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Found 13 results

  1. Hi everyone , Just need to hear from anyone who may have had a legal battle to take kid away from ex to Aus and won maybe a sucess story .We plan to move next year but my ex has refused permission but we are willing to go to court .I know everyone will have diff situation but he has gt access through court at w,ends only he never has paid a penny and have had to get police as he is violent bully. Thanks Everyone Donna:v_SPIN:
  2. Guest51810

    if you won the lottery?

    I forgot to put a lotto ticket on for tonight so theres no chance of me being a millionaire next week lol. What would you guys do with it all if you won? :cute:
  3. The Pom Queen

    Just won 10 million

    So here take it, I'm giving it all away, what would you do with it?
  4. FAILED asylum seeker Mohammed Ibrahim has been allowed to stay in England on a permanant basis after it was argued that his human rights would be contravened if he were sent back to Iraq. Ibrahim was already banned from driving when he ran down 12 year old Amy Houston and fled the scene leaving her dying under the wheels. Amy,s father then had to make the decision to turn off her life support machine:no:. He was later jailed for FOUR months:mad:after admitting driving while disqualified and fleeing the scene. This makes me so mad, if he had been deported when his claim for asylum failed this would not have happened so not only has Ibrahim who is a spinless piece of filth got blood on his hands but so have the spineless oafs who make the decisions. Just to leave this poor girl to die under his car and run off makes my blood boil no matter what you have done wrong, and for only to be given four months is a tragic insult to amy,s family, if he was not deported he should have been given 25 years as he should not have been driving anyway. When are the powers that be going to wake up and start making punishments that fit crimes, you would go to jail for longer for not paying your vat or trying to swindle the government. Amy,s family have got to live with this for all of their lives while the filthy scum will be free to commit crimes safe in the knowledge he will not be sent back and even if caught will get away with it.
  5. Stellathedog

    Only one point, but we won

    The footie might be cr** , but we have just beaten the Aussies by one point to even the series in the rugby! Yeah, go guys! Pam xx
  6. I am not that interested in cricket to be honest but can someone tell me have we won (I thought we did?) and how long does it go on for? thanks:spinny:
  7. Flights booked, removal firm confirmed..mid July we are going home. After only 5 months, we have made the decision to return to the Uk and pick up our life where we left it. Myself, husband and three young children arrived on a spouse visa in search of the Aussie Utopian dream life that was sold to us. We said very emotional goodbyes, talked about skype,emails,telephone calls and left....ripping my children out of my parents life. However, the beach,lifestyle, bbqs,parks are no replacement for my parents , my sisters and brothers,their cousins, my family....while they are alive and well I want us to spend good quality times with them. Once every two yrs is just not enough-how did I ever think it would be? On balance, my opinion only, I dont think their lives are any 'better in quality' here. I cant wait, the children cant wait, my (aussie)husband cant wait. I now have a renewed sense of pride in my Country (that is relentlessly slagged off by its own media)and can see the positives so much more-this move has been worth it, just for that...as for the work situation, our experience is that we had more work opportunities in Uk (Hertfordshire)compared to here. Also our mortgage is a tracker-fantastic! The only upset was that our village school had filled our childrens places but I have just logged on to find an email saying they now have the space!!I am so happy I cant wait for my child to wake up so that I can tell her the news.... Australia is beautiful and for some it truely is Utopia, but its not for me.....good luck to you all x
  8. Jenny.Williams@cit.act.edu.au Ticket Number: 5647600545188 Attention: Lucky Winner, We are happy to announce that you are one of our Lucky Four(4) Star Prize Winner in this months edition of the UK National Lottery held on 24th. March. 2009 in England. This makes you a proud Winner of 750,000 Great British Pounds. To claim your prize Contact the claim office with the underlisted informations as soon as possible: Name,Address,Country,Age,Gender,Occupation,Phone, Fax. Best Regards, Richard dawson Email: richard.dawson12@hotmail.com wow lucky me lol the email came from Jenny.Williams@cit.act.edu.au which is an aussie address wonder were they got my email from............. thats really lucky to win a lottery i didn't enter why would they need my age,country,gender,occupation and why is the return email a different address these crooks are getting sloppy lmao
  9. yes yes yes bloody yes ive got my visa , incredible bloody lucky, sporny , jammy, so sorry to all those ive stepped over so sorry , i honestly dont no how or why ?? its like winning the lottery 4mths and 4 days ,probably twice or even 3 times quicker than i expected and should of had it . And you no wot that means the flight i have to see my girlfriend in 7days is now a 1 way flight crazy time and so much to do and start planning to work on the secret project (it must be time for chippies) still pealing myself of the ceiling chris:jiggy: applied believe it or not april 28th08
  10. Guest

    Just won £500!!!

    Just signed up to have a go on The Sun newspaper bingo site, played 2 games and went on to win the full house!! Yippee!!
  11. welsh in oz

    oooh guess what I just won....!!

    Just bought some raffle tickets at work for MAcmillan not thinking I would win, I never win anything................................................. I got 1st prize which was £150 for Harvey Nichols!!!!! :jiggy::spinny: Think I'm going to sell it though as £150 towards our leaving costs is better than haveing to pay to ship over what I buy!! Still, it's made my friday though so just thought I'd share!! Anyone else have a lucky day??
  12. Guest

    we won

    just got to put this thread on , ohhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssss liverpool won , i love liverpool so much ... karen
  13. Guest

    ‘you’ve Won A Million!’

    ‘YOU’VE WON A MILLION!’ By Desmond Zwar Lady Luck arrived when 68-year-old Peggy Boakes, Max Bygraves’ greatest fan, asked me if it was possible to contact Max at home in Bournemouth to find out if he was performing this year in Australia. I phoned Max and the answer was ‘Melbourne in February’. So Peggy left husband, Ron, 65, at home in Moonta, South Australia, (pop.2,500), at his small mechanical workshop and flew to Melbourne to stay with her son, getting two of the last seats for Max’s sell-out concert. ‘I have been a fan of Max’s since I saw him in a second-rate movie playing the part of a sailor. I said to my friend: "One day that man is going to be famous." Long before Peggy and Ron left Britain in 1963, Max was indeed a celebrity. And when she went to a final London concert to see him, she believed it was probably for the last time. Now her final pilgrimage would be to fly to Melbourne, despite the expense, and watch him perform at the Melbourne Concert Hall. ‘We could only get two remaining seats three rows from the back, but he was lovely; so handsome in his cream suit, he looked 40, rather than over 70. When he came on he said: "A friend of mine is in the audience today - she’s 95 and she’s brought along her grandmother." I wept with laughter; my son, who is 29 and doesn’t know much about Max, wanted to hide!’ When it was over, Peggy was too shy to make her way back stage to meet the man she had admired for five decades. ‘Oh you can’t do things like that!’ So she returned to beachside Moonta. And Ron said: ‘You were lucky to get those tickets. Now I’m feeling lucky. Let’s get a book of tickets in the lottery.’ ‘So we bought a book of $5 tickets in the Returned Soldiers League War Veterans Art Union.’ She chuckles: ‘This is gospel. I had just sat down at my computer to write to thank you for ringing Max for me in Bournemouth, otherwise I’d have never seen him; and to tell you what a marvellous show it was; I wept through a lot of the songs and had to turn my back on my son otherwise he would have been embarrassed. ‘Then the phone rang. It was Ron from his workshop. And he said: "Are you sitting down?" I said yes, I was. And he said: "Well, have I got a surprise for you! You won’t believe it - we have won the lottery!"’ Peggy went on: ‘I didn’t believe it, so I rang the lottery people in Brisbane and they confirmed it. Nearly a million dollars!’ Ron and Peggy, an ex-BOAC senior typiste, had won a luxury Gold Coast home, a car, the book-buyer’s prize and $5,000 in cash - $970,000 worth. ‘People have said being a couple of old battlers we deserved it. Isn’t that nice? I think it’s true. We were paying off our car and Ron works his butt off in the workshop every day. ‘We plan to go back to the UK for one last trip to touch the green grass of home. I get a lump in my throat when I think of the lovely country lanes and wonderful cottages. And maybe - just maybe - while we’re there, I might catch a Max Bygraves show...’ And this time - in the front row – Max said there will be his special guest: Peggy Boakes. With a firm invitation to go back stage... When Max heard of her win, he phoned her, using a Cockney accent, saying he was a distant relative; he was bringing "the family" to stay. Then Max told Peggy about the man who had won the British lottery, ‘Camelot’.... ‘The lottery official arrived at his door and told him he had won nine million pounds! He then asked the man what he would do with it all. Well, he said, he would give up his job. He would fly about the world on Concord, sail on the QE2, lie in the sun in Tahiti... ‘"And what about your wife," asked the official, "does she work?" "Yes," said the man, "she cleans the toilets down at the supermarket." "Well, will she give up her job?" ‘"Bloody hell!" said the man. "Has she had a win too?"’