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Found 24 results

  1. Hi trying to suss out what to take or leave when we pack for Oz. Is wooden garden furniture a problem? thanks
  2. Hi all, Hoping someone might shed some light. I'm looking to ship some heavy kit, like a full blown engine, gearbox, and running gear for a car. Since these things are pretty heavy I can't really ship them in cardboard boxes, so I figured the best would be to build some wooden crates to hold them. Enter the old wood items issue. The question, hopefully someone might know, if I buy timber from the local B&Q and construct wooden crates around these goods, will customs and excise have an issue with kiln dried wood from B&Q ? Would it help if I creosote it? Any help or tips on how to transport 500kgs worth of iron would be welcomed, I just don't really want it rolling around in the container, and it needs to be sturdy enough to carry the goods within it. Thanks P
  3. Hi Maybe you could help us? We seem to have so much conflicting advice re wooden items...Lots of the things I'm talking about are inexpensive things that we have collected and we would consider shipping in our excess baggage as keepsakes. So is it really ok to take any of the following: Wooden stationery items Children's wooden toys Signs (i.e. decorative room signs) Picture frames Wooden trinkets etc that are shop-bought but made simply to look antique Wooden jewellery Then we have a few large photo canvases. These have been hand-made with the canvas stretched over a wooden frame (manufactured by a separate UK company) - the wood looks bare, but has been through processes to ensure strength and kiln dried, which should kill off anything... Any advice would be really welcome - thanks a lot!
  4. Guest

    Wooden Toys

    We have been through all of our items for shipping ensuring that there is no untreated wood etc and thought we were sorted until........my husband was on the floor playing trains with the kids and he looked up at me and said 'Dear Lord, do I need to varnish all of this track?'. So that's my question, does kids wooden train track need to be treated so that we can take it with us? Was feeling dodgy about the furniture we have with wicker inserts in the doors, but this has obviously been treated so fingers crossed - but the box of train track is another story. Any advice greatly appreciated. Tracey:unsure:
  5. Had PSS round today to estimate for shipping, and the guy has recommended that I stain/varnish all of my Ikea Ivar shelving so that it definitely counts as treated wood and I don't get caught by customs and quarantine. Neither of the other two companies that have quoted for shipping have mentioned the shelving as an issue. So, has anyone had any trouble with Ivar shelving? Is the bloke just being as cautious as possible, or is this overkill?
  6. benandkelly

    shipping wooden products

    Hi all, Does anyone know whether its ok to ship things like pine wood dining table & chairs? Also we have a couple of canvas wardrobes which have bare wood frames. Would these be ok to ship or would Aqis stop them? Any help much appreciated Ben & Kelly
  7. Hi, My wife and I are moving to Australia on December 31st and we will be shipping some wooden products, e.g. a chest of draws. Can anyone advise what the process is to get them fumigated/approved for entry into Australia? Bookedwormuk
  8. Hello, we are just clearing out for a massive car boot sale tomorrow morning and I cannot find out (when goooogling) whether we can or can not take wooden ornaments and wooden christmas decoration with us. I don't mean pine cones, just the old fashioned kind of wooden ornamnets for christmas trees. Also we have got dozens of cheap wooden Ikea picture frames, do we better get rid of them or won't they be an issue in our container? Thank you! Mel
  9. Hi, We are looking for a builder to replace a bay window with some french doors and replace a couple of windows. We want wooden frames and if we can afford it we will put in double glazing. Does anyone have any recommendations for reliable builders who could do this work? I have had enough of waiting for builders who make appointments and then don't show up! :arghh: We live in Bentleigh. Thanks Gill and Chris
  10. Scarby

    wooden swing sets

    Hi we are just getting quotes from shippers and was wondering if anyone had taken a wooden swing set (TP type) over to Australia, one of the shipping companies said it would be fine and just to treat it or paint it and the other one didnt know whether we could take it or not! I am quite happy to just leave it and buy another one when we get there but dont want to find we leave it behind and we could have just taken it. Thanks Celia
  11. Hi everyone Our furniture is due to arrive into port shortly and I need to fill out the unaccompanied personal effects form for AQIS. Most of it is straight forward enough as we don't have anything to declare except for some wooden furniture. Its mainly IKEA flat pack stuff, ie painted and varnished wood, (no wicker or antique wooden items) and so shouldn't be a problem. I just wondered if, by listing all of these wooden items though, it means that AQIS will go through all of your stuff with a fine toothcomb and, if so, how this effects clearance timings? I know that with airport customs, as long as you declare any questionable items, they are fine - one quick question and away you go. I don't know if port customs are the same or if its a case of any excuse for them to put a hold on your stuff. We really need our things urgently now though so any reassurance you can give would be much appreciated. Many thanks
  12. stargazysky

    Wooden Pet Shipping Crates

    Hello We're taking our 2 dogs with us to Oz and thinking of trying to do it all ourselves. Only thing is I'm finding it difficult to find a crate for one of our dogs.. a lanky greyhound. Does anybody know of a firm that makes 'made to measure' wooden crates? I don't know if you can post links on here? Or whether you'll have to PM me any details. I wanted to get them early so I could start getting the hounds accustomed to them, feed them in the crates and let them have a little nap in there just so they won't be so freaked out when they're on the flight. Lou
  13. Hi - I am in the process of preparing to make the move to Victoria (hoping for mid-December - fingers crossed!) and would like find out if anyone knows what the score would be with shipping a very small painted wooden chair that has a cane woven seat on it. The thing is that at the moment the chair has no seat at all as i am in the process of re-caning it myself (i have already bought the cane and it is waiting to be done). i had thought it would be good to have all the furniture that we are taking with us in good repair and looking nice! (rather than ship a load of old tat!!!). Having looked into customs though i'm starting to think that it's been a waste of money and not worth doing this side of the move. Can anyone advise about what would be best?
  14. I want to take my wooden clarinet with me when I emmigrate to Australia. I know they are going to want to inspect it due to it being wooden and therefore don't want to send it in the few boxes we are shipping out (we are ensuring there is no other wooden items in these shipped boxes as we don't want to incur quarantine charges). I am therefore thinking of taking it on the plane with me and declaring it at customs and quarantine at the airport. Has anyone done something similar and are they likely to confiscate my clarinet or take it away for cleaning? If so, what is the cleaning process? Is it likely to ruin the clarinet? I'd appreciate any advice on what actually happens to wooden products and how much it costs to get them checked by quarantine. Many thanks, Jo
  15. Hi, We bought a fab wooden garden furniture set last year (£700) and we wnated to take it to Perth with us as we will get pennies for it if we sell it now. Can you take wooden furnitire?, Will they charge us for cleaning when we get there? If so how much is it to have cleaned? Can anyone advise us what to do. Thanks
  16. My little girl loves dressing up so for her bday which is in 10 days(!!) i decided it would be nice to get her her own dressing up box and fill with bits she can play with (from local op shops etc!). So I have been looking EVERYWHERE for a ready made toy chest, something girly ready painted OR a blanket box/toy chest in its raw wooden state that I can then paint and do it up to llok nice for her, put her name on it etc. trouble is cant find one anywhere! have done the whole ebay thing, found a few on there but there are either nowhere near WA or too expensive or wont get here in time now. Anyone know any furniture shops around her where I can go find a large wooden blanket box/toy box and paint it up, dont have much time to do it however!! hope someone can help!!
  17. ErmintrudeMcMoo

    Wooden Duck

    Once a fortnight at the staff morning tea we get to vote for the winner of the Wooden Duck (for people who make the daftest cock up). I think I can safely say that I am high in the running for the next one, so far this week I have patched through a call telling the call recipient that the caller was wanting Amanda Tree`s report, only to have gales of laughter from the office as it was actually a mandatory report (bloody Aussies should learn to talk proper like wot I do!!). We then had me sending out an email to everyone (about 200 people), which contained the line "Let me know if you notice any mistakes in this attachment (not that I make any)" 2 seconds after I hit the send button I realise I hadn`t attached anything. Finally today I put up a sign on the toilets stating they are out of order, a while later the sign is gone, so I put another sign up, someone comes in asking what toilets to use as the others are locked- I tell them it`s on the sign - they say what sign? I say the sign I put up 5 minutes ago. Nope no sign they say - to which I start to burst a blood vessel - I look out the door - sure enough no sign, so I go stomping off muttering about people playing jokes, I see my boss and moan at him - at which point I turn round to point out the toilet to him and realise that I`d actually put the sign up on the wrong toilet (there was a tree in the way, so couldn`t see it properly from the office when I first looked) at least my boss is happy as he normally wins the wooden duck! Oh well - nearly Friday!:goofy:
  18. TinaL

    Wooden objects

    Does anyone know if you can take wooden chopping boards and bamboo utensils and bowls. Also have an ornament made from a blackboy can I take it back to Oz. Got a wicker snowman that's been sprayed gold can that go? :huh:
  19. Guest

    Wooden items and quarantine

    Okay, so this may seem a rather silly question/topic to those are in the know, but here goes anyway!!!.... I am thinking about moving to Oz permanently after spending a year out there and have been looking into shipping processes of my furniture and so on. I have already had problems sending small gifts over simply in the post, and wonder how strict the regulations are when moving personal belongings over, specifically, wooden items. I have items such as a wooden wardrobe, bed frame and so on, and want to know will these need to be irridated? If so, is this costly? Also, do even objects such as wooden picture frames need to irridated too or are they easily passed through quarantine?! Any help would be much appreciated, thanks! :-) GG :jiggy:
  20. Guest

    Taking wooden furniture ???

    Does anyone have any info on taking wooden furniture to Australia. I have heard through the grapevine that you have to have wooden items tested and certified by a specialist? Does this count for untreated / waxed wood or include varnished or treated wood? Does anyone know what is the criteria?
  21. JoJoB

    Taking wooden patio furniture

    Does anyone know what the rules and regs are on taking wooden outdoor furniture? I know everything needs to be spotless so will be giving everything a good wash down - but the set we have is only stained - not painted or anything. We oil it regularly so it's not dry and cracked. Is there anything else we need to do to it before it gets shipped? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  22. welsh in oz

    A bit of a wooden dilemma

    Hoping someone can answer my question...... My dad has made me some really really nice wooden bowls over the last few years, one made out of the same piece of wood my grandad made me a stool out of when I was born....sentimental old me wants to take them all to Oz with me, but I am concerned, will they get through customs? Should I send them in the boxes or take them in my case? Or will I have to pay a fortune for them to be heat treated? :cry: We bought a pillow from Thailand and had it confiscated at Sydney until we left a month later (that or pay $300 for gamma treatment!) but back in the UK they didnt even look at it!
  23. Guest

    Wooden furniture & Customs

    Just working our way through the what you can & can't bring paperwork! I've got a fair bit of Ikea unvarnished wooden item eg: storage units/drawers - are these ok or is the OH right in saying they are a big no? No doubt I will have more questions as the departure date gets closer 16 Jun (and counting). Weegwa
  24. Can someone please give me advice? It's a bit of a daft question, but as there is a restriction on bringing things made of wood in to Australia, what about my framed pictures ? And what about mirrors with a wood surround? It's only a little dilemma, but I have about 20 small and 4 large pictures, and don't really want to leave the frames and buy new ones in Melbourne. But does the "no wood" policy extend to small things like pictures? I wouldn't like to think they would be stopped at Customs and perhaps destroyed, as they are very special - kids' photos, paintings of our holiday places,etc. Sentimental, but really important to me!!! Thanks for any help . ( I just read a post saying there is a problem bringing Xmas decs - so will leave most of them behind.):cute::twitcy: