im finding most companies I've contacted are not forthcoming in sponsoring?? Please help!
  10. Hi does anybody know if the police clearance you get for your 176 visa covers you for social care work or would i need to get an australian police clearance for any job i apply for in Australia?
  11. Hi, I am currently seeking a sponsorship employment deal for my self and my family, can anyone inform me of how to find sponsored jobs in Australia? I am a time served sheet metal worker with 14 years experience and various other experience within this trade. Any advice would be much appreciated, Thanks! :v_SPIN:
  12. derham

    Dropped skilled worker

    Can anyone tell me if the building associate was dopped from the SOL list last year for WA and when was it dropped? I am applying under this one and I hav been told that it normaly gets dropped quickly from the list?:arghh:
  13. Guest

    Social Care Worker

    Hi guys, I am a qualified social care worker with 5 years experience. I am currently seeking sponsorship was wondering can anybody give me any tips plz on any companies that offer sponsorship in my field. I would like to live in sydney. Thanks:biggrin:
  14. Guest

    social care worker

    Hi all, im planning on moving to australia early next year and have recently qualified as a social care worker in Ireland. Im just wondering what type of jobs are avaliable in this area or are they pretty much the same as in Ireland??? thanks for any help given.:biggrin:
  15. Hello All.I am a 47 year-old podiatrist who would love to pursue my career in Australia. I don't make the 65 point thresold for a 175 visa, so what other options are open to me? I know that I can gain a visa for a 4-year stay, and I am wondering what the likliehood is of being allowed permanent resident status after spending some time working in Australia? I would be really grateful for any advice.Many thanks.Eileen
  16. Hey, hey. I'll be moving out to Melbourne in June with the family and have just finised working my way through the AASW paperwork. Do I really have to get a breakdown of the content of all my degrees and the marks I got for each module? I did my undergradute in 1997! Certified copies of my certificates is one thing but a full course breakdown seems a bit excessive (and pretty impossible too). Also, anyone know what the market is like for mental health in Melbourne at the moment? I'm an AMHP (approved social worker as was) with 7 years experience working in a Central London borough. Cheers.
  17. Guest

    Social worker

    Hi does any one know Amicus recruiting agency they have sent me an email inquiring my terms of employment and my names how they appear in my traveling documents. is it necessary?
  18. Guest

    ugandan social worker

    i need to go and work as asocial worker where my efforts will appreciated other Rotary club which is a voluntary work which i do out of passion for my course is there any african working in OZ already because this site is not common here:smile:
  19. Guest

    Social worker

    Hi is it a must that to get a job in OZ you must have registered the social work body is it necessary
  20. Guest

    Social worker

    Am a Ugandan currently in South Africa but my aim is to work as asocial worker but am short of ideas how to get there especially i have done some research that Australia and NZ they need social workers please help with ideas i will be great full. mostly especially those agencies that can foot for my travel expenses
  21. I am a UK citizen, resident in NZ, working on an Oilfield Diving Support Vessel offshore WA. I am employed by a multination corporation. My direct employer is based in Holland / Singapore (but also has an Australian division) I have a 457 visa. In the past I have spent occasional periods working offshore in Australia (20 - 70 days per year, this year perhaps more.) I have been trying to find out whether my employer has been paying Australian Income Tax. They are proving to be very evasive. The Australian Immigration Authorities are equally vague as to whether tax should be paid. If tax has been paid I assume I can claim this back in NZ (where I pay income tax on all earnings) Can anyone in a similar situation advise me?
  22. My Sis and OH are looking at making the move to Oz, and will be going to see a migration agent soon to look at which avenue is best for them to take, but I thought that I would see if anybody else out there can offer advice as well. My BIL is self employed and if I am correct has tickets for a number of trades so would go down the vetasses route, but my Sister is a support worker working with special needs children for the last 2 years, and is just about to pass as a fully qualified nursery nurse. I dont believe her profession is on the list (even with the up coming changes), but is it a profession that is in demand here in Oz that might qualify for sponsorship? The reason I ask is that they have 3 kids, and the eldest is 14, and I think it would be better for them to make the move sooner than later, so obviously sponship would be the quicker option. anybody got any ideas
  23. hello pommy friends we have been in the process of moving from aberdeen to sydney two and a half years now.... our police checks have come back and sent off, last step is medicals in 5 weeks. Can anyone tell me how long it took for your visa to arrive AFTER your medical? and on the day of your medical ( for permanent residence visa) do you get any sort of information about how it went and results and things? were very excited our house is up for sale and our two children under 7 cannot wait!!!!! cheers , jodz x
  24. Anyone has any idea the possibility that welfare worker would be capped and ceased as rumour about cooks and hairdressers?
  25. Does anyone know if Victoria will put paint trades worker back on skills list? Am I right in saying new smp skills list will be released on 1st July?