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Found 5 results

  1. Hey guys I wouldnt normally do this but OH and I were trying to fill in the TRA and ended up arguing. So (and I would never normally do this ) but can anyone give me tips! He is going over as a motor mechanic and its how to script out the training reference etc (have got the examples)................. Anyhoo it may just be me but cos i'm used to doing paper stuff i feel like doing it myself and just let him look at my drafts!! cos i'm sure i'd get it done quicker! Am I just being a pain?? on the other hand dont answer that!! it could be cos i'm v tired............... :SLEEP::arghh:
  2. Guest

    Just A Slight Whinge.

    OK, wasn't going to thread about this, but never one to shut up. I would also like to make the point that this is NOT aimed at anyone specifically, just a general over view. There was a thread put up this morning about the tragic loss of life of a former migrant, he committed suicide. Now I am no expert and have little knowledge of what was actually in his mind at the time. Australia and the intricacies, emotions, may have played a HUGE part in his decision to take his own life. He also leaves behind a young family who I imagine are at this time in the pits of despair, their grief is unmanageable at this time, unless we have lived and breathed a similar scenario we will have little grasp of what they are going through. I realise I may be slaughtered for this, BUT. I am amazed at times at the opinions on here about how bad, hard, difficult our lives are when spoken in terms of Australia and the migration process. We ALL know that at times Australia can bring about a mass of different emotions, pits of despair, and the like. But I am talking of the more 'peripheral' aspects of migration, houses, the price of food, being to hot, cold, culture, beaches/good/bad. I KNOW that to some these are important issues, but in the grand scheme of things, having considered what happened to this poor fella AND his family we are some of the luckiest barstewards out there,:yes:. As I said, I am not speaking of depression, etc, many many people suffer this terrible affliction, often bought about by the move, but when we have our own little 'niggles' about the completely peripheral I think our own problems pale into insignificance when we read about the man and his family involved and what part Australia played in his decision. Sorry to put a downer on certain things, but we are truly bloody lucky to have a choice and 'most' of us are not affected as adversely as the gentleman who took the ultimate decision to end his life. Cheers Tony.
  3. Jo_uktooz

    Shane Warnes BA Whinge

    Seems the aussies can whinge with the best of the poms. Shane Warne in British Airways first-class rant on Twitter | News.com.au
  4. As people (such as myself) living outside of their country of birth, should they really have the right to whinge and moan about…. Let’s say…… immigration? How can people complain when they (could be seen) as being a problem themselves! Same goes for the British living in the EU making use of the EU agreement while complaining about the amount of Europeans living in the UK. It’s not just immigration that I’m talking about, do we really have the right to whinge when we are no longer there???
  5. KazzE

    Warning, it's a whinge

    I am sorry, this is long Just call me the crappest mother in the world, cos I am, I can't get my daughter to see that Melbourne is a good move for her, for all of us. So I am probably going to end up leaving her behind in the UK. My DD is still insisting that she wants to stay in the UK she says it is because the course she wants to study is in UK not Melbourne. She wants to do an English lit degree, in Melbourne they have just introduced the Melbourne model, which looks good to me, but you do majors and minors so it would not be just English lit, it would include what they call breadth subjects which they have to choose from a list of eight. My first dilemma is that if I insist that she comes with us and does the degree in Melbourne, she will hate it and not do as well as she could do, it may have a detrimental affect on her future (not sure how but that is my fear) The UK degree will end up costing her around £25,000 by the time she pays, tuition fee’s of 3,000 and gets a maintainance loan. And takes 3 years The Oz degree could cost her as little as $20,000 if she gets a CS place her fee’s each year will around $5,000 (she has missed a CS place for the first semester so at the moment her fees’s are $16,000 for the first year) And takes 4 years. My biggest stress is that she has gone and put a holding deposit on a house to share with two friends. ARRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH :arghh::arghh: The problem I have with this is she cannot afford this, she is not working at all and has enough saving to cover the deposit, first months rent and possably the second months rent. Even if she got a job tomorrow she would be luck to get paid before the second months rent is due. She rang me and told me about it, I told her not to hand over any money until we had looked into it properly and she knew exactly what she was doing. So I am very mad about this. She needs a guarantor; I said I did not know if we would be able to this if we are not in the country. Her friend’s mum is acting as guarantor for all three of them – and no she (the friends mum) did not ring me to discuss this. I do not have a problem with her moving out – BUT she is moving out with no money, no job and we are planning to leave the country as soon as we can so she will not have any support, emotionally or practical. I don’t think she has any idea of how hard it is going to be working and being responsible for everything, paying bills, cooking, cleaning etc I want us all to move to Melbourne as a family, I do not see that I am asking for too much for her to do her degree in Oz, it is a world ranking Uni, the arts dept is 17th in the world league tables or at least to give it a go, a semester or even the first year, is she really does hate it then we would help her to move back and continue in the UK. My choices as I see it are: Move to Melbourne when the house sells and leave her behind living in her rented house with her friends. – Very, very hard to do, very stressful, especially if anything horrible happens (trying not to frighten myself with this one) will make it very hard for me to settle. Wait until I am happy that she is coping with Uni and looking after herself, I can’t see this happening until at least this time next year – so it could mean taking the house off the market or going into rented accommodation ourselves. Not go at all until she graduates – this could seriously jepordise our PR status. We have had several very stressful conversations over the last couple of days which have wiped me out, she is getting very upset and crying saying she does not want to stop us doing what we want to but she want s to stay here, she does not want to go to Australia, the course is not what she wants etc etc My sis says get her out here and hide the return ticket! It would be good to get out there before we have to accept her place at Melbourne so that she can have a look at the Uni and talk to people so that she has a proper idea of what it will be like, as she did with UK Uni’s BUT at the moment she is refusing to do this. And there are very few flights, any I can find are over £1000 each and even then there do not appear to be any before the end of Jan. My brain is mush, my eyes are on stalks, I don’t know how I am still up, except I do, I have just been speaking to my sister so I am a bit wound up. Sorry, whinging again I never thought I would be in this situation, I thought my DD would not stay if we were going................... :wubclub: