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Found 12 results

  1. Hi guys does anyone have in PDF or know where to dowload a free copy of as3000 / 3008 /3017 from the web?
  2. Chalky4388

    Copy of wiring rules req. Urgent

    Hi leave UK on saturday for Sydney. Have a trades test and have managed to download AS/NZS 3000 Wiring rules at a cost of $109. I need AS/NZS 3008 & 30017. Has anyone in the uk or Sydney have a copy. I leave on Saturday 5th from Glasgow, land in Sydney 7th, 8am. Any help appreciated. Chalky
  3. I have booked for the Nov 3rd/4th November course and exam in Adelaide with Peer, Anyone else on it? Cheers Steve It's Port Road, anyone know of close Motels to Peer? Thanks.
  4. Hi all, my family and I are making the move to Adelaide in November. I've enrolled with Peer to do the Wiring Rules exam with the studying done here in the UK. I have the 3008, 3012, and ETSA rules books from Peer, but not the 3000:2007 Wiring Rules book, as I was promised a copy from someone, but they have let me down. Do any of you guys have one in good condition that you would be willing to sell me and also post to the UK? Any help would be very much appreciated. Regards, Gez
  5. sharron pickett

    Adelaide Electrical Wiring Regs

    My husband Steve has booked for the Peer Electrical wiring course Sept 14 and 15th 2010. Any other sparks from UK doing it then? Can anyone advice of a good place to stay close to Peer? How far from the airport it it? Also, any help/advice from anyone having already done it would be appreciated. Thanks Steve and Sharron
  6. Hi all :hug: Just passed my electrical assessment. I would like to start preparing for the AS/NZ3000 2007 wiring regulations here in the UK.Has anyone done this? Is the exam similar to the uk? were you can take your book into the classroom and search for the answers or is it similar to South Africa were you basically have to memorise it parrot fashion.I sure hope it is the same as the UK !!!! I found the South African regs EXAM much harder than the Uk, although they are basically the same regs. HOPE TO HEAR FROM YOU GUYS.
  7. I know this is really cheeky but does any one have a PDF copy of the AS/NZ3000 2007 Australian wiring regulations they could email me please. I would be very greatful. stewartbeades@hotmail.com Thanks Stewart
  8. Hi Everyone Does anyone have a copy of the AS/NZS 3000:2007 WIRING REGULATIONS BOOK.We have just finished the meds and we are waiting for our 176 WA sponsored visa.He has done his vetassess and has his OTSR(I think its called) He is a general electrician and will go for the mechanic one. We would like to go down to validate and hubby would use the trip to get his A licence in WA.It will be very helpful if he had the book to study before he went. Thank you very much :wubclub:
  9. Calling all instrument / electrical techs, I am moving to Australia in September and will be starting a degree course (distance learning) in November. This will run until March, and then I will start full time at uni. I am an instrument / Electrical tech by trade and have been doing mainly electrical work since i finished my apprenticeship. My question is, can anyone give me or put me in touch with agencys or contractors in queensland, toowoomba area. I want to work full or part time until march and then possible carry on part time somewhere. I dont mind if its just panel wiring, anything until i start at uni. Ive done panel wiring before and wouldnt mind doing it again as its just short term and the hours tend to be more sociable. Where can i start looking? are there local agencies in toowoomba? wages arent of huge importance just want something coming in before i start uni then i will have to get part time work somewhere anyway. Are there any electricians out there that would take on someone part time to help out alongside the other sparkies? couldnt work on my own as cant get an unrestricted license. appreciate any help. Thanks Danny
  10. Hi everyone, I'm a UK sparks living in Sydney. I really don't want to do the 12 months as a sparkies mate here. So i am thinking of going to Adelaide for 3 weeks to do the AN/NZS 3000 course with Peer Veet – Apprenticeships Training – Trades Training – Vet In Schools – Building and Construction Industry South Australia also apply for SA 'A' license. Does anyone want to join me for 3 weeks, maybe share accomodation and assist each other with revision?( so we don't mess up the exam).:cool:
  11. Hello there We land in Adelaide on the 30th december. I've decided to do my PEER wiring course through the distance learning option. The problem is i can't find anywhere in the UK to get a copy of the AS/NZS wiring regs from. I need this to do the course, does anyone know where i can get a copy from? If you can help i'd much appreciate it. Also, what's the work situation like out there for electricians at the moment? As much as i'd like to have some time off when i get there, if i could start work sooner rather than later, i'd feel happier. That could also mean that Mel doesn't have to find a job, and could spend more time shopping Thanks Darren.
  12. Hi, I'm a JIB electrician arriving in Perth in early Nov and want to book on a wiring regs course to give my self a chance of getting ahead of the game when i arrive. I'm not blessed with loadsa cash and starting to get really worried i wont be able to get a licence to work for ages. Any help or info would be really appreciated. I'm also on a Working hols visa and looking to get sponsored (which i know is going to be really hard), does my visa stop me going on courses? Cheers Jamie