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Found 10 results

  1. Hi guys I have looked for the answer on this and nobody seems to have got a clear answer. I am applying for the ofshore partner visa and am just collecting the final thing for my application. I have got some family and friends in Australia to complete the stat dec's for me and they have have them witnessed by a JP no problem, but I wanted to add a bit more weight to my application and have therefore asked my Dad, sister and friend in the UK to also complete a written statement each for me. My question is, who is able to witness these written statements? I know that there is a list stating who can certify official document copies, but witnessing a written statement is different. Has anyone else recently done this from the UK and if so, who signed for you? Does it have to be a soliciter? Only the whole application is leaving be flat broke and if there is anyone who is able to sign without me having to pay £20 a document I would be very greatful !!! Thanks Tamsin
  2. hi, I am applying for a partner VISA, subclass 309, from the UK. I have statutory declarations from family and friends both in the UK and in Australia. I know I have to get the UK statutory declarations witnessed by a solicitor. What about the statutory declarations made in Australia then sent over to me? These declarations have been witnessed in Australia according to the list in the 'Parter Migration Booklet', so eg by a Doctor. They will be included in my submission to the Australia High Commission in London. Have I done the right thing? The certification of documents instructions on the Austrlia High comission website refers to who can certify documents in the UK - I am unsure whether this refers to only those declarations actually made in the UK (in which case I'll be ok) or whether this includes all statutory declarations included in the application. Does anyone have any advice on this based on their experience? Any help gratefully received!! Thanks!
  3. Hi, I was hoping someone might be able to clarify who is able to witness the ACT Financial Declaration? I have located a Notary Public who have siad they will charge £40 and have also spoken with a local solicitors who have said they can do 'ordinary winessing' for £5. Obviously I would prefer to use the cheaper option but am unsure whether this is satisfactory for ACT purposes? Thank you for any advice/experience you can give me.
  4. Guest

    WITSEC (witness protection)

    Hi, I'm currently having my paperwork finalized for my move to a secret location in Australia yet I know little about the place and its cultures. Are there any fellow Americans there that can tell me more about day to day life down under? What do the Australians think of the "Yankees" ? Thanks Guys
  5. Hi there, When using stat declarations for a de-facto visa application it states that they must be from Australian citizens. We have been travelling the world for 2 years and have lived and been close to some Australians but would like to include statements from UK passport holders. My question is this: Can a foreign citizen witness the stat dec if it was made by an Australian citizen and also if it was written by a close friend who is not Australian? If you have had experience with this your views and thoughts would be appreciated.
  6. Hi there, Under Australian law, there is a list of people who can legally witness/sign a stat dec and also the certified copies of your passport and birth certificate and form 888's etc. I had a pharmacist do one and an accountant (CPA) do the others. Is this going to be ok? I read somewhere I need a solicitor and now Ive already sent the stuff off Im freaking out Im going to have them sent back which would be obviously devastating since my partner is OS at the moment and its killing us being apart as it is let alone have stuff sent back and have to be apart even longer. Can someone please let me know??? Thanks a lot shaun
  7. Hi, just wondering if anyone can say for definite if a local government officer is able to witness statutory declarations and certify copies of documents. I notice they are on the list of people who can countersign passports, it's just i have neighbour who is one and this would save me a fair bit of money if he were able to sign for me. Sarah
  8. Hi there Does any one know who in the UK can sign and witness an Australian Statutory Declaration? I know in Australia its easy....you just go to the local friendly Chemist/Pharmacist.....but im not sure about the UK? Thanks Brad
  9. my partner is applying for his defacto visa and some of his family and friends here in the uk have wrote written statements. Does it have to be a solicitor who can do this or is there anyone else? I have been told the list of people who can sign your passport pic can do it but just wanted to check this is the case. Thanks for your help!
  10. Hello, I am currently getting my paperwork together for sponsorship from South Australian Government. I need to get my assets witnessed by a bank official or public notary. I visited 2 banks today and it seemed to be a new thing to them and they weren't happy to sign away to anything. I am currently looking into getting a public notary instead. has anyone else bene through this and do you have any advice? It may be because my mortgage and savings are with separate banks therefore one single bank cannot witness my total assets? Thanks for your help! Vicki