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Found 9 results

  1. Hello everybody, First time posting here and wondering if anyone has experienced a similar situation. My partner and I are currently on a BVA for a DE 187 application which we applied for in February this year. However, the sponsoring Business is listing the business for sale. We’re not sure how soon it will sell and if it will keep the same ABN, but obviously, we are concerned. My partner (main applicant) has been approached by a different restaurant that is willing to sponsor her and start a new nomination for the same position as a restaurant manager. After speaking with the Department, I was informed that two nominations can be lodged at the same time, however, as an applicant it can be tricky, as the 2nd employer would need to have completed the required advertising, received RCB approval and lodged a nomination before we could withdraw the 1st application and apply for the new application. What mainly concerns us, is that if we were to apply for the new application on our current BVA we would be placed on a BVC. This is what is uncharted territory for me, as we would want to avoid going on a Bridging Visa C due to work rights (which can be appealed) but most importantly the family hardship of not being able to leave the country for almost 2 years while waiting for a decision on the new application. I think a workaround would be to apply for a tourist visa after withdrawing the initial 187 application and before applying for the new 187, but then we run the risk of receiving a No Further Stay condition on that 600 visa. After explaining our situation to an agent at the DHA, he suggested contacting nsw.pse@border.gov.au and request priority processing for the initial 187. He said don't mention the business being for sale, but have a reason to request the priority processing. That seems like a long shot to me, and I wouldn't even know where to begin. It all seems a bit too overwhelming, and while hiring a migration agent would be the next step, is it really worth it when 75% of DE applications are getting denied? Also, does anyone have any experience with requesting a refund (form 1424) because of a situation out of the applicant's control, such as the nominating business selling? Any words of wisdom would be appreciated. Cheers, Alexander
  2. Hello everyone, I am not the Payer (used my brother C.C), the problem is on the last page, they ask (form 1424): 1: " You must provide a clear and well-supported reason for requesting a refund " and then they also 2: I declare that: • I am the original payer named in Question 1 or, if the original payer is deceased, I am the authorised person named in Question 18. ** [sIGN]** Problem is i am filling the form, It's perfectly good if money goes back in my brother C.C, but it seems i need to get the sign from the Payer (which i can) but the "reason of Refund" i need to enter is of mine, and there is no where I have to sign (applicant) It's quite confusing for me. Is it ok if i fill the form, and get his sign? or should i sign myself?
  3. Hi:biggrin: Does anyone have an example of withdrawal letter that is needed to be send to withdraw the application for 175 visa? Many thanks in advance!
  4. Guest

    Withdrawal Issues

    This is a very emotional one. I have a subclass 309 application in right now (Sept 2011)- its front loaded and i do not anticipate any problems. We do however potentially have a change of circumstances, not involving our relationship, but involving my partners parents who are ex pat British living is Aus who are getting homesick and wanting to return to UK This has put my partner in a difficult position (she is Aus citizen and my sponsor) and we are considering withdrawing my application so that she can look after her parents settlement back in the UK Our long term aim is still to emigrate to Aus, but this has put a spanner in the works for our plans. So my question is this : If I DO withdraw and wish to reapply in the future, will i be penalised for this in terms of wasting everyones time ? If it is going to cause problems in the long term with my visa chances we may have to have a difficult discussion, but i want some idea of the implications first ! Has anyone any experience/advice on this one ? Would be really grateful for any ! Thanks
  5. Hi there I made a mistake on our visa application form and need some help please. We included parent and sibling as non-migrating dependents instead of Other family members!! Durrrrr how stupid!!!! So annoyed with myself!!! :arghh: We now need to fill out form 1023 which is straight forward enough and also send them a withdrawel letter signed by the family members. Does anyone know how I should word it or what it sould say? I suppose it should say who the non-dependent family are and their relationship to us and then to confirm they will not be migrating. What do you think? Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks :smile:
  6. Hi all! As everybody today I was very exited about the latest news from Victoria about their Eligibility List for SMP. :biggrin: I very appreciate all the help PIO members give to each other. Would you please help me with one question I have in regards to the announcement of this Eligibility List? Does anyone know if it's possible of switching from Category 4 to Category 2 for a person who has: 1. Pending application at DIAC 2. Sitting in Category 4. 3. No sponsorship. I heard that from July 1, 2010 DIAC eradicated possibility fo switching from an existing 175 application to a 176 one. But I also remember (but not sure) that this was applied only to new post-June applicants and those poor souls being in Category 4 have a possibility to get a sponsorship under SMP and move to Category 2 priority after SMPs are released. I would be grateful for any information on this issue, especially the links to the DIAC website (though, I haven't found anything about 175 -> 176 transition for existing applicants there). Thank you and have a great week! :notworthy: :hug:
  7. I have made an 856 application from a 457 and have only just found out about LAFHA, which could save me 26k a year. Is it worth withdrawing my pr application? Can I then still claim the LAFHA? Would it jeopardise a future application?
  8. Hi. Don't know if anyone has experience or can offer any advice on this. OH and I were granted permanent residency visa under the ENS 121/856 December 09. We've just been finalising our plans for a move by mid August to ensure we validate the visa before 16th Sept. We've just received email saying the company are now withdrawing the job offer! We've paid all expenses for this so they've not contributed in any way other than nominating us. My point is - can we still move out to Australia under this visa without the job in place? We plan to seek an alternative employer before the move takes place or is there some sort of check to make sure we have that employment once we land? The visa has no restrictions and said that as long as we validated before 16th Sept we could then leave or enter the country as we please for up to five years at which time we either have citizenship or apply for RRS. We're not sure what we can do and whether to go ahead with a flight to validate with a view to securing employment before or while we're there. Any pointers please? Cheers Debbie
  9. buzzersdownunder

    5 points for Investment Bond withdrawal

    Guys, this is for all of you who have been affected by the withdrawal of the Investment Bond in Dec 07. It relates to those people who have applied for their visa pre Sep1 2007 and needed the 5 points for their application. Please visit http://britishexpats.com/forum/ and choose Australia / Immigration / 5 points for Investement Bond withdrawn Sept 07?? Go to the end of the thread and see whats happening!!