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Found 3 results

  1. Guest

    Whoa! Hang On! Cricket

    I only visited this forum by accident. Then I registered out of curiosity. I had a couple of weeks off taking some time out, which wasn't a proper break because I've been doing paperwork mostly, but it wasn't the normal 100 mile an hour routine that I'm used to running a business so it was nice to sit back and chill for a while. I'd taken my laptop back to our narrowboat (temporary office) and had some lovely days just watching Spring burst forth. While working of course. :wink: So I stopped by with an open mind just to read the posts of others, from which I've learned a lot. Having returned from living in Australia for 7 years back to a nice part of England, it was like revisiting the past all over again. Almost like looking through a window into another life. I recognised some things I missed, others I didn't and this made me realise that I was happy to be home in England. Some of you made me remember all kinds of nice things, happy memories and good times in Australia and some of you made me realise how difficult life is for you right now and how much you are pinning all your hopes on moving to Oz. I do genuinely wish you all well. Some of you seem to dislike any favour of the UK which I do not understand. If you're as happy as you say you are in Australia, I don't know why you would be concerned to the point that you would post negative comments especially on the MBTTUK forum?? This surprised me more than anything. It's one reason why the Brits are regarded as negative thinkers abroad. It's not the best of adverts but luckily the Americans, Aussies, Kiwis and Japanese don't believe you because they keep coming back to the UK.:biggrin: I think their nice comments cancel yours out anyway so mostly no one takes much notice of anyone moaning to much. They seem to see past the negative things and look only towards the big picture. I must admit, I too tend to avoid the doom and gloom brigade. I am very proud to be British, I have no problem saying this. Last night on the news, there was a report about International Women's Day and in front of one TV camera in Birmingham stood an Afghanistan woman wearing a burka. She openly wished for a level playing field for all women. I thought how fantastic are we? The British, US, Aussies and other allies had made it possible for an Afghan woman to finally have the freedom to stand up in public and ask for what she wants without her being stoned to death. Then I remembered the nitpicking on this forum about Britain. :sad: I know my posts on life back in the UK as I am experiencing it have been of help to those hoping to return and frankly, that's really where I've focused much of my attention. I'm glad if it's helped people. That's the good side of any forum. But truthfully. I'm not a forum person. I'm not a Facebook, twitter, blog or social networking person either. And in all honesty, I don't have time. I'm back at work now and it's full speed again. For those who are hoping to move back to the UK, I hope my posts have helped you plan your return as far as costs are concerned. Some people have asked for my contact details but obviously I can't post these on the forum. The only person who has these details is in fact Quoll and one or two others. But as most of us know, it's never a good idea to plaster your real identity or that of your families and children all over the internet. Goodbye all, I wish you all success and happiness. Cricket
  2. Guest

    Whoa!!! how did that happen?

    It has come to my attention of late that I may, just may be feeling at home in Australia. Over the 18 months we have been here there have been many things that have helped such as the Bunnings love tokens of leaf blowers and chainsaws, I have started to say arvo, yeah no yeah, putting 'as' at the end of things such as..cheap as, cool as and slab when describing things. I went to a childrens party and knew everyone but this and possibly the most serious of all......we are thinking about buying a trailer, surely that makes me part Ozzie???:biglaugh: What did it for you? Michelle
  3. toughspiders

    whoa meds finalised!!

    I cant believe it....I chased up my medicals with the surgery i had my medicals with. She emailed them and yesterday. Rang me to say hubbys and sons ok, but mine and our daughters with the moc, and i should hear in a week. I have checked today and they have all been finalised!!! I cant believe it. I really thought they may have required some more tests!!! It is a big weight off my mind... For those of you with health complaints...( i have loads on my records - one current issue) make sure you put every single detail on your form and make sure you include you consultant letters etc. I even included a copy of my sick record, so show them i wasn't a shirker!! It all must have done the trick.. SOOOOO pleased. Just waiting now for a case officer Bex