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Found 23 results

  1. Guest

    Nintendo wii

    Is it possible to bring our wii console to Oz ? Is the U.K. and Australia in the same region for games ? Thank you Gwen.
  2. steve robbo

    UK Tv's and Nintendo Wii,Etc

    Do UK Tv's work in Australia,as we are going to live in Canberra? I have heard about Foxtel (I think that is the correct name)? How much is this service $$$ per month? Also,do UK pay&go Quad band mobiles work in OZ,do we just need new sim cards? Hope somebody can advise us? Thanks Steve,Wendy+ Georgia :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  3. Dont know if anybody is looking for a Wii for themself or the kids, but mine is listed on ebay. Plenty of extra goodies as well included. http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=170566565037&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT
  4. Guest

    Anyone taken a UK Wii to Oz?

    Hi all Has anyone taken a nintendo Wii to Oz? I am heading out there in January and wondered if it will work in Oz? Can you play games bought in Oz on it? I know DVD have regions so UK ones won't work in an Australian DVD player. Cheers
  5. Guest

    UK power unit for Wii

    I am returning to UK and wonder if anyone has a Wii they brought from uk and needs an Aus power unit for it. I would like to swap the power unit if possible, rather than using an adapter back in the UK.
  6. Guest

    X box and Wii

    Hi all, My son has just had a birthday and wants to get an X Box with his money, will this work in oz and will the games be the same, Same questions for the wii, psp,s and DS,s Cheers Tracey
  7. Guest

    Wii Console

    Hiya all, Can we take our Wii console and Wii fit balance board in our hand luggage? Thanks
  8. I seem to have lots of dilemmas today! We want to take the Wii with us but don't want to set off security thinking its a bomb or whatever... We want to take it with us rather than sending it on as we are not taking anything else with us. I need to know is it possible to take it in hand lugguage or baggage? No laughing!!! :laugh:
  9. Guest

    x box and wii . Will they work?

    Hi Gonna take x box 360 and wii, will games bought in oz work on uk machines? Thinking i may have to flog em!
  10. Georgie

    Wii console

    Anybody taken theirs back to the UK and played British games on them? I have been told no by a fella in Target but looked at some on Australian ebay and they say PAL (NZ UK AUS) so to me that says they will play UK games. I will sell if not able to play UK games but only got it at Christmas (didnt know we would be going so soon after). Thanks
  11. Guest

    wii wonder????

    We are thinking of treating ourselves to a Nintendo wii from Dubai airport on the way out in Jan - they were a lot cheaper when we whizzed through last August. Wii (sorry!) were wondering if it'll work in Oz, and if so, will Oz games work too? All countries are on a PAL system I think, but does anyone know of any reason it wouldn't work?? Any advice would be great. It would be nice to save money for a change rather than having to fork out more at every turn!
  12. Guest

    wii games (help)

    i want to sent some wii games to ozz will they work on wiis bought over thier help please as need to buy them to send off julie xx:hug:
  13. Just wondering :-) we have a PS3 already and want to take it with us to Oz, have heard that the games in Oz may not be compatable :-( I am also thinking of getting a Nintendo Wii, would this be the same situation? Should we get them over there instead?
  14. Guest


    Hi Guys Anyone know if OZ Wii games will play on a UK console? Thanks Ness
  15. Hi, We are flying out to Brisbane in 10 days time. Does anyone know if there will be a problem using UK nintendo wii, ds lite and sony psp in Australia? I've heard the voltage is the same, so I'm hoping we can use the existing leads/chargers with a travel plug adaptor. Or will I have to buy new leads/chargers for them? Thanks John
  16. Guest

    Wii Fit

    Hi everyone, This is totally nothing to do with emigrating, but had to share with everyone, hope you don't mind. Has anyone else got this new wii fit that came out today, we had ours delivered today, and how hilarious is this thing. We all had a go, including the girls, we all looked totally stupid doing the hula hooping, but what fun, we all in fits of laughter, watching how everyone moves, and facial expressions, we also went jogging round the park, and have done the ski slopes, and ski jumps (totally shattered), there is loads of things to do, and hopefully will keep us fit whilst having family time together!! Speak soon. Andi.:spinny:
  17. oldgit


    GOOD EVENING ALL Can anyone tell me if I buy a Nintendo Wii here in the UK and then take it over to OZ will the games I buy in OZ work on the Console I bought in the UK? Because my wife is trying to stop me buying one for our daughter. :sad: Cheers The oldgit:smile:
  18. Guest

    Nintendo Wii

    Not a great problem but I was wondering if I brought a Wii here would it work in Oz?? Would rather not waste the cash if it is unlikely. Thanks Shani
  19. Hi there, Any1 know if Nintendo Wii's & X-box 360's from uk can be used in Oz? Matt
  20. Guest

    Nintendo Wii In Oz

    Hi All, We are trying to get a Nintendo Wii for the kids this Xmas (everywhere out of stock!) Anyway, I just read that one of the consoles advertised on the internet was a European version with an adapter which got me thinking whether a UK Wii would actually work in OZ? All very confusing and beyond me :err: so some guidance would be fab! Fanx a million :smile: CC x
  21. Guest

    Nintendo Wii

    Do Nintendo Wii's work in Oz? Or am I being stupid to even ask? It is just that i have noticed on some Nintendo Wii listings that it says " Nintendo Wii ,UK PAL " - I believe TV's are touch and go - depending on the PAL setting. Don't want to buy one now then find we cant use it in a few months time! Anyone able to help? Lisa
  22. Guest

    Nintendo WII

    Hi all, My teenage son would like to know if his Nintendo WII will work in OZ. We are taking one TV with a DVD player built in, which his WII works on at the moment. Was going to use this telly just for DVD's and games console, and get another telly when we get there for 'normal' viewing. Is this the correct thing to do? Or should I flog it here and get a compatible one in OZ? As far as I can find out everything domestic is 240volt, and I just need to change the plugs, but hey appear to have two and three pins types - is this correct? Ta Perry
  23. Guest

    Nintendo Wii

    Hy, Sorry if this has been asked elsewhere but i did do a search first and found nothing, Will a Nintendo Wii work in Oz ? Cheers