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Found 25 results

  1. Hi, We will be moving to Melbourne in September and are starting to get things packed up for the move. However, there are a few items that we wish to bring with us, which may be frowned upon, due to the nature of their intended use and the materials they are made of. One such item is a Zassenhaus wooden coffee grinder, from West Germany. Is this going to be jumped on by the customs/quarantine inspectors, as it has been used and is wooden? We also have some vintage wooden ice skates from Holland. The metal blades have rusted, as they are purely decorative and are kept outside (on a balcony - we have no garden). Because they too are wooden, will they be allowed, particularly with the rust? Obviously, we can't bring food products with us, but we do wish to bring as much of the kitchen equipment as possible. Are there any no-nos you can advise on? We'd hate to lose any of our stuff and/or get fined, when we could just sell any items of risk before we leave. Thanks for your help. pearljamfan
  2. Hi guys, I need a king size or larger bed and there is a sale near me now. OH is against buying furniture but I'm not too sure. Any idea how much a good quality bed in solid wood costs in OZ??? I have trawled a few websites but they dont put the prices on in most. Would love to hear from those who have made the purchase or looked into it there? Also is the quality similar or is UK stuff better? XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
  3. Is it possible for a Cabinetmaker who worked the last years as PM in the field of Fitout-interior move to mining jobs in WA??? And dont mean as Driver or something similiar, more like Site manager or similiar like that. Any advice?? Thx in advance
  4. Hello, I have some furniture from IKEA that is wood finish but sort of chipboard on the inside. Would that be allowed through? Does anyone have any experience of this? Thanks Gem
  5. Lil Bev

    Canvas help

    Hello, We are in the process of packing our belongings for shipment. I am aware that certain items are prohibited such as plants products, untreated wood etc. Prepare yourself for the silly question.....are canvas paintaings with wooden frames classed as an untreated wood product? Has anyone taken them and not had any problems? Any input much appreciated!
  6. Guest

    taking wood to oz

    Hi everyone We are at the beginning of our journey to oz and currently thinking of what to take and what not to take. We have heard that its not worth taking wooden items due to the cost of fumigation. Is this correct or are we able to take wooden items without incurring extra costs? Many thanks for any help recieved Getting excited now :biggrin:
  7. Guest

    Handsworth Wood Medical Centre

    Hi Just thought anyone who's thinking of using this centre might like some info.... We had our medicals and x-rays at Handsworth Wood on Friday, the staff are very friendly and helpful. It took 2 hours for us to go through the whole process as they were busy - there were over 14 people having immigration medicals. They charge £260+VAT per adult which includes courier fees to Sydney. It was a bit like being on a conveyor belt - 1st you see the administrator who checks your forms/passports etc, then it was the phlebotomist for blood test, weight/height,eye sight test and blood pressure, then chest x-ray (my OH had his done twice as he took too big a breath and she couldn't fit all his lungs on the x-ray !) Then we both saw the doctor together for a quick look in our eyes/ears/mouths, check pulse, listen to heart/breathing and check for hernias. Then it was back to the administrator to pay ! They expect blood test results within 12 days and will ring if any problems, otherwise they e-mail to let us know when the paperwork has been sent and will give us the tracking details. Then its a case of waiting for OZ to get their a into g ! Lisa:cute:
  8. Guest

    Cosy wood burners

    Are great in this cold weather - but we are a bit useless at keeping it alight. Has anybody got any tips for fire building...bbqs/open fires/wood burners. I'd be thrilled to get some help - it's costing us a fortune. We've got kindling, firelighters and logs (too large for the stove maybe??) it has a 4.5 kwt output and uses clean burn technology apparently. As the snow is heading for us again tonight help is needed; how I regret getting thrown out of the girl guides :embarrassed:
  9. Fashionably Late

    Handsworth Wood Medicals

    I have been trying to get a hold of this company for days. I keep getting a recording saying they are busy and to leave a message. I have left numerous messages and no one has called back and it makes it impossible to book an appointment for the medicals. Has anyone else had this problem?
  10. Gas Heater for sale with lovely wood effect in door. Model is vienna and it is black, would look lovely in a home and heat throughout in Winter. I have been told that these sell for a few thousand dollars. It is up for sale for $400,00. We are in Clarkson Perth WA.
  11. Guest

    houses made of wood

    hi anyone. Been watching loads of austalian house selling programs and are all houses made of wood in australia.

    Can you use linseed oil on wood

    As it says can you use linseed oil on wood before we ship our stuff ??????????
  13. Hi, Could anyone tell me if there is much work in W/A, for a Joiner / Wood machinist. I have 16 years experience in a workshop and shop floor, running all different types of woodworking machines and also doing benchhand work. I`am hoping to be over in the next 18 months, so if anyone has any kind of advice or information it would be really appreciated. regards Steve
  14. Hi All My husband runs his own carpet business in the UK, selling and fitting carpets, vinyl, wood and laminate flooring. He has lots of experience and is very good at his job. We are trying to find out more about getting sponsorship but not sure how to go about it. We are going to arrange a trip out to austrailia to start looking at areas, We are looking at perth, new south wales, gold coast, victoria, however we are still open to ideas and obviously when we go we may change our mind on areas. We need to find out more about Employment first for my husband, then schools for the children and also homes. Does anyone have any suggestions on employment in any these areas, we don't really know how to go about getting sponsored or is it a case of contacting as many carpet/flooring companies as possible. Any help appreciated Thanks
  15. Guest

    Hi from The Wood Family

    :smile:Hi We are new to the Forum. My Husband has just been offered a job with Woods accident repair centres in Melbourne as a panel beater, we would love to hear from anyone in a similar position and anyone already working for the company. We have 2 children, a girl 11 and a boy 6. We have been looking at the berwick area and it looks ideal for us. If anyone has any suggestions for any other areas that might be suitable it would be much appreciated!!!!!
  16. hi all When and if we get to oz, would there be any issues regarding shipping cane and solid wood furniture, any advice? we would be grateful for all your comments, oh thinks we should sell items before moving. I'm not , :arghh:
  17. Guest

    wood furniture

    hi can you help we are still waiting for july the 1 st for visa grants. but in the meantime, can anyone tell me the restrictions on taken wood furniture into oz ? we have barker and stonehouse furniture which we love and want to take it has a polished finished therefore we think it has been treated, has anyone took wood furniture over and had any problem ?
  18. Hi, we are moving to Australia in a few months. I was told we might encounter problems taking our wood carvings to Australia - I have a big wall carving from Thailand, and a few masks from Africa... Also a fake mousse head covered with real rabbit fur (don't ask!). Do these need to be declared or quarantined ? They all have special memories and I would be gutted to leave them behind.
  19. Guest

    Treated Wood

    Am looking for a bit of advice. What is classed as treated wood? Have a few ornaments and wonder if there is anything I can do to them to ensure they get through ok. Also our dinning room chairs have a woven rush (reed) seats. Would it be safer to remove the rush to avoid the chairs being stopped? Any opinions or advice would be appreciated. Many Thanks mange
  20. Guest

    Wood Machining

    Hi everyone just joined trying to get some info on Wood Machining jobs in oz,i had looked at the immagration site and a couple of links off that and there seemed to be a fair amount of jobs for Wood Machinists but i have saw nothing on here looking for anyone who may be a Wood Machinist or possibly a Cabinet Maker who i can speak to and possibly get an insight into where would be the best place to look or possible companys to contact cheers Tommy.
  21. I've tried a search but to no avail so please help I have a few pieces of wooden "nik naks" which I would like to take with me but I'm petrified of being charged a fortune for customs to obliterate it with their magic machine. The items are trinkets which I've collected from all over the world, I really want to keep them AQUIS web site is no help So can I take small items which have been varnished ? Is there a link to a OZ government website which will give me a few pointers ?
  22. we are moving in September to Aus and I'm wondering whether certain items of furniture will make it through quarantine - wicker baskets, antique wooden furniture, rattan bed - has anybody moved these items with success or would it be easier to sell/store them here ? thanks !:wideeyed:
  23. Hi, my husband is a carpet, laminate, wood and amtico and karndean approved fitter. We have been told by our migration agent that there is tons of work for him out in oz and will find work anywhere in oz near major cities. Is he right or is he giving us rubbish so he can sign us up and get our fee. We are going out to perth to see for ourselves in may but was wondering if anyone could shed some light on it for us before we go. My husband's trade has recently been added to the mod list or something and apparantly there is a demand for them. But i spoke to my uncle in queensland and he seem to think there was too many carpet fitters already, so very mixed opinions and im so confused. Does any body know any more on this subject? or is there any migrating floor finishers out there that can help? many thanks and kind regards, stacy
  24. Guest

    HOUSE SOLD (touch wood)

    We put our house on the market this week. I work for an Estate Agents on a Saturday and I put the house on with them this week. It finally went on market on Thursday and we sold it yesterday!! We only put it on as neighbours said each time it had been on market it had taken 6 months to a year to sell! So we are trying not to look too stupid now. The couple that bought it have a baby due in January so we said we we would be out in plenty of time before baby came. Now we are having to look at rented, why is it so expensive? Suddenly all our well laid plans are looking a bit of a mess. Anyway, we are excited too. We have not even done our medicals yet. Only applied for police checks at beginning of September. Oh, well if we do not get in for some reason or another we will just have to buy a new property here (god forbid, really want to go to Oz). Anyway hope you are all doing okay with your applications. There is a alot of patience involved. Hopefully I will start to lose weight with the stress! Love Claire:jiggy:
  25. Guest

    Yew wood table and chairs

    Can anyone give me some advice about bringing over a wooden dining table and chairs. Do customs have regulations on wooden items? Does it have to be treated? If so what does that involve and is it expensive? Hope to move to Adelaide so climate not as humid as say Brisbane, although will the heat affect it? Any advice or experience others have had would be really appreciated. Monty