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Found 6 results

  1. motherof2

    Wide awake at 3am

    Had my first one last night - woke up thinking about container quotes. I'm sure there are more to come before August:wacko:
  2. Nzogbia

    Eyes Wide Open '(ish)

    So, I have just joined the forum and have SO many points to make, most of which are probably not original, but there you go. I have been here in Melbourne just under 4 years and am waiting for my citizenship before deciding on my next move. My observations/issues (in no particular order) are as follows: a) I really do believe (ok, I am biased, but...) despite all the talk about beaches and bbqs amongst prospective UK immigrants to Oz, the vast majority would be far better off in Melbourne, which for me, is the 'best of both worlds' city. I didn't realise it until i moved here, but I really appreciate cold weather now and again. Yep, I reckon PIO should make it official policy to state that, for the undecided, incoming from Britain, they should always look to settle in Melbourne (even if they think they want the heat from Brissie or Sydney, they don't really). b) Australia rubs me up the wrong way because......it is full of vested interests who control basically everything and limit your choice. The banks, the real estate industry and the media are all hand in glove and have everything stitched up. Australians themselves are SO passive they will just about believe anything that is spoon fed to them - and they NEVER complain. The pollyana-ish view of the world does not encourage debate or a healthy degree of cynicism. Cynicism, in its right measure, translates to humour. We get the humour in Britain, but overstep a bit on the cynicism. The creeping gentrification of everything kinda gets my goat as well. People actually want a little grit in their potatoes - it adds charcter. Stop trying to make every Melbourne suburb look 'sleek'. The creeping Americanisation of Australia. A nation based on the notion of 'mateship'. But how many times do you hear people say 'dude', rather than 'mate'? Exactly. "Chick', 'awesome', 'toh-tally'....aargghhh, just be Australian! Also, the work practices here are distinctly American. I know the US are their closest strategic ally, but you do get the impression that Australians are not yet comfortable in their own national skin, and are somehow in awe of the U.S. Strange, since when kids finish Uni, they don't go on a U.S. rights of passage trip, but to the UK, of course. And yet, the UK is the big brother that needs to be brought down a peg or two. Quite acceptable to call yourself Greek Australian, Lebanese Australian, Italian Australian etc...etc...but there is no such thing as British Australian....Hmmm, there is no antipathy towards Greece from Greek Australians, but for that group that really are 'British Australian' - they do seem to take delight in doing down what is their old mother country. I've always found that slightly weird. c) I think I want to leave after I get my citizenship, having convinced myself that my friends here are sort of 'good, bood temporary, compared to my really good mates back in the UK'. And yet, after my recent trip back to the UK, I now realise that I may have been kidding myself. Mates in the UK don't exist as they do in the urban landscape of inner Melbourne, where everyone can just walk down the pub at 5 minutes notice. In the UK you have to arrange to 'meet in town', have a few, and disperse to the various parts of the Tyneside connurbation where you live. d) All the things I disliked about britain before I left, I still dislike now; the agression, the apathy, the dirtiness, the congestion, the feeling of being hemmed in, the dumbing down, the indentikit Persimmon houses, poor restaurants, the inability to do things with any kind of passion or panache, and (oh gawd, I shouldn't do, but i'm gonna)....the WOMEN. Not all, but a fair majority are unattractive both physically and personality wise. They are rude, agressive, overweight, mannish, foul mouthed and most possess a sense of entitlement way out of proportion with their 'charms' and and abilities. They are also, very usually - ORANGE. Compared to other European women, British women trail in a very poor second. However, they do get my sense of humour - somebody has to :confused: The things I love about Britain are also still the same: humour, telly, quality newspapers, choice, European connections, family, people who are not image conscious, inappropriate yet harmless commentary on stuff, characters, football, a naffness that is somehow just attractive and I can't explain why, football, Northumberland, the 50 shades of green in the same landscape of hills and forest. Music (that isn't just another Red Hot Chilli peppers homage -take note, Australia), Peter Allis' commentary on the golf after Sunday dinner (makes you want to snooze), kippers, snow, useless family traditions, international news, Greggs cheeses pasties, regional accents (Geordie being my favourite - of course), walking through Marks and Spencer's, golf courses with proper grass on them, Richmond and Walls sausages - with an egg, in a sandwich (with no salsa and chutney garnish). Family. I could go on for quite a while...but that's enough for now (feel like I'm hogging teh forum). So what about you? What are the Aaustralian humps that you just can't get over? I know going back to the UK is no panacea - in fact I expect there will be many times I will yearn for the open spaces and the 'freedom' of Australia and want to be back here. But then, you can't have it all..... Why can't someone just invent teleportation - that'd be absolutely ideal!!
  3. The full article can be read here:Frankston not in the hunt for Australia’s top bogan suburb | Article | The Punch Below is a summary. The people of Frankston, Victoria, deserve full marks for enterprise. But they’ve damaged their bogan credentials by becoming the latest mulletted suburb to jump on the I-Heart-New York-style merchandising bandwagon, with the suburb’s GDP ballooning to several thousand dollars with the sale of I Love Frankston t-shirts, stubbie holders and prophylactics. The Herald-Sun chronicled the marketing push last week, with residents of “Franga”, “Franghanistan” and “Funky Town” as Frankston is also known hailing the move as a sign their city was on the improve. It’s the kind of upwardy-mobile stuff which appalls committed westies such as bricklayer Todd Farrawell, from St Marys in Sydney’s West, who went public last month to bemoan the aspirationists who were getting all giggly about the “new buzz” out west. Mr Farrawell told The Sunday Telegraph that he feared metrosexual culture was invading the western suburbs. ``You see a few more blokes with their pants looking a bit too expensive and a bit too tight, and a few too many wearing pink shirts and drinking lattes when they should be having a beer,’’ he said. ``They need to man up.’‘ As much as it would pain Frankston’s bogan purists, in the key areas of crime, fashion, culinary options and job opportunities, the suburb isn’t really in the hunt when it comes to Australia’s top 10. The Punch has corralled its contributors, many of whom hail proudly from the wrong side of the tracks, to pencil the following shortlist - which is obviously open to challenge. In no particular order our top 10 bogan suburbs are: <strong>Albion Park NSW, Dandenong Vic, Kambah ACT, Redcliffe Qld, Wyoming NSW, Salisbury SA, Chigwell Tas, Ipswich Qld, Rockingham WA, Moe Vic.</strong>
  4. HI All , A group of us write on a site AsiaDana.com (sorry Tim if im outside the guidelines to mention this ) We all write about zoos ,wild life in danger .Charities that need help or general well being of all groups associated to charities etc .The interest of all people is different and we are keen to know of zoos that need help to rebuild and make for a better life for the animals .Charites world wide that need help or specialisest work such as doctors and the like .We are linked to many great people .Very keen to hear anyones stories .I do hope we are not out of order in asking . Many Thanks Tony Peel Zoo | Wildlife Park | Mandurah |Western Australia
  5. Guest

    Eyes Wide open

    Hi there everyone, Mr C here (Richard) After reading lot's of posts on here, I just wanted to say to anyone thinking of Moving to OZ.......... Do not compare your life in Uk to your life in Oz, .............. You are starting a NEW LIFE and it will take time to build, a new circle of friends, a new job and a new home. You can't just move into a house and call it a home stright away. A home is full of memories and fun times a house is a roof over your head. Friendships and relationships take time to build, here in the UK we have a very large family and load's and load's of friends. We know that we will miss each and every one of these people, but we do not want to loose sight of why we are emigrating to OZ. It can take a life time to build such friendships, so why do people only give Oz a short time, expecting to have the same home environment, family life and friendships as they did in the UK. We all know that the wages in OZ are less, the cost of living and housing is rising and that our family and friend are staying behind. But with the nice weather, the outdoor living and the laidback way of life, making new friends and turning your house into a home, Oz could be the best place on the planet, for you and your family. I for one can't wait to go, flights all booked for 2nd Sep 08.....WHAT AN ADVENTURE Good luck to you all. Richard :cool:
  6. Ecoflow is a UK base company who Launched in Australia last November and we are currently looking to expand our team across Australia. The kind of candidates we are looking for are self motivated, enthusiastic, entrepreneurial, people who have a passion for helping other achive the dreams. If you think that you have any of these qualities and would like to know more then please visit our website and drop us a line. find us athttp://www.magneticlifestyle.co.uk Regards Matt