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Found 17 results

  1. Hi there, We've been here a few years and met some amazing people through this fantastic site before, but over time people have left to go back to the UK or circumstances have changed. I would love to meet some new people for chats over tea/coffee and cake or wine, go to the movies, hang out in a park or at the beach etc. Whether you are new here or been here a while, then please get in touch! I live in Lane Cove but happy to meet wherever is convenient. Thanks for reading this far! Sarah
  2. I've been living in Manly for a year with my other half and a friend recommended this site as a way to meet new people. I'm in my thirties and love food and wine! Give me a shout if anyone fancies meeting up. Nikki
  3. Hello there I live in Bulimba, QLD, with my husband and two girls (3 and 7). I work full time so find it hard to meet people, even mums in the playground since I'm on the run doing the school run! Would love to meet up with/ without kids for a glass of wine and a good ol' natter. I've been promising myself to exercise so a gym/ jog buddy would be good too (I'm by no means super fit, my current exercise includes walking to and from the fridge :wink: and I shuffled through the bridge to brisbane). ooh posting this wasn't too bad after all! claire
  4. I wondered if anyone would be interested in starting a book club. Nothing major was thinking we could plan to meet up either monthly or every other month and chat about a book. I used to do it in London with friends and we'd take a turn to recommend a book and also the person who had chosen the book would find a new bar for us to try. I thought it'd be fun way to meet people so thought I'd see if anyone else fancied it! Fiona
  5. Guest


    We have a cellar full of special wines that we would wish to bring with us....some need another 10 years to mature. Heard that import duties can be high...but don't want to drink something that's not ready yet. any hints and tips welcome.....just got our 457 visas approved.
  6. tonyman

    Red Red Wine Thread

    can we dedicate this thread to all the red wine drinkers and share our favorite wines with each other......as some may know i enjoy Berries 5ltr cast for cooking ....i just love Wyndham Estate Bin 555 shiraz just lovely .....as a cheap red i highly recommend Sacred Hill Shiraz...has stayed around the $ 6 .50 price for the last 4 yrs and is a nice drop........... ive said it before and i will say it again ...forget ub40 , this dude Neil Diamond wrote and made this tune great .......he is one big big guy ......:notworthy:
  7. Guest

    Shipping wine

    Hi, we are emigrating to Oz in Oct and currently have some excellent Aussie wine (about 3 dozen bottles) that we purchased in the UK that we want to ship with us (as suprisingly they are cheaper here than if purchased n Oz were they are produced...). Some we have had for more than 12 months and others purchased recently. Does anyone know if i) its Ok to ship this many bottles, ii) are there any import duties or taxes we would have to pay and if so how much, iii) do the shipping companies take wine These might be stupid questions but I've tried looking on various Aus govt agency websites etc but all a bit confusing.:confused:
  8. ausdreamer

    The 'wine drinkers' thread

    Every wine producing nation makes its share of dross and, let's be honest, Australia is no exception...but on my last visit to Aus I had a real problem finding a good red...every bottle I purchased and tried was not to my liking! Can anyone kindly recommend some good oaky reds for hubby and fruity for me....
  9. Northernpommy


    Hi everyone, Am I the only person who wants Californian wine living in Australia. I can not find a white zinfandel or white grenache anywhere.?# # Has anyone else managed to get any... starting to wither up without it. Thanks
  10. Needing extra cash for Christmas, We need Wine tasters with RSA Certificate in Perth Metro Would suit mums, students, working holiday visa holders. Work involves, 3 hour sessions in bottle shops usually 4-7pm. promoting wine to paying customers as they come in to the bottle shops. A confident and friendly personality and a knowledge of wine is helpful. Bookings are usually Friday and Saturdays. Booking available Northern Suburbs in Perth, South of Perth, and Perth Metro. Urgently required. Please call if interested Jan 9301 4488
  11. Hi guys, We have lived in Redcliffe for 10 months now and although we have made friends in Oz we have not met anyone who lives nearby, meaning we can go weeks without seeing friends and therefore I am feeling a bit lonely. We are in our late 20s with no children and would really love to meet anyone who fancies a few drinks somewhere on the peninsula. We enjoy plenty of wine, bbqs, dinners, cinema and dog walking so if you are intested in any of the above please get in touch. Looking forward to hearing from you Nina and Gareth x
  12. Guest

    Wine and movie lovers tip!

    Just thought I'd share something with you especially all you wine lovers out there as no doubt that when you arrive in Oz you will be trying all different types of wines!!!!!!! I keep a couple of small note books in my handbag 1 for wine and 1 for movies. I mark each page with a letter of the alphabet then when I try a new wine or watch a new movie I write the name of it under the appropriate letter along side of what I thought of it. This means that when we go wine shopping again and cant remember a good one that we enjoyed I can refer to my book! It also stops us from buying a wine that we didnt enjoy. The same goes for movies, I have been in a shop and cant remember if we have seen it, so this helps. Maybe this is only for us older ones or maybe for us wine lovers whos memory brain cells have been killed of from our love of the little tipple:biglaugh: Hope you will find my little tip useful:smile:
  13. Guest

    Oz Wine

    Hi, On the build up to our move hopefully in September, if we sell our house, we seem to be watching anything on Oz, Globetrekker, Ray Mears, Oz Travel, location, Location, Etc, Etc. I know it's great for broadening your horizons about other parts of Oz, but there is a new one on we hadn't seen before, about Oz Wine. The girl who presents it is French and she has done other series before. I wonder has anyone seen it! Well i gotta say, we're moving to Queensland but it did show some stunning scenery in those wine regions, more than the perhaps the travel guides which tend to stick to the main spots and the National Parks. PLUS you've got all those great wines on your doorstep. Both me and Nicki love our Wine and although starting a vinyard is abit too big a challenge (especially in Queenland)! I thought if:idea:, as they most states stay loyal to their beer, I'll have to drink 4 X most of the time, how-a-bout starting a BREWERY!!!! Don't have to be big, don't have to produce loads, (just enough for the makers). Well i don't know anything about Brewing, but i reckon i can get into the tasting. So! What do think?:biglaugh: Keith
  14. I recently went on a Scruffy Bunch Winery Tour to the Yarra Valley from Melbourne. I have to say it was an excellent experience. The guides were really wine savvy and had great relaxed approach to wine appreciation. Apparently they also do tours to the local breweries. I advise to anyone that likes wine to check them out. Scruffy Bunch Tours - ScruffyBunch
  15. THE MAN FROM ‘THE FOX AND GOOSE’ TEACHES WINE Hugh Wilkins is sitting in sparkling Queensland sunshine remembering the oak beams, log fire and stone walls of his old English pub, The Fox and Goose. And if he should weep a little into his South Australian chardonnay, it is because he knows there is little chance of finding a public house like it in his adopted country, which now allows a pub to have as many as 100 jangling poker machines. Hugh has been here a year teaching newcomers to the hospitality industry how to operate the sensory areas of the tongue and mouth to recognise great wine from the pretentious; how to handle the situation when a diner sends a bottle back; and how to recommend wine by the glass to accompany each course - a growing trend in Australian restaurants. The curly-haired Englishman with the trendy spectacles withdraws his perceptive nose from a bold red to assure his future food and beverage managers at Griffith University that he knows what he is talking about. Twenty years’ learning and then teaching, followed by six years in his own pub and restaurant, gives him the right to tell his classes not to be persuaded by over-zealous wine salesmen. A good restaurant manager should not, he suggests, ignore the small, boutique wineries. ‘They can produce great wines, yet tend to be shut out because of reasons of supply and the cost of printing wine lists that must be supported by the hotel or restaurant cellar.’ Griffith University, is a collaborative partner in the Australian Centre for Wine Business and Management. It has appointed Hugh to spearhead the wine business course on the Gold Coast, an area where there are more restaurants per head of population than anywhere in Australia. ("As a drop-in Pom, Hugh Wilkins has a great appreciation of wine," reported the local newspaper when he arrived.) The last to brag about the powerful sensitivity of his nose, Hugh can tell you, indignantly, that he happens to know the wholesale cost of a bottle of wine and is often "horrified" by the mark-up by some restaurants in Australia and the UK. ‘They take too large a margin out of a bottle of wine, which I don’t think is necessary.’ So when he goes out to a restaurant after a hard day’s tasting and talking, he takes his own bottle to a BYO. ‘I begin by going to a bottle shop and spending perhaps 20 minutes browsing in the red wine section before I make my choice of a wine that takes my fancy and which I can afford. I tend to almost always take a red, (unless I am going to a seafood restaurant and will be having a delicate fish like lobster). It will be a robust, straight shiraz, or a dry cabernet sauvignon. ‘Australian reds have some great depths of character; Australian whites can be excellent, but some of the varieties seem to have suffered by the great growth of chardonnay. There are rieslings that are fabulous and others quite horrifying. Nevertheless Australian wines have got a phenomenal hold in the UK market; as have wines from Chile, South Africa and South America, often to the exclusion of Old Country wines from France, which have lost ground. The bottle of Australian wine sold in UK off-licences is often cheaper than it is at home,’ he reports. ‘But what some London restaurants charge for it is frightening.’ While some wine experts are born with a great palate, others have arrived at their expertise by learning how to awaken what they have and to understand it. (‘Jilly Cooper, the English author, has an astronomic palate. I have seen her do a blind tasting of many bottles of wine and she can actually name the vineyard and say the grapes came from a shade-facing area. And she is right!’) He has this advice for diners who might be afraid of wine waiters: don’t be embarrassed about having to send back a bottle of wine that you believe it is not up to standard, "providing you have the experience to say the wine is not as good as it should be." ‘But you must never send back a bottle just because you don’t like it.’ His students, who spend a semester in the university training restaurant as waiters, learn how to handle such "difficult situations", as well as advising the customer on what wine they believe is right for the food they order. Hugh says: ‘I still believe there is room in some colder parts of Australia for the English-style pub, with its character, its cosiness and intimacy. The English pub industry is fabulous.’ At the same time he worries about the waste of money on poker machines in Australia. ‘We have had what we called "fruit machines" in England for many years; but only perhaps one or two in a pub. They are not allowed to take over.’
  16. The Wringe's

    Wine Trade Anyone ?

    I am in the Wine Trade (Regional Sales Manager) and looking to move to Victoria. I have over 20 years experience plus a diploma. I've done a few of those online tests, some say I pass, some say I don't. Any advice anyone ? Cheers Andrew
  17. Hi all Thought I'd let you know, that MORRISONS are currently running a half price offer on Hardys Australian wine................. I picked up a few bottles of Chardonay & Shiraz to try - purely for research purposes, of course !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hic !!! :biglaugh: