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Found 7 results

  1. CharlieMedusa

    Newbie here!

    Hello everyone! I'm new to the Forum, After years of thinking, I've just turned 20, and decided a while back that a WHV was for me, and Australia will be my home for a while in January! Just after a bit of advice, personal experience etc. I'm getting over-excited, so, I'll let you know a bit about me. I'm animal crazy. I have a level 3 in animal care, 4 years work experience, and 2 years owning my own reptile/pet shop. I have dog grooming qualifications, farming, animal handling, biology, and a whole host of others included in my college course. I have friends and family out in Aus, all in different areas, but want to experience things myself, or with new friends! There are lots of farm jobs, animal attendant jobs, and lots of others I have found, I'm just waiting to get out there for interviews as requested from the companies/owners. I am just a little concerned about where I am going to stay... Hostels seem like the best option , but the prices of those for just 2 weeks is equivalent to renting an apartment! I'm a friendly person, but value my own personal space and privacy, so shared hostel rooms are not an option. Any advice anyone has, anyone wanting a WHV buddy, anything is helpful! Thank you everyone!
  2. Hi Everyone! I just started to research about the different types of Visa and Came across the WHV, and have a couple of questions. If you have the WHV visa are you able to find a sponsor when you get there to upgrade ur visa to a working visa? I am in fashion design and i would like to find a full time job, but i am having trouble finding a work sponsor. How long does it take to get your WHV approved? With the WHV are you able to work anywhere or only regional work… and what is regional work? Thanks so much! I hope to get some good answers ))
  3. jm437

    WHV Jobs In WA

    Hi, Just a quick background, my partner and I are moving out to Oz on a WHV and will be arriving in Perth in June. We have a few things planned for the first few months and are looking to try and get some of our 'specified work" started around September/October time. I have been looking on backpackers websites for some time now and have failed to find anything completely useful. I was wondering if anyone on here could point me in the right direction for applying for jobs in the Gingin or Perth Hills area although it doesn't specifically have to be there it could be further afield than that. Apologies if this seems a little tedious, would just like some idea of where to look or where to get contacts for applying for jobs as we would like to have some sort of idea what to do when we are there. Kind Regards and thank you for your time
  4. LauraH

    Job Sponsorship Advice Please!

    Hi there. Im another pom desperate to stay in Australia! I'm on a whv which doesn't run out until June but I just want to be prepared so increase my chances of being able to stay. At the moment I'm just doing shop work (which I love!) and I wondered if it was possible to be sponsored for this type of work? I thought you had to be in a skilled job to be able to be sponsored but a friend of mine is being sponsored in a waitressing position. I have an environmental degree but little work experience in this field. My plan was to apply for jobs within this area with a hope of finding a company to sponsor me. Would this be a better option? Any advice or peoples experience very much welcomed! Thank you xx​
  5. Evening all, My girlfriend and I will be arriving in Perth next Thursday after the last 3 months in Asia. We are originally from Glasgow though. We have done a fair bit of research into the job market and such like but there is only soo much you can do reading articles etc so thought we would ask for some advice. My partner works as a Child Development officer in an additional needs school and I have started working on my ACCA accountancy quals after University. We would need to do something for the 2nd year visa however, and originally we were looking into farming, pearling, fishing, mines etc. I realise the downturn in the mining industry will probably mean it would be a waste of time chasing something like that. But out of the rest be it fruit picking, station hand or likewise which of the jobs available pay the most? What areas should we head too to find the jobs(also any contacts would be appreciated). Also, could anyone recommend any good companies that sell vans, either already campers or something we can convert. Would be looking for diesel and ideally something transit like. Lastly, any games of five a side football(soccer) available? Been chocking for a game since we left Glasgow. Answers on a postcard and thanks in advance. Gordon
  6. Guest

    Granted WHV

    Hi Everyone, Just been granted my working holiday visa and plan on going to Western Australia on January 18th 2013. I am a qualified bricklayer from the UK. Can anybody give me any advice on the best places to find work in my trade? p.s. Any advice would be brill, even if it's not related to this topic cheers, Ian.
  7. Are you looking for a job whilst you travel around Australia, then why not go and work in one of the snow resorts in Victoria, take a look at their website for a list of vacancies: http://www.snowjobs.com.au/vacancies.asp