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Found 94 results

  1. Hi folks We are looking at buying a house over here in Oz. Today we looked at a lovely house that has numerous tall trees in the back garden and also backs onto bushland. My only concern is that up in these trees there are what appear to be nests, which the estate agent 'brushed off' saying they were just white ants and not a problem. On the way home from viewing the property my 11 year old daughter informed me that white ants are also called termites. As I am a Carpenter and I have seen the devastation that termites cause, I am concerned about these so-called white ants. Does anybody know if these white ants/termites in trees are a problem if in your back garden? As I am unsure whether or not to put an offer in on this property. Cheers The oldgit
  2. http://finance.yahoo.com/news/a-frosty-reception-for-coca-cola-s-white-christmas-cans.html Personally, I think the new look is cool and my psychology could even make it tastier for me... Just can't believe people are so hooked on classical Coke...
  3. so when you swimming on a patrolled beach and have the yellow and orange flags you swim between, what do the black and white flags just next to them mean?
  4. I have got my AqfIII wall/floor tiler qual. Was assessed in Ireland. I did a module in it on OHS, Occupational Health and Safety, do I need to still do a white card on arrival in WA?
  5. tonyman

    Single White Male Wanted

    my mother in law will be living here soon and she is 62 , blonde , attractive,good fun , non smoker ,like to go out to theatre or dine out , easy going , any problrms then ask me , seriouly if i didnt think she was ok i wouldnt be putting her on here .......she is now a PR perm resident ....if interested pm or use the thread , as there is no hidden baggage ......................
  6. Hi all , I'm moving to Brisbane in a few months and I am a stonemason to trade , does anyone know if it's better to try and get a White card in the UK or wait til I get to Oz , I've heard that the companies in the uk that do assessments and testing for working in Australia are a rip off nut have no experience of using any as I done my TRA myself Thanks Andy
  7. Ok I know this is getting silly, but I want a recipe for white chocolate cheesecake and I can't choose from the hundreds I've found. Preferably with Mangoes too (I've got a couple of bags of frozen chunks to use up) If we can come up with 100 recipes that'd be amazing
  8. Hi can anyone help. My OH needs to do his white card training prior to stating job. We arrive in Darwin in August. We have searched the internet and cant seem to find anywhere we he can do it. Hasanyone else had any probs or can offer any advice thanks Laura
  9. Mitsubishi MR420L, FRIDGE / FREEZER, 7 year Warranty $420 Washing machine, Whirlpool 7.5kg FL $325 PYE Dryer $170 Sanyo LCD TV 26X99VDA $200 ALL ARE ONLY 3 MONTHS OLD / RELOCATION FORCES SALE Sunshine coast area
  10. Guest

    White & CO.

    Had lots of quotes for 20ft container used White and Co. They took everything this weekend and were great. Did not get their insurance though as I do not know how many jumpers I have, the listing was too detailed. Got grouped insurance less hassle and much cheaper. 2 weeks 5 days and counting YIPPPPPEEEEE!
  11. Guest

    White Goods WANTED

    Hi Guys, Just moved to Brisbane and hopefully moving into our rental in a couple of weeks...I am looking for a Fridge Freezer and a Front Loader Washing machine. If any of you guys are looking to sell please PM me as I am really interested. Cheers everyone!! Si:biggrin:
  12. Anything is possible

    White Goods

    Hi guys Does anyone know where to get good and cheap white goods from being looking but cant get over the price. Thanks guys
  13. Guest

    Apply for white card in UK

    Hi, my husband is a joiner and we are moving to Perth. Does he need to wait until we move to apply for his white card or can he apply for it while we are still in the UK. Any advice appreciated. Thanks, Valerie :wub:
  14. Guest

    White card/Sydney

    Hi there,anyone help me in obtaining my white card,there are quite a few online but would really like to hear from someone who has successfully gotten theirs.if u could let me know which one you used.I am staying in Sydney at the mo and need to get this sorted pronto ,cheers...Cameron.
  15. Hi, my first time here so any advice would be great.|I'm a white goods engineer, have been for 25 years, kitchen appliances, laundry, refrigeration etc, I've found several good looking jobs advertised that ask for an electrical licence. The info I've found is mainly about an electricians licence, I'm not an electrician. Is there a different licence that covers white goods? or do I need to be looking at some kind of an electricians qualification before I can work in my trade? Has anyone out there moved over and been able to keep working in the white goods or refrigeration area without too many problems? Any pointers in the right direction would be good, thanks
  16. Was wondering if we should buy a new washing machine and take it with or do most rental homes come with the white goods like here in good 'ol england? Washing machines seem a lot cheaper here in UK than in Oz.
  17. motherof2

    Renting white goods

    Are there any companies that we could rent a fridge, freezer, washing machine etc from whilst we wait for our container. We'll be moving to Geelong mext month. I'm keeping an I on Gumtree but may have to put a plea out for some bits n bobs to borrow :unsure:
  18. Guest

    White goods?

    We fly in 4 weeks and I am trying not to get freaked out by the massive task ahead by ignoring it but I think the time has come to act- Renting- When we come over we are getting a service apartment off the company for 16 weeks and then we are planning to rent to start with. We are currently trying to sell our place here and are deciding what to leave and what to ship. What do you get generally when renting an unfurnished place, in terms of white goods? Would there be a washing machine, fridge, dish washer? We have been quoted to ship them but it would be silly to if they are not needed. Thanks x x
  19. Hi there, Wondering if anyone out there can help me? My family and I have just booked our one-way tickets to Oz. I am returning and my hubby and kids are migrating. Does anyone have any feedback for me on the above removal companies - good or bad? We are struggling to make a decision as there is very little information (reviews, etc) on White and Co and seemingly biased opinions (as well as greatly varying ones) on the other 2. Any help and feedback would be much appreciated. Many thanks, AKB
  20. What the hell were the 'leaders' at the time thinking when they employed a person who likes the odd tipple to white line their country. WTF happened between the border of Victoria and NSW. I realise that it must have been one hell of a job, but there is no excuse for the dereliction of duty shown when such an important job had to be done, hiccup, excuse me. Cheers Tony.:wink:
  21. melaniecharlton

    Best place to buy white goods in Sydney

    We need to buy a new fridge, freezer, television, microwave and washing machine. Not familiar with the shops in Sydney so was wondering where is best to buy and are there any good sales during specific times of the year. Would buying online be best? Thank you,
  22. Guest

    take white goods or not?

    Hi can anyone confirm if UK white goods are compatable with Aus electrics, I heard there may be an issue with them not meeting Aussie standards..something to do with the earth wire? Trying to decide whether to bring them or leave them.....
  23. Guest

    White goods rental - short term?

    We move into our rental on the 20th but our container is not due to arrive until early May. :eek: Anyone in Melbourne got any ideas where I can get short term white goods rental from, mainly a washing machine. The ones I've found all seem to be a minimum 6 months! Can't really rely on a launderette as there's 4 of us. Thanks..:biggrin:
  24. Guest

    White Goods

    Hi All We had a removal company in yesterday and the chap said that we could not take our fridge freezer because it was over 15 years old and the same with our chest freezer. He said that the Aus authorities would not accept them in. Has anyone else come across this? Cheers
  25. please? my OH is a Carpenter