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Found 10 results

  1. Seriously guys the day i fly out i will jump for joy.. think im having a bad day but i look out side and i can not wait to be on that plain..
  2. PontePom

    A Wet Christmas

    Was so looking forward to spending some of our first Christmas in Australia on the beach... We did go see the sea this morning which was fantastic even though it was raining But this is our garden and the rain is forecast to last for several days Or has Peter Kay would say "It's Spitting!!!!" Have a great Christmas everyone Howard
  3. Guest

    Job Offer, Nearly Wet Myself.

    Just opened the mail, and guess what, I have had the offer of a job in Australia. The offer was made from, believe it or not The Australian (Queensland) Tourist Commission. I have had several dealings with them over many, many years and they have also seen several articles etc I have written for some publications (periodicals) and several inserts in the National Press in OZ. What makes me laugh is this, whilst I love Australia, I truly do, I can still see the downsides to it, and I am always open about the things I may not particularly like, and often publish these thoughts. So it is a bit strange that they should offer me any kind of employment.:biglaugh: However, the offer of employment whilst being very much appreciated is one that at this time I cannot accept. Many reasons really, but mainly Ruth's health is not the best at the moment, and we have our youngest coming up to her final year in school. The wage is minimal, (very) but manageable. I could always rent a very small flat over there and work it that way, but there is no way on Gods green earth that I could leave Ruth here to cope with it all. I am going to write them a letter and email today and explain my reasons, I am sure they will be understanding. Hopefully they will be in the position of still offering me employment in two or three years time when we hope to make the move. I'm still laughing at the offer (in a nice way) because as I said I ALWAYS am honest about Australia's negatives and positives. Ah well, onward and upward, just goes to show you never know what is around the corner. Cheers Tony.:wink:
  4. There was a pass advertised on TV last night, offering unlimited entry until 30th June 2009 to Wet‘n’Wild, Warner Bros. Movie World and Sea World for $49.95 for kids (aged 3 – 13 years incl.) and $69.95 for adults. For Qld residents only however; still, not a bad offer! http://movieworld.myfun.com.au/Tickets-and-Shopping/Q150-Pass.htm Jo x
  5. WOOOOOP WOOOOOP :laugh: i only have 14 days left in england !! ... we have so much to do .... lol xx if anyone is moving to sydney i'd love to chat xx becci :v_SPIN:
  6. Hi All I need somebody who can explain the weather in the Northern Territory please. We have a member called Scott who is a Construction Plant Operator, involved with building and repairing roads and the pipes etc that go underneath them. Scott's occupation is in great demand in the Northern Territory. What I know about road building can be written on a stamp but I have been helping to compile a list of road building companies in the NT. I decided last night to ring up one of these companies to ask how the land really lies with them and how they feel about sponsoring migrants for the 457 visa. The guy who answered the phone was very helpful but he is a laconic Aussie who does not waste words! This guy is in Katherine, about 350kms South of Darwin. He told me that they currently have two members of staff on 457 visas, he is potentially interested in Scott and to send him Scott's CV. I was so taken aback that one cold call completely out of the blue should produce such an encouraging response that I didn't think to ask the guy anything else and anyway he plainly didn't want to chat too much. So I asked Scott to give him a ring, which Scott did. This gentleman in Katherine told Scott to send his CV and said that the company is about to shut down for the Wet Season. I know what a tropical monsoon is - I was born & brought up in Malaysia. However I don't remember life not continuing as normal during the wet seasons? The outdoor workers stayed indoors during rain but apart from that it was business as usual. Why would a road building company in Katherine close down for the Wet Season, please? How long would they close down for? Until March/April? I do know that Katherine is low-lying and the town itself is prone to flooding because of the river that runs through the town. Would a road building company based in Darwin close down for the wet season as well? I imagine that Darwin is urban and therefore should be all-weather terrain? Also, how far south do you have to go in order to escape the tropical weather at the Top End? Alice Springs is 1,800 kms south of Darwin and to judge from the pix of Alice Springs and the surrounding area, the climate is completely different from the climate at the Top End? Or is my supposition about this nonsense, please? I didn't even think about the weather to be honest. I assumed that road building and repairing would happen all year round so I am completely flummoxed by what the Aussie told Scott. Any advice/information would be very gratefully received. Many thanks Gill
  7. Hello everyone, I have noticed that there are a few posts on here lately where people and not happy and a bit negative. Well let me tell you that I HAVE NEVER BEEN HAPPIER I love the Gold Coast so far and have already made some really good friends. Today we met up with Nurse Sue and her family and Shaz and Paul and their family at Redcliffe Lagoon, and we had a ball... Thanks Wilf so cooking the food on the BBQ! Anyway there are a few people meeting up on 25th October at Wet and Wild so if you would like to join THE HAPPY PEOPLE come along and see us there. (will confirm place and time later on) The more the merrier April:jiggy:
  8. Went to my regular thursday appointment a lovely couple, joan and harry both in their 80's, i go every week and clean and help out where I can, today joan said the bath seat was a little wonky could I sort it out for her as the arm wouldn't fold down properly. I managed to get it free (suckers on the bottom a nightmare) and pushed it up the bath, there was a safety warning on the back of it I hadn't noyiced before and called joan to look at it, it was a picture of someone on the seat in the lowered down position and a rubber duck with a cross through it well we fell about laughing. Now i know people of all ages use the bathchairs but the thought of these two 80 year old siting in the bath with their rubber ducks just cracked me up:jiggy:
  9. Guest

    Wet behind the Ears!!

    Hi everyone, hope you are all well. This is our first post,- so here goes ! Firstly I am Darren, my OH is Lesley and the two kids Natalie(9) and Daniel(4), and we are all living on the Wirral and can't wait to get to Perth. (Fingers X) We had our 457 lodged on Thurs 06 March by our agent, and the little ones had there meds done in Liverpool on Friday and our Xrays are booked in for 11 March. We have tonnes of questions, and if anyone would be so kind to answer these couple, it would be greatly appreciated. Is it best to let Royal Mail to deliver forms to Sydney, or get them couriered by DHL? Once visa is accepted, is there a time limit to get to Oz as house has just gone on the market? I appreciate that millions have asked these questions b4, but as I said, we are new to this and still wet behind the ears. Hope to hear from you soon, Take care you all. Darren & Lesley. :twitcy:
  10. the randalls

    Hey from cold n wet Essex!

    Hi All Had a good look through this website and thought it looked such a friendly place!! And a minefield of useful info! So, this is us - hubby Ted has had his TRA approved, we have sponsorship from Ted's aunt in WA and we're just waiting on some of the paperwork to get here (Essex) and then the visa application goes in! I'm Tracey, our son is Chris (15) and the more we look around the site, the more excited we get!! lol We live in Essex, and after much badgering from friends who moved to Pac Pines with their two boys over 2 years ago, we finally went and visited in August this year - we were totally blown away and cannot wait to get to Australia!!! My mantra at the moment is 'This time next year'!!! :smile:Let's hope I'm right!!! We'll really enjoy getting to know everyone and are looking forward to being part of this forum - moral boosting needed along the way I'm sure! Cheers