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Found 10 results

  1. cartertucker

    'Fate' its a wonderful thing!

    Last Weekend we had just enjoyed our 1st trip to the beach after arriving NOR ~ We all had a lovely day :cute: When we had been back at our rental about an hour my Hubby asked to look at the pics I had taken ~ It was then we realised we had lost our camera :sad: I reported it to the police :policeman: Made a note with the lifeguards & put notices up in all the local shops Like a fool I hadnt saved any of the photos (there were newborn pics of our 3month old on there too) :cry:We were so devastated & it really put a downer on our trip :sad: (lesson learnt) Last night we decided to try an indian restaurant we had seen the day before...As we were sat there a couple came over to us & said 'sorry to interupt you, but we found your camera! We recognise you from the pics on it' :shocked: I started crying with Joy....:cute: We really couldnt believe it...The couple were so nice & after the meal we followed them back to there house to pick it up, we also exchanged numbers & will keep in touch :jiggy:What an amazing feeling! :jiggy:
  2. Hi all, We have just received confirmation that our visa has been granted, what an fantastic Christmas present...had resigned ourselves to the fact that we wouldn't here anything till at least new year now, so absolutely ecstatic and celebrations are in full swing!:biggrin: Merry Christmas everybody!
  3. Mr Siam and I are off to S. Korea for our Christmas and New Year to be with my Dad and two sons this evening... a different and snowy Chrissie after Broome and Karratha last year., which was also very special. Have a great Christmas wherever you are and I hope that 2011 brings you all you have ever asked for. Thank you to all the special people that I have met through PIO and good luck to all the people going through the visa process, hang in there, its worth it in the end. Love Susie x:12::xmas3::santadance:
  4. :realmad::cry: aarrrrggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sorry peeps but at the moment i dont whether to scream or cry what i really think i need to do is write a letter to MrCameron and MrClegg explaining my disgust at one of their departments. My son who in his teenage wisdom decided in febuary he wanted to live with his father, after i incurred a large costly lawyers bill we decided to allow him to live with his dad as forcing him home could do more harm than good. Anyhow we hardly see or hear from my son (i have made several attempts to keep contact going) but he just thinks his dad is the be all and end all just now. SO to put you in the pic his father doesnt work, never has claims benefits and has no reason not to work, he was actually caught last year commiting housing benefit fraud! he has never paid me a penny not a single pence in child support, never paid to get his sons hair cut nada nowt! i went to csa about 4 years ago and they told me as he doesnt work he doesnt have to pay! Then this is the bit that has sent me over the edge, last week i get a phone call from CSA telling his father has made a claim against me for CSA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! as i am now the "absent" parent i MUST pay CSA because i stupidly work. So i apparently have to pay 15% of my weekly wage to him which equates to about £175 p/m. It then gets better they say they cant help with my previous claim as he has never worked so is not due me any money? Ans as of april 2010 the gov changed it that now receiving CSA will not affect his benefits! he is about £350 a month better off with my son being there. I am so angry right now i cant put it into words. This country is great for benefiting the people who should not and down treading the people who should. i am clearly a total idiot for working paying my taxes, owning my own home and being a law abiding citizen i should be a dole bludging waste of space as then i would get everything handed to me on a plate, its times like these i am ashamed of this country and its policies and proceedures and i can not wait until the day i leave it. kelly
  5. Mike@Bonbeach

    What a wonderful Christmas gift.

    Hi everybody Hope you all had a lovely Christmas. We had the most wonderful Christmas Day when our first grandchild was born at 4:15 in the morning. Lucinda was in labour on and off for just over 2 days, she was taken in to hospital on Christmas Eve afternoon and gave birth about 12 hrs later. The little girl has been called Poppy Fiona, she weighed in at just over 7 lbs, and mother and daughter are both doing great. They left hospital on Monday afternoon and doing really well. This is the real reason why we emigrated to Australia two and a half years ago, to be with our son Gary and to be here when any grandchildren were born. Connie and I are so happy and thought we'd just like to share a bit of our happiness with you all. :jiggy: :jiggy: We wish you all the very best for 2010, may all your wishes come true. Mike.
  6. Hiya ya all! ) I was just wondering if any other pomys newly over here in oz have found it difficult to get a job? I landed in victoria on feb 6th (day before black saturday wow!), had myself almost 2 wonderful weeks full holiday mode (which was fantastic!), ended up blowing most of my visa dosh (oops!) and have been looking ~ now desperately ~ for a job since ~ and have got no-where. i've applied for what must be over a hundred jobs online, but i either don't hear anything back at all or find out my visa is not accepted (im on the 1 year working holiday visa 417). i did get an interview and even got the job (and out of 600 applicants for the position that was pretty groovy going hehe), but then they found out from their head office that my visa wasn't acceptable ~ most of the chain stores say they'll only accept my application if my visa is valid for over a year, but poms can't get that visa unless they do 3 months agricultural work ~ which i really wanted to do, but when i arrived i called around every where in victoria and no-one was hiring fruit pickers because they already had too many people. i did find out that i might get some fruit picking jobs in queensland or western australia, but i actually came over here to be with my aussie partner (we met in edinburgh in august 2007 and have been inseparable ever since) so the idea of leaving him to go a few thousand miles away for work just seemed insane. i've also done the rounds of the local townships with my cv, handing them out to every shop and cafe going, but didn't get anywhere either. i did get a couple of bites, one lot even asked me to come in saturday for a trial run, but when they found out i'd be using public transport they went cold, looked at me like i was a bit of a freak, and quietly shut the door in my face (slight exaggeration but you get the general idea hehe). the same goes for employment agencies... one actually laughed in my face (okay, in my ear as i was talking to her on the phone) when i said i didn't have a car and would be relying on public transport, and she told me she couldn't help me till i had a car. the thing is... i've used the aussie public transport system quite a lot since i've been here and its been fine, so i don't understand why folk are so phobic about it.... can anyone shed any light on this? main problem is... i don't drive (lol.... in the uk no-one can afford to drive hehe!) i'm 28 years old and i have experience doing pretty much everything... from factory work to accounts, and my cv is pretty good so all i can figure is that my visa is the main problem... but then why are poms given this visa if u end up destitute on it because no-one will hire you? is anyone else having this problem or am i just looking in the wrong places.... or, hehehe... just unhirable lol! :oD I am looking into staying here and applying for the spouse visa (and yes.... i've fallen in love with this country... its beautiful and wonderful and the people are fantastic!) but need a job to be able to afford the $2000 to apply for it. its all starting to feel a little hopeless. anyways.... if anyone can help that would be wonderful.... i just hope i haven't bored you with my crazy rambling hehehe! have a great day everyone, love and hugs liz x
  7. Guest

    wonderful news !!!

    We have been in perth for nearly 4 weeks now and my auntie, uncle and their 2 kids had been thinking of coming over 2 . My auntie is a nurse ( same as my mum) and she has been offered a job at the royal perth hospital.(same as my mum ! ):wubclub: She is now moving to perth in septmber!!!!! I am so happy. from courtney...x:laugh:
  8. ali

    Wonderful WA

    A social group for those who love living on the West Coast. Ali
  9. Hi Guys, My new friends 'The Tony's' have pointed something out to me that I could do with some advice on................could be an 'Agent's' question as it is rather complicated and prop has 'grey' areas within the law!! Ok, so my Son was 18 four months ago, he's finishing 6th form college this June. We hope to have our visa lodged THIS WEEK. So unless we are extremely lucky we won't know by September (when Uni starts) whether we have been accepted! For Lloyd to be classed as 'dependant' and included on our visa he needs to stay in full time education and be solely reliant on us! BUT The Tony's say this MIGHT not be the case. If we already have our visa's lodged before he finishes college.....................does he really need to start a Uni course (with all of the hassel and FEE'S) to still be dependant?? Thank you so much you wonderful people!! Lisa,x
  10. Sorry about the title. Just found this brilliant site. We are nearly there just waiting for our adopted sons pasport and then should get the grant in the next 3 weeks. I know we will have some question before we get there and the idea of meeting people in the same situation sounds great. We will be heading to the sunshine coast as we have been there several time, Buderim is a lovely place. One of our questions will be around the education system, our son will be 4 this week and when we get there (hopefully in August) he will start full time in January. How good is the state system compared to the private system?