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Found 20 results

  1. Hi All Just wondering if there is anyone on here who has successfully applied for a 175 visa as an accountant after only being recently qualified (CIMA)? My situation is this - can only apply after July 2011 as currently not enough points. Age 39 (9 months till 40!), IETS 8 achieved, CPA Skills Assesment waiting result after further documents sent,, should pass OK now,, but......on the work experience I've been a Finance Manager (duties of management accountant ANZSCO) for 3 years 2 months. Do you think I can count this as relevant work experience despite it being before I qualified?? Without it I will be short by 5 points, seems like State Sponsorship would need the same requirement of 3 years experience so don't think I cna gain it here either. So this is the crunch - 3 years experience does count, I can meet the requirement, if not I can't. Any ideas really appreciated, Thanks
  2. Amy Rose

    Just wondering?

    Anyone else flying to Brisbane next Sunday from Heathrow?? I am :jiggy:
  3. It all seems to be getting on top, was just informed by my agent that Perth may not be sponsering sparks:wacko:. the thing is we were already let down at the begining of the year as we fancied QLD. my points don't stack up well apparently, i have my vetassess later this month, but im 45 next march so cutting it all very close to the edge. does anyone know any electrical contractors that may sponser a niceic registered self employed qualified spark have been running my own buisness here for years, i just need to know where to focus on, I spend hours on google earth looking for nice places, then get told cant go!:goofy:. anyone else been here? cheers dudes and dudees's
  4. Cadas

    Agents - just wondering

    Having parted with large amounts of cash and been, overall, pretty happy with my agent (one of the main Aus based ones) it struck me tonight how little info I have received about applications and how much I have taken on trust. For each stage (vetassess, ACT, submission) I've given them documents, paid money then just had an email from the agent saying 'it's submitted'. This is odd to me, in my line of work, you'd have to prove you'd done something like that ie. Receipt, copies of submissions, etc. Is my agent perculiar or are we 'hopeful immigrants' taking an awful lot on trust? The worry is, in hindsight, how completely exposed we are if something goes wrong.
  5. Thats all it is folks, i am stuck on 99 friends and just wondered if anyone wanted to be the Ropey HOFFS 100th PIO friend? Once you are in the inner circle of the HOFFS friends, you have to fit the strict criteria, which is.............. 1. Love Australia. 2. Have a fun sense of humour. 3. Love Australia. 4. All of the above. lol:laugh: Anyone interested, just contact me and heres a big :hug: to my other great 99 PIO friends, you know who you are, love you all, from............................... The Ropey HOFF.
  6. Hi all, After lots of researching we have decided Oz is definatly where we want to be. We are a family of 4 with 2 small children aged 2 and 6. My hubby is currently an Aircraft Engineer in the Royal Navy with 12 years experience. He doesnt have civillian qualifications and we have seen conflicting information as to wether he would qualify to go on the SOL as he is now or complete his civvy licenses? Has anyone any advice on the first steps we need to take? Any advice would be very gratefully recieved :wub:
  7. Seems to be very quiet on the English front.......... Don’t want to talk about whom is leading the medal table as I will be accused of being a flag waving insecure Aussie.... :cry: I guess if you aren’t doing well best to be quiet!!!!!!! :wink::tongue: AUSSIE, AUSSIE, AUSSIE, OYE, OYE, OYE :jiggy::jiggy::jiggy:
  8. Hey i was just wondering what do you have to do to get a truck license in South Australia. Like what places do you first apply. Is there a theory test i should learn before going in. And what are the requirements on getting truck licence. Thanks for the help.
  9. Guest

    Just Wondering :)

    Hey, Im Rhianne Im 15. I was just wondering if I could get some more information. Im moving to the gold coast in September. I would have just finished year 10, but apparently in Aus, there school years start in January? I've also mid way though my GCSE's and thinking if I would need them over there and if I could get some more info on school and what they do? And when you move schools, is it easy to fit in + make friends? xx
  10. Guest

    Just wondering

    If we are no longer looking at a 175 visa - do we have to get state sponsership/job offer BEFORE we can apply for a visa or can we start the visa process in the meantime?
  11. Guest

    Just wondering!

    My partner is Australian and I'm British. We are looking to move to Oz later this year. However, I always like to explore all options, and one of them would be for me to sponsor him to stay here and then immediately move to spain, or one of its islands. Assuming all being good as far as gaining visas is concerned, does anyone know if it is possible? Or would my partner need to live in the UK for a set period of time before moving to Europe? Cheers guys. Alex and Randy ps. Is there a relevant forum for this question somewhere?
  12. Hi, I'm off on my recci in a few weeks, I was just reading through some of the posts, I was wondering on how hard it is to go it alone?, how do I get my skills assessed?, how much does an agent cost?. Also, any hairdressers in Sydney?, is there much work?, good wages?. Thankshttp://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/images/smilies/err.gif
  13. Guest

    Just Wondering!!

    Hi All, Newbie here!! I was just wondering. My fiance is being sponsored and I am his dependent, we have both been approved our visa's just the other day which is fantastic - however if my fiance decided not to go am I able to still go to Australia on this visa, it's the 457 sponsored long stay? I guess the answer will be no as i'm not the primary visa holder but I thought i'd just throw the question out there!! My dream is to live the rest of my days in Australia as it's amazing and the people are my kinda people so I just hope there is a way around this for me! Thanks eveyone Helen -xxx-
  14. welsh in oz

    Walkabout pubs......Just Wondering

    I met my (aussie)OH four years ago while working together at Walkabout Sheffield, his sister is met her husband (pom) 7 years ago working in Wigan Walkabout, we know about 4 other couples who have met and emigrated thanks to Walkabouts......................... I was just wondering out of interest if anyone else on here had met through Walkabouts!! No point to this thread other than I was just wondering..! :spinny:
  15. Guest

    kp just wondering

    MR kp nuts just wondering like you do Are you still out there ,still got the fish ? Have they gone ? eddie
  16. Emailed the o/h this morning advising her i going to widen my job search to Sydney and Melbourne as Brisbane is just so stupid that i got skills this country needs and being told the same **** over and over and having my time wasted unfoutnrely a few poms to. I know what her answer going to be so i probably expecting her to tel me to go home Why does Brisbane hold so many Idiots in the same place they think us poms have an endless pocket which we dont.:unsure:
  17. Hi We lodged our papers on 15th January 2008, and thought DIAC would get back to us when they started processing us, but until a few weeks ago had heard nothing. Checked on our application about 3/4 weeks ago and it is being processed and requesting medicals and form P47's; police checks. Wondered if I can use my enhanced disclosure which I have to have as I am a teacher. It is fully up to date and I can scan it in? My partner is filling out and giving in his form as we speak and I was wondering if having outstanding parking tickets would affect his check? Hoping this wont as my man is a tight, sorry 'careful', Scotsman and I am imagining a large bill that we will need to clear before we get a clear check? The other thing is they are asking for evidence of de-facto relationship and I dont really know what they are asking for; have photos from holidays etc, we dont have things in joint names but would like some advice on what exaclty I need to provide.
  18. Guest

    Just Wondering

    Hi Just Wondering If Anyone Can Tell Me How To Put My Timeline On To The Threads I Post. Probably Very Simple To Do But I Cant Figure It Out. Susan
  19. Hi, This has been posted lots and lots of times already in various threads but I was just sticking on this to clear up anyone's worries they might have... I spoke to the Data Protection Office today about my police check and asked if I definately had the correct one, she said that BOTH types, the £10 subject access request and the £35 ACPO one are accepted, it just gives you more options of you need to get a request back urgently having two types of forms. It is on trial to become the main one but at the moment both are running. So, apologies if you are sick of hearing this, feel free to delete, but I see lots of posts by confused people (including me!) wondering if they have sent the wrong ones off so I hope this helps...
  20. Guest

    Was just wondering!

    I am a big worrier so i was just wondering what may happen if we sent off for our family visa and i fell pregnant? would we have to with draw it and do it again or could we add baby on it? also the medicare thing , what would happen if we were literally in australia for a couple of days and we either hadnt started work or had started but not for long and one of us fell ill?