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Found 19 results

  1. Hi All, The company I work for have offered the possibility of transferring from the UK to either Sydney or Brisbane on a 482 Visa. I am 34, married with children aged 2 and 6. I am trying to get an accurate idea of what my monthly outgoings would be so I can work out if it will be affordable or not. At this time I have a preference towards Brisbane due to cheaper real estate. My weekly rental budget would be around $550 (max) for a 4 bedroom house. The job role is remote based, but it would be nice to be within a 2 hour drive of the airport as travel is required fairly frequently. I'm interested to know: 1. Which residential areas should I look to rent in? Areas which are safe, have good schools and fairly close to parks/beaches. I'm also a keen road cyclist so would ideally want to live somewhere close to good cycling routes. 2. What monthly bills should I expect to pay for a family living in a 4 bed house in Brisbane? Here is a list I put together from some internet searches. Does it seem about right? and have I missed anything?: Rental (Monthly) $2,383.33 Electric $100.00 Gas $50.00 Water & Council Tax $57.00 Home Contents Insurance $52.00 Mobile Phone (1x for Wife) $45.00 Internet $124.00 Petrol $80.00 Vehicle Tax $58.00 Vehicle Insurance $91.00 Groceries $1,000.00 TOTAL $4,040.33 Any help would be greatly appreciated. A
  2. Hi everyone, May of this year we landed on Australian soil and went to my husbands family in Richmond NSW. We are currently renting a property here however don't feel its the "Auzzie dream" we dreamt of. We were introduced to toowoon bay which i LOVE! However have been told for my husbands work (electrician) would be best to head more towards Newcastle way. I do not want to be in a busy city... we have 2 young boys 4 and 1. a little dog. My boys LOVE the beach... and I love to grab a coffee.. so ideally somewhere that is not too busy but still not isolated.. beach a short drive at the most.. and somewhere i can get my coffee would be perfect!! We are very outdoorsy and love animals.. My oldest is very happy with the green tree frogs and lizards we find in our garden at the moment!! I am currently studying in children services from home whilst looking after my boys but hope to start work beginning of next year. Our tenancy runs out in July so starting to look up where we are heading... Honestly cant wait to get out of this property! Can anyone provide us with some information regarding good places to live!! We haven't really had chance to make any friends here as my husband has to travel to sydney every day and works long shifts.. nightmare! can take him up to 2 hours to get home in the evening! Hasn't been the most brilliant start but hoping things perk up with a move to a more ideal area for us and the kids! Thanks everyone x
  3. The Pom Queen

    Camberwell _ Melbourne Suburbs

    Camberwell Camberwell is one of the most beautiful and well established inner city suburbs in Melbourne. Unlike many of its other counterparts, Camberwell does not feel cramped and busy which is generally a hallmark of inner city living. Instead, it still retains much of its old charm reflecting its affluence from the time it was established. One can enjoy strolling down the tree lined streets while looking at the mix of modern andtasteful architecturally designed units which are nestled amongst well maintained older style homes on large blocks. Camberwell is a popular areas for families as it is host to several of the best public schools in Australia and many of the most highly regarded private schools in Melbourne are located in its surrounding suburbs and easily accessible. In particular Camberwell primary school is incentive alone for many families because of its superb reputation, academic record and English/French bilingual curriculum. Indeed, properties within the school zone for Camberwell primary tend to fetch premium prices and are much sought after. Camberwell junction is seen as the epicentre of the suburbwith its mix of old and new shops, restaurants, wine bars,salons, fresh food market and entertainment. The Rivoli cinema is a much-loved highlight having maintained many of its original opulent and art deco features with modern and comfortable seating within the theatres which have made it the the chosen venue for several film premiers and events. Generally speaking, the junction provides almost everything a family could want. The dining options range from a child friendly bustling Italian restaurant to top class fine dining and everything in-between with a wide variety of cafes providing high quality food and excellent coffee for when catching up with friends. In keeping with the family friendly, quiet appealCamberwell does not have nightclubs, band venues or trendy late night pubs, however these can be found in neighboringsuburbs and the CBD so are easy to access. The junction also serves as the epicentre of public transport in Camberwell providing a wide array of options including many bus, tram and train lines. This could be seen as one of the suburbs biggest advantages particularly if you don’t drive or don’t want to drive. Although it is one of the quieter inner city suburbs, you can get on a train and be in the city centre within 15 minutes, and can also easily access surrounding suburbs. It is no surprise that with all these features and benefits, the price tag for housing in Camberwell reflects this and it often appears in Melbourne’s most expensive suburb top ten lists. But unlike some of the other newer, more trendy suburbs, that come in and out of fashion, Camberwell holds its own, and has done for many years, so is a worthwhile investment. In terms of specific numbers, according to Domain, the median price for a three-bedroom house is around $1.855, and a 3-bedroom unit has a median price of $1.241 million. However,if buying is not what you’re looking for there are always options for rentals with three and four bedroom properties generally being readily available with current median rental prices of $683 and $879 respectfully. So, although Camberwell is not one of the cheapest areas in Melbourne, it ticks many of the boxes when looking for a quality suburb, which makes it well worth considering.
  4. Okay folks I have been tasked with writing some comprehensive guides to specific areas in Perth and being a fairly new migrant to the city myself thought I would get some advice from you lot. If anyone is living in Mount Lawley in Perth can they give me any answers to the below? Any thing however little or small snippets of info would be appreciated. What's the demographic and vibe like (ie young person, up and coming etc) how best to describe it? Any good /notable/history and how has that changed over the years? Where is it close too - what are the transport links like? What are the key features? Natural, cultural, food, drink, cheap eats or markets? What are the three things on the to do list if you go there? What are the benefits of living here and potentially being a student in the area?
  5. Hi all, Myself and my boyfriend will be moving to Sydney around August this year, unfortunately due to lack of time and funds, we aren't able to visit first to look around suburbs etc. to get an idea on where to live. My boyfriend has been sponsored and his head office is based in Rosebery so we are looking South of the harbour. I'm currently working as a Legal Assistant and will be looking for a similar role but won't be able to secure a job or know where I will be working until we're there! I'm assuming most of these sorts of roles are CBD based but hopefully some dotted round the suburbs too. We're hoping to be close to a beach and we've been looking at Cronulla as one option as we're not exactly 'city people'. Travel won't be much of an issue for my boyfriend as he will have a company car and it's generally a field based role but I will be dependant on public transport (which I have researched and looks pretty good) but a bit of local knowledge re: traffic and travel times etc isn't something I can anticipate. Any advice would be very much appreciated, Hazel
  6. Hi, We're moving over next yr and are considering where to live. My husband is going to look for work at an international airline so we need to live within 45 mins of an airport. We thought Brisbane was going to be most suitable as we have a good work contact there but finding somewhere to live within walking distance of a nice beach is proving unlikely from the research I've been doing (I've just put a post in the Queensland section in case anybody has any bright ideas that we've missed). We are unmovable on living near to the beach - at the moment we live a 10 min drive away in the UK but never get around to going and I'd like to be able to take the kids after school regularly. We loved Sydney but don't think we can afford to live close to the beach there as house prices are too high (unless there are suburbs further out that are accessible to the airport where house prices are more reasonable?) Although we liked Cairns when we visited, we don't like the fact you can't swim in the water. Perth is an option as we loved it there too, but feel he would have a long commute to the airport in order for us to be able to find an affordable beach suburb. Can anyone suggest where might be a good fit for us? We haven't visited Melbourne, Adelaide and lots of other potential cities. We have three kids so need good schools and are looking for a place that has a community feel. Any suggestions of places we could research would be appreciated! x
  7. Hello, My first post! After a year of searching and trying for a job in Australia, the offer has finally arrived! One year working in Blacktown - Mt Druitt health district, most likely at Blacktown hospital. I've naturally reached for google which is painting a pretty grim view of the area. My boyfriend will be woking (fingers crossed) in Sydney's CBD, can anyone give some advice on Blacktown area? Is it really as bad as it's made out to be? Is it feasible to find somewhere nice for us in between? Being in the 25-30 age range, we still want to feel like we have actually moved to Sydney and not the middle of nowhere, if 'ya know' what I mean! Much appreciated! p.s. gotta submit my decision my tomorrow night, so no time pressure or anything! :arghh:
  8. Hello, looking for some advice, my partner and I are looking to move to oz, he turns 31 in January so we are thinking of applying for a WHV in few weeks, go out next year and rent our house out to allow us to get a feel for places to live, jobs etc (all being well we get a visa that is as he has a past conviction). Would anyone who has done this advise going on a WHV and then once out there hope to find an employer to sponsor one of us to allow us to stay longer? We can’t go for the 2nd WHV as my fiancé will be over 30. Also can anyone help with where to start once we get a WHV, where’s best places to go for jobs? Should we apply for plenty before we get there? Register with an agency? I am a finance graduate and my experience is in settlements for an investment bank and my partner is a cavity wall insulator, he has tipper driving experience and he is ex army and physically fit for any labouring jobs. Does anyone have any idea if we will struggle to get jobs with our experience? I understand we are not on the skilled shortage list (I knew I should have went down the teaching or accounting route) however I do not know where to start! What states are best to find Banking/Finance and Driving/Labouring jobs? Is it possible to rent short term when we get there whilst looking for a job? Can we sort accommodation out from here before we go? Not wanting to stay in hostels so looking for the best way around this. I’m Worried that we go there and can’t get jobs and struggle to find somewhere to live. I am aware that from the minute we get the visas to leaving the UK I will have to do major preparation. Also can a WHV be applied for on a joint basis? If one of us manages to find an employer out there to sponsor us can the other one stay on the basis of that visa? All help appreciated! Lots of questions I know but will be grateful for any advice We are 25 and 30 Thanks!
  9. waiting on a 175 grant..fingers crossed... and hoping to make the move in January13. I spent a year in oz back in 2007 and I was lucky to see most of country, the well trodden trails anyway. I lived in Sydney working for 6 months on WHV and loved it. Now that I am moving back I am unsure about where to settle down as I am now married and have a different approach to life than I did back when I was a care free 23yr old graduate. here is where I am considering and why. I would love to hear everyone's views and dreams on here also. Possibly Sydney- Loved the vibrancy, beautiful beaches and the people. Lots of opportunity work wise when I was there. Gold coast - This would be my dream but I only was there as a backpacker. Whats it like to work and live?. Cairns- What a magnificent place. One of my favourites. I camped on Ellis beach for a week and will never forget it. In a way the best week of my life. Tried to stay but couldn't find work. Perth- I have friends who are there and are loving it. I loved city beach and cottisloe beach. Seems like a great city. Bit isolated. Lots of work there for my line of work (quantity surveyor).
  10. Hi We live in Newcastle and hubby has been offered a job in Sydney we were thinking of moving an hour from Sydney on the Central Coast but somewhere that rent is affordable or to buy with good Catholic School and good preschool. Will pay up to $450.00 a week rent. We would like to be 20 mins from the beach. Which areas are good areas to live in with good schools train line and 1 hours drive from Sydney ? Really appreciate any advice. Thank you
  11. Hello My family is moving to Sydney (we're Brits relocating from Melbourne where we have lived happily for four years). 2 daughters: youngest year 3 and at a public primary, the other just started (bad timing) year 7 at a private girls school. Husband will be working in Crows Nest, I will be in CBD or Kings Cross. We like the idea of the lifestyle of north shore or northern beaches but are concerned about travel time. I hear the bus is better than driving? Also, although we are both professionals we are certainly not 'mega earners' and are wondering if areas like Mosman (which has been recommended to us) is a bit 'rich' for us. Lastly schools are a huge concern and a deal breaker area wise if we cant get into good ones. (Very aware we don't have their names down and will be trying to jump in mid year). Any views / advice would be gratefully received!
  12. The Pom Queen

    Worlds Best Places to Live 2012

    This time of year we are deluged with lists involving either last year or the current one, and a new entry that might be of interest to the expat communities has just been released. The Daily Telegraph in the UK (known for its right-wing politics and likely an upscale readership) has announced the results of its survey of the World’s best places to live in 2012. Evidently about 1500 of their readers participated (definitely a small sample for an unscientific poll) and the Top 10 choices are: Hong Kong New York City Auckland, New Zealand Turks and Caicos Islands Tasmania Maui, Hawaii Buenos Aires Barbados Victoria, British Colombia Cape Town, South Africa What I think is especially weird about the survey results is that they are a total mix of places that are barely alike in any way. I’d have thought that many people who choose Paris or Barcelona, or perhaps a long list of islands in the Caribbean, but these people are literally all over the map. Hong Kong and New York City The top two slots are actually very similar in that they have kind of an anything goes reputation, and living well in them is incredibly expensive. Auckland (and its suburbs) This seems an odd pick because travellers to New Zealand generally rate Auckland itself as their least favourite part of the whole country. Evidently this particular suburb is quite nice, but if you are dreaming of moving to New Zealand why move to its biggest city? Turks and Caicos and Barbados These actually make sense, especially if you survey people during the winter months. It’s still a bit odd that these two made the Top 10 and others like the Caymans or Bermuda or the British Virgin Islands didn’t. Tasmania I’ve not been to Tasmania and it sounds quite nice. It’s hard to believe it’s popular enough to make this list, but obviously it did. Maui, Hawaii The survey was done by a UK newspaper and if it were done in the US then Maui would likely be at or near the top. Buenos Aires This seems like an interesting choice because BA really is a fantastic city that also offers very good value to foreigners. Probably voted in by people who had very good holidays there, and I’d be tempted to vote for it myself for the same reason. Victoria, British Columbia Another unusual choice, partly because Vancouver, the large city closest to Victoria, seems to top the “most liveable cities” lists almost every year. Victoria is out on Vancouver Island, and it feels more like England than anywhere outside of the British Isles. The weather isn’t any better either, so you have to wonder the motivation to go all that way. Cape Town Another I haven’t been to yet, but I hear it’s like a nicer version of Los Angeles, with a rather good climate. If the rest of South Africa had fewer problems then this one would probably be higher. The bottom line As fun as these lists can be, I think one like this where each participant is able to create his own definition of a vague question, is hard to take too seriously. And I’d think that if a left-wing newspaper read by the working class was to do one the list might include Spain and Portugal and maybe Florida.
  13. We all have different ideas on what's our perfect suburb but I wondered what your top 10 suburbs would be in Melbourne and Victoria. Mine would be: Mornington Mt Eliza Berwick Cannons Creek Harkaway Pakenham Upper Port Fairy (would have to be retired though) Beaumaris Sanctuary Lakes (but schools aren't great) Beaumaris
  14. SydneyBlue

    Sydney and clueless

    Hi all,* First post, but have been using the site for weeks. I'll be moving to Sydney in March after an out-of-the-blue transfer offer within my company. Cannot wait to go despite being HUGELY under prepared. Fortunately my visa is being sorted for me, but I'll have no social network and am pretty clueless on where I should live. My work will be based in north sydney, but i think i'd probably be more suited to some of the more lively areas around the cbd. Keen to here any tips from all, but particularly mid-late twenties who are planning on or who have moved to sydney. Cheers
  15. Guest

    Perth with 2 small kids

    HELP I am spending hours researching and getting nowhere! We are a family coming to Perth in a few months from the UK (kids are 4 and 7). the usual story...looking for a 4 x 2, ideally near the beach or with pool, will be working in CBD so good links to town. We have always lived in the city so a bit scared of pure suburbia....Does any place exist that will be right for us or is the reason I can't settle on somewhere that it doesn't exist?! Rental budget up to $650 per week. Any ideas PLEASE!!
  16. The Pom Queen

    Where to live in Australia?

    We often have threads on where to live in Australia, I thought I would do a poll, if you could live anywhere in Oz and work/schools were no issue where would you go, or if you have been to various cities which is your favorite. Unfortunately I only had 10 options so have opted for the main cities (apart from Tasmania) You can also choose multiple cities.
  17. Hi All, We are going over at the end of October for a visit and secondly to validate our visas. I am looking to carry on working in the boat repair industry, mainly pleasure boats and my OH she is hoping to carry on working within the legal world. I have been told the gold coast is good for me but on the other hand the CBD would be good for my OH, although I do see that Brisbane has a good marina that is the same sort of thing I am used to We would like to live in an area that is not full on night clubs and nosie but somewhere you can go out for a nice evening meal and few drinks. I am hoping that maybe some one can maybe tell us a few areas to look at or even somewhere completely different. Many thanks in advance for any help, it is such a big place we just dont know where to start. Jim bob
  18. Guest

    Next steps.....What next!!

    Hi there, we have been granted our visa to move to Oz and are trying to understand what to do next. Help!! We have been looking at Adalaide as or inital destination, but would really like some advice on good places for familys to live where work is avalible for plumers & gasfitters and Business Improvement Offices or Experianced Hairdressers...... We will be looking to rent a house in Oz.
  19. Guest

    "where to live" books?

    Hi Can anyone tell me if there is a "Where to live" Gold Coast version and if so, where can I get one? If not, which title does Gold Coast fall under? Thanks Sheena