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Found 12 results

  1. As you can guess I havn't done a thread before, and I am a new member so I hope I am doing this right!!!! I wonder if I have done my application wrong and hoping for some advise. We have got our TRA and State Nomination, new passports and sent the visa app off on 4th June. I am now worrying about our health checks and police checks. I thought we were to wait until the case officer tells us to get these done, but it looks like some of you guys have got the checks done before the visa have been acknowledged! Please help me, is this something I have misread, or a tip the forum has provided. P.S. I love this site, the info is really great. ta to you all. Roberta:wacko:
  2. For the last 6 years, apart from giving birth and bringing up my children, I have also been studying for an degree with honours in English language and literature with the Open University. The last few months have been really stressful because there has been so much happening in our everyday lives which really affected my studies. Yesterday I got my results..... I got a 2.1 and I'm really really pleased :biggrin: Sorry I had to share. Nicki
  3. Hi , Ok I just need to clarify i have this right My Daughter is 11.... date of birth 29/03/00 would she be in year 7 in WA next year ? My son is 3...... date of birth 26/06/07 would he be pre-primary in WA next year ? :embarrassed:or have i got it completely wrong lol Brides x
  4. Hi everyone, Me, my OH and little boy are currently in the process of imagrating the oz, AHPRA is nearly completed and now comes the difficult part of finding ajob with sponsership visa. However HCL international, offer sponsership and guanteed salary, I wondered has anyone worked for this company before, or know someone that has? as just trying to find out my options. Any information would be great Many thanks Gemma:cute:
  5. Seems too straight forward so must have done it wrong! :tongue: According to ATO website, 2010-2011 Taxable income for non residents = $37,001 – $80,000 = $10,730 plus 30c for each $1 over $37,000 So...... Gross Yearly Salary = $60,244 ($57,278.80 cash salary & $2966.11 LAFHA) Taxable income $17,703 Net Yearly Salary = $42,541 Net Monthly Salary = $3545pm Does this look right? I will start earning bonuses after a few months so this will change but I need to get it clear in my head what is the minimum net pay I will get. I will also be getting a super of $5155.09 per annum on top of this....now pensions completely confuse me! I assume this is what my company contribute towards my pension each year and I will not actually receive any money or lose any money from my cash salary...would it however be classed as an earning and would I get taxed on it?
  6. Guest

    It worked for us !

    Hi All Last year I got my 457 visa June 09 ( I am Nurse) and planned to emigrate end of October 2009. Initially I had no intention of emigrating on a 457 and had been offered PR visa 121 with a hospital which later withdrew due to the global down turn. I was lucky as i had also had another job offer with 457. I then accepted this. But I was still unsettled about going on 457 Temp visa etc so then applied for State Sponsorship for WA ( It is free to do this ). A few weeks later I got my sponsorship. Then just 4 weeks before we left for Perth I submitted my 176 Sponsored General skilled migration visa on line after my husband and children had thier medicals, for an expense we could ill afford just 4 weeks before we were leaving but we did it as my husband was really concerned that I would be tied to a Hospital I might not want to work for , for over 2 years etc and that they might not treat me well once we had arrived etc. I submitted the application 30/09/2009. Recieved my pre grant approval 18/12/09 We then had to leave Australia and re enter before 01/07/2010 as it was an off shore visa. We have now just returned from an Easter holiday in Bali where we had our visa validated. On return to Oz we are all now ,Permanent residents and its a great feeling. I have had alot of problems where I work , I put that down to bad look , but at least now I can look for work else where independant of any one if thats what I want.( I dont even have to be a Nurse any more) We came out with very little money , me & OH in 40's, 2 children and 4 suite cases . We have had loads of ups and a couple of downs but Perth is a fantastic place to live and we all missed it loads whilst in Bali !! If you have got your 457 and are worried about not having PR , why not think about what we have done , it worked for us. Good luck to everyone with all your visa applications, Australia really is a very special place, if you are prepared to work hard and accept the differences between GB & OZ because there are quite afew lol Hold on to your dreams, because they really can come true. Take care xxx PS I did all this without a migration Agent.
  7. Hi I know that you are not allowed to but has anyone worked while being on a 12 month temporary visa while waiting for CPV? I know that their are consequences if you are caught?
  8. I hope someone can advise on this - How do you prove that you have worked for at least 12 of the last 24 months in an occupation on the SOL? what evidence do you need to give? The reason I ask is because I have had broken employment over the last 2 years, and also the jobs I have done will not be the same as the skill assessment i may go for. Has anyone had difficulties in approaching employers about this? Also, how do you prove what classification the job that you are working in is? i.e. if the job is not as clear cut as say a Doctor or accountant etc, how do you prove what Skilled Occupation it is? The jobs I do could come under a few catagories, like intelligence officer, or business and information professional not classified elsewhere.....just dont know how to prove this if it doesnt match the skill assessment I may go for. any advice or experiences much appreciated thanks
  9. Just wanted to write a short post about our journey from UK to Australia, as we used this website as a reference tool, we thought it only right that we contribute something back. The Beggining... We sold our house in lancashire at christmas for a huge loss, we could have waited out for what we wanted but thought what the heck so cashed in our chips, booked a flight and came over to Australia with just suitcases. Treated it just as a holiday hoping we would get lucky. Arrival... We stayed with friends for the first month the found a nice house to rent, then I went looking for work with fingers crossed. If i didnt find anything we were just going to treat it as a holiday, so had nothing to loose. I found a job within a week ringing around and looking on the internet. I arranged an interview and went to see them knowing i didnt have a workng visa. They offered me the job there and then and said they would help with my 457 visa, result. We used a migration agent to handle everything for he was excellent well worth the money in our opinion. The Visa.. Now the bad news. Typical of our luck we arrived just as the recession hit and an election. New rules were brought into the 457 just as we applied and this made things really difficult for us and our visa application. To cut a long story short after months of going backwards and forwards with no positive news from immigtration and being messed about no end. Our application was looked on afresh by a new case officers and we were granted our visa after a few days. The Result... So it can be done, this would have been near impossible to do from the UK, rather than taking a few months it would have taken a 18-24 months easy we reckon. If your thinking of coming over here on a 457, do it now sooner than later. Our migration agent told us our applicaiton would have flown through last year, but with all the new changes they have made with the 457 due to the recession, its now very had, I thank my lucky stars all worked out well, it could have been a disaster. It cost us an arm and a leg mind you to finance the trip eg: flights, living costs, rental car and most importantly the children being out of school for a long period but definatley worth it. We wish any family wishing to make a lifestyle change to Australia all the luck in the world, but it can be done, we are proof of that! If any couples want to contact us please feel free.
  10. Guest

    Idea that worked 4 us

    I know everyone's circumstances are different but with so many people desperate 2 sell their houses I thought it was worth sharing how we managed 2 get a very good price 4 our house quickly. We offered 2 part exchange - so we have sold our 4 bed house (with a mortgage that wouldn't have been covered by rent) & bought a 3-bed semi for 90K less. The rent will cover the 90% mortgage & we have (most) of our equity 2 take with us. We're in Scotland which prob does make a difference but if yr circumstances are similar it could work 4 u. Jules
  11. Hi All, I have just qualified in an occupation on the MODL list but until very recently I have been working in a different occupation on the SOL list. I'm sure I read somewhere that as long as you have been working in an occupation on the SOL list your assessment will be ok. Does anyone know if this is correct? :notworthy:
  12. hi everyone me and my partner tanya are like yourselves in the visa "process". I am due to go for a practical assessment in carpentry in april is there anyone who can shed some light on what to expect any info would be more than welcome as i am a bit nervous to say the least