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Found 7 results

  1. Guest

    documents and certified wording

    This might be a stupid question but we're about to lodge our 176 and need some documents certified. Firstly- do we need every single document/payslip that isn't colour certified? (payslips are email print offs) Secondly- A JP is going to certify them for us- what wording does she put? Thanks all x
  2. I have read several enquiries regarding the Statutory Declaration template and, having had to supply two Statutory Declarations for my TRA (one was due to a company going into liquidation and one for my period of self-employment), I thought it would be useful to supply the template for others to use, as below : - Statutory Declaration I, [First Name] [Surname] of [Address] do solemnly and sincerely declare as follows: I was employed / have been self-employed as a [ job title(s) ] by [Company Name] between DD/MM/YYYY and DD/MM/YYYY. [for Stat Decs regarding employment] I cannot obtain a reference from [Company Name] as they have stopped trading/they have not kept any records regarding my employment. During my period of employment / self-employment with / trading as [Company Name] I would perform the following tasks and duties on a day to day basis: [give details in bullet point format] I used the following tools and equipment: [give list] I make this solemn declaration believing the same to be true and by virtue of the Statutory Declarations Act 1835 Signed: [your signature] Declared at: [Solicitors Address] On this [Day] Day of [Month/Year] Before me, [solicitors signature] [Solicitor’s Name, Occupation, Address]
  3. Hello All Thanks to Chris I now know I need 2 Stat Decs and was wondering if anyone can help me with the wording. I have seen some old posts where members said they would provide copies or examples and was hopeful there was some kind member still about that can help. Basically I need 1. Stat dec to support a genuine relationship between myself and my hubby ... why I am not sure ... but I will send whatever they ask for! 2. Stat dec for children from a previous relationship where father has left country and cannot be traced. Many, Many Thanks Jen x :smile:
  4. We are sending off our defacto visa application tomorrow but we have just received the stat dec from my mum and instead of defacto partner she has put interdependant partner. Do you think this will be ok to include or should we not put it in? What do people think? To me it looks like she doesn't know what visa she is applying for when I've looked on the immi.gov.au website and it says interdependent is same sex when we are opposite sex. She says she looked on a legal website and it says interdependant is just when its two people who are dependant on each other and doesn't matter what sex. What do people who have applied and been granted partner visas think? Thanks!
  5. Hi, Wonder if anyone would know the answer to this?? As with ARTC you have to prove your Australian residence by showing the visa evidence and also have an australian address for the result to be posted to, Q -when doing the Statuary declarations for the references I am unable to obtain from previous employers what address do I put on the stat dec? I Garath Roberts of (my Uk adress as it is now ) or ( the Australian address I am using in the application?) I have been granted a 457 visa and am applying for ARTC as I have been studying through peer to then sit the exam in South Australia on positive(hopefully) result of the ARTC. Thanks in advance
  6. Guest

    Wording on certified copies?

    Hi all We are currently putting together the paperwork for the TRA assessment. My friend is a policewoman and has agreed to certify the copies of the documents in return for me cooking her dinner. This is great as it is going to save us a bit of money. However what does she need to do to certify them? Does she write on each one that this is a true copy of the original and then sign her name? Some advice would be great. Many thanks Petra
  7. We are just looking into re-locating to Adelaide and are looking to start the process of a Visa application 136. My husband is currently an Electro-Mechanical Maintenance Engineer. He worked at BMW/Rover in Swindon for 16 years where he did his apprenticeship and studies. His role involved fixing/maintaining pretty much all the equipment used in a factory that produces panels for cars. We then moved 2 years ago to Devon and he now works for a company that is part of the Ginsters group maintaining all the equipment used to make pies!! We started trying to look for a similar job on the SOL and MODL lists and sent a copy of his C.V. to the Engineering recognition board. They referred us to TRA. We looked at the list again and the nearest we can find to his role is 'Fitter' although it doesn't classify electro-mechanical. He isn't sure therefore if this is the right job to apply for to the TRA. Is it likely that it is just that they have a different title for the same role? Is this common? I don't suppose there are any electro-mechanical engineers/fitters out there contemplating the move, or have made the move? If there are, we would love to hear from you. Thanks for reading. Tracey & Phill