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Found 6 results

  1. I'm having trouble finding an answer to my question! :arghh: Hopefully there is a savior amongst you loyal seamstresses. ( Get it? threads?a hur hur hur...) Anywho, I'm a Canadian that was in Sydney on a HWV gearing up to do my regional work. I was leaving my last 3 months of my visa to do said work, silly silly, before deciding what to do after my first year was up. Sadly, sick family back home in Canada forced me to make arrangements and leave Australia before I could even begin my regional work. After making my arrangements I left on the 10th month of my HWV. Now 8 months have passed, family is on the mend, so here is my question: Is there a way for me to do the regional work now? Thus in the long run being able to apply for a 2HWV? I miss Australia terribly and want to come back ASAP. I've looked at other visa options, but I don't qualify for most of the other options, and I just don't know if I can come back anyways without having completed the mandatory regional work. I was curious if using the 6 month visa would be a way to do that, or a bridge visa? I just want to do the regional work. I'm stuck! I feel like I may be SOL, but any advice or even just confirmation of my fears, would be appreciated. :notworthy:
  2. Hi all, I'm flying to Sydney on September 2nd to start my one year working holiday. Does anyone have any tips on finding jobs? I thought Sydney would be the best place to start but I have friends in Melbourne so I may move down there if it's easier to find work. I have good experience in Law, Hospitality and retail, but i'm really not fussed what work I do, would happily work in bars, shops, construction, regional etc. My main concern is finding a job quickly as I only have limited funds! Staying in a central hostel for the first week or two (probably should book that), but after that i will be looking to move into the suburbs and get a houseshare or apartment if I find work in Sydney. If anyone is in Sydney or Melbourne from September then let me know, would be good to hear your thoughts and discuss all things Australia! Paul
  3. zycotic

    travelling to nsw

    I am a 24yr old irish male currently backpacking across Australia. At the moment I am in emerald VIC but no regional work available hereso hoping to move to nsw in next month to try and find work to extend my visa. I am looking for a backpacking hostel in nsw. I don't want to be near Sydney. Want a place where I can enjoy my stay and make friends. Any help would be appreciated?
  4. Hi I'm Rachel :biggrin: Myself and my fiance are currently looking to move to Oz around summer 2015. We are very much at the start of the process, so any help would be greatly appreciated. We are not sure whether to try and get skilled visa's before hand or try to get work over there? My partner Sam, 25, is a NVQ2 qualified carpenter and will be NVQ3 qualified before we go to Oz. He is interested in working within the timber framing industry, but any work would be great anyone know the best places to work as a carpenter? What visa would be the best to apply for? I am 24 and work within finance and am level 3 AAT qualified, will be level 4 qualified before i go to Oz. I'd be happy to work anywhere within Oz. Again what is the best visa to apply for? We were also wondering if it would help our application, if we were to get married before we go to Oz? Kind regards Rach x
  5. I am new to forums so please be patient. My father is an Australian Native and has always resided in Oz. I'm British by birth and on my mother's side. I'm 27 and want to apply for Australian citizenship. It hasn't been straightforward because his name is not currently on my birth certificate but my mother is having my birth certificate re-certified with his name (his has signed a parentage declaration).. this application has just been made. (hoping it doesn't take long). I am traveling to Oz in a few weeks time. I want to then make my Citizenship application there (with new birth certificate) as I want to stay there. My concern is the timeline of the process. I have previously spent a year in Oz on a 1yr working visa. I want to work as soon as I legally can when I return next month but worried it will be ages before the ceremony. Can it be fast tracked? Can I get a work permit in the interim? Is it a bad idea to go there on a 3month holiday visa (I am law abiding and would not work until legally able) when it may take longer to get a ceremony date? Has anyone done it this way?? Any help please!
  6. Hi all- I usually don't go to strangers for advice on deep things like this, but I figured this would be the best place to go as there are a lot of like-minded people on this forum who may have been through a predicament like mine before who could offer their two cents. To begin with, moving to Australia has always been the ultimate goal and light at the end of the tunnel for me. I met my wife in 2008, moved to England from the States (where I'm from) soon after and the goal was always to live and work in the UK for a few years and then move to Oz. This was a goal we talked about throughout our being together and something we both looked forward to. My wife (a German national) did two stints in Australia in her early-mid 20's- a working holiday visa for a year and then another month trip a few years later and she absolutely fell in love with the country. It's her favourite place in the world and was always in tears on her last day in the country (like most, I'm sure)! We visited Oz over this past Christmas holiday for 3 weeks, my first time in Oz, her third, and I absolutely fell in love with the country. The people, the sights, the atmosphere. It was absolutely everything I thought it would be. Perfect. After coming back to London after our trip, we had our first in depth discussion about moving out there. My first thought being finding sponsorship work would be the the best & cheapest route to Australia, but soon after doing some research on this realized how difficult it is for an overseas teacher to get sponsorship at a school in Australia, especially in primary schools, as teachers are a dime a dozen in Australia. With this now known, discussion turned to me looking into acquiring a 189 visa, which would allow us resident status and the ability to live and work anywhere in Australia up to 5 years, given I had enough points to achieve this. This has a much longer processing time and comes with a cost of a couple thousand Aus dollars but would give us the freedom to settle anywhere we wished and I wouldn't be required to only stay at one school. But again, as a primary school teacher, the chances of me getting this visa are quite low too, even if I applied as a high school teacher which I also have qualifications for (up to Year 9). So with all this known, my thoughts went from thinking maybe getting a 1 year working and holiday visa to go out there to teach in the areas we would be interested in living with hopes of getting sponsored at a school would be the best + quickest + cheapest route. But it comes with it's cons. Mainly having to be apart from each other for a few months, and the following... The more thought and research I have put thought into this, the more I noticed my wife getting upset and stressed out. Now, age 30 and 31 respectively, her idea of moving to Australia has diminished to the point of her not wanting to do it at all and it isn't an option anymore, her opinion being that we are too old for this and it's time to look into settling down, saving money and starting a family. This bombshell hit me like a ton of bricks. It was the first time she admitted to not wanting to do this. She's wanting to look forward and not back and her idea of happiness is to plant roots into the ground in England, and she could not fathom starting a family in Australia, a 24 hour flight away from family and loved ones. Fair enough, bless her, I can relate to this. I feel the same way. And I want this too, to settle down and slow things down. But not yet. And not in England. I've slowly come to realize it's not where I want to spend the rest of our days together. My idea of happiness is following the dream that's been there from the start, to move to Australia, if only for a year or two just to get that 'bug' (if you will) out of our system and go from there. It's always been my dream and light at the end of the tunnel and that hasn't changed. Especially now that I'm incredibly unhappy with my teaching job in London, am feeling burnt out and could really use a change of pace and scenery. I used to think moving to Australia was 'our' dream but now only a month ago I realized that it is only mine. This leads to my being stuck between a rock and a hard place. I turn 31 in 9 days, March 1st, leaving me just 8 days to apply for the Work & Holiday (subclass 462) visa, if that was what we decided to do. Once I turn 31, I can no longer apply for this. And knowing how difficult it might be to get sponsored at a school without ever stepping foot in the door and how difficult it would be to get the 189 resident visa as a primary school teacher, getting a 1 year work & holiday very likely might be our only route to the country. It's a really tough predicament and would require us to be apart for a few months but would lead to us having a few years in Australia. But then again, she doesn't want this anymore. And here I am pondering the thought of getting this visa despite all that, to act on my dream, but there's this huge stop sign in front of me. So how do I approach this? I know from the start how selfish it is of me to think of 'my' dreams above 'our' needs as a couple. It was only a month ago where I was told we didn't share this dream. And now I'm feeling like I've just had my head chopped off and I'm trying to figure how to adjust to accepting I may not ever move to Oz. But I am afraid if I don't act on this opportunity and turn my back on something I've wanted to do for so long, it may be something I always look back on and regret, and may even form a bit of resentment towards my wife because of her sudden change to not wanting to do it. So kind people of pomsinoz, what sort of advice can you give? Please be as constructive as you need to be. I can take it. I just really need some outside opinions on this, whether it be kind or not from people who have been in this situation before or even not. I'm just really in the need of some outside advice on this as it's something I can't get my mind off of and the time is ticking. I truly appreciate your time advance and thank you for reading to the end of this message!